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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress v34.11 Legacy Starter Pack
Last Updated: Jul 27, 2014, 02:17:53 am
First Created: Jun 20, 2014, 10:14:52 pm
File version: r67
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 4,788 (14,896) Size: 86.94 MB
Views: 23,085 (47,304) Type: ZIP
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Stable and fully-featured, it is based on DF2012 (version 0.34.11) and includes the products of over two years of work by the community.

However, it was made obsolete by the 2014-07-07 release of Dwarf Fortress version 0.40; the main Starter Pack has continued to update while this version of the pack was moved to a seperate download page for archival. The current Starter Pack can be found here, and is considerably more advanced.

Unless you have a specific interest in playing an older version of Dwarf Fortress, I strongly encourage you to download the newer pack linked above. This pack is no longer supported, and will never be updated. The old pack description, table of contents, and partial changelog follows.


This starter pack bundles Dwarf Fortress with the best community graphics packs, tools, and interface improvements already configured - so getting the best of everything only takes a single download and no fiddling.

It's suitable for anyone - if you've never tried DF before, or played for years - because while I've set up all the included parts already, the core is as easily accessible to you: you can add, remove, update, replace whatever you want to and customise the pack as much as you want. The tools I've included make the game easier to get into, but avoid changing any of the fundamentals - there are no mods here. Dwarf Fortress can be confusing enough to play, but doesn't need to be hard to set up too.

The full documentation for the legacy pack is included in the download, in the folder "LNP/about". A very-limited-bandwidth archive of every pack version ever is available on my Dropbox. A torrent is also available (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1968c159639891a20b3a4286efca8c177d4788a8&dn=PeridexisErrant+LNP+r67&

Due the the level of variation between platforms and the configuration involved, the DF Starter Pack is only for windows - but there are similar packs available for Mac and for Linux.

Lastly - Dwarf Fortress costs you nothing, because the developer gives it away and lives off donations (and allows redistributing like this!). If you've got some money kicking around... consider a donation to say thanks, and help fund development for everyone.

1. Download and unzip the folder
It's a bundle of portable apps; there's no further installation procedure.
The pack must be able to read/write files though - so don't put it in a "Program Files" folder.

For the stable/legacy package:
2. [Optional]: upgrade from an earlier release by running the 'copy my data' script with both versions next to each other in a folder.
3. [Optional]: look at the options in the 'DFHack' tab of the launcher - there's bugfixes, performance options, basic mouse control, and even replacement isometric graphics!

Please note that these components are the work of others in the community - I've just collected and configured them.

The DF Starter Pack Launcher V19.0

Dwarf Fortress, version 0.34.11 (windows SDL)
- binpatched for bugfixing (x2)
- large address aware

DF Hack r5, plus:
- Stonesense (install non-TwbT graphics to use)
- Falconne's Utility Plugins v49
- Rendermax
- Text will be Text v3.31 (with multilevel and full items)
- Extra features for utilities: soundsense, dfterm3, Isoworld
- lots of scripts: force, forumdwarves, showunitsyndromes, removewear, repeat, feeding-timers, fix/growthbug, gui/unit-info-viewer

- Legends Viewer 1.13.11
- Quickfort 2.04 with the community plans archive v2.1
- soundSense r43 (soundpack not included)
- Splinterz Dwarf Therapist v22.0
- IsoWorld v2.0
- Fortress Overseer 0.70.1
- PerfectWorld DF v1.7 with updated xml config
- DF Story Maker 1.0
- DF Announcement Filter 1.1
- Picturefort 2.1
- Dorven Realms R1
- dfterm3 0.3.1
- Legends Export Processor (includes Dwarf & Satellite Map Makers, image and file compression, etc)

- ASCII (default 12x8 and 16x16 options)
- CLA v15
- Ironhand 0.73.4
- Jolly Bastion 0.34.10 v5, square
- Mayday 0.34.11
- Phoebus 34.11v01
- Obsidian 0.8a
- Spacefox 1.0

- Vherid's colour schemes and instructions
- Cheatsheets from Reddit
- A batch script that copies all your saves and other content from an older pack
- Another to create symlinks from user-content utilities subfolders to the User Content folder (by Kevin Cathcart)
- lots of embark profiles
- Keybindings: Vanilla, LNP Classic, or PeridexisErrant's improved (default), switchable in the launcher

Mirrors and Checksums:
Besides the main download page on DFFD, I also make all the pack versions available through Dropbox - but please be careful, as the bandwidth limit on my account is pretty low. A magnet link for the latest pack is usually created quickly, for those who prefer a torrent.

I thought it might be good to start publishing the checksums to that you can be sure that what you unzipped is the file I zipped, easing any concerns about malware or corrupt downloads. I use MD5 Checker 2.31, which is a standalone 100KB app that does exactly what it says and nothing else.

Pack MD5 Checksum
r67 15134BE1442A9C2C63E14C3F84EA235A
r66 B21E731F11FBED35A2C4E5916796010E
r65 A29A88830E7B9BA44828EAFDF8226354
r64 9D493FF0D99D31A37202A1D5414D8243
r63 1719502EC77427B1F1F19D4F68A9BA5D
r62 635B18D75DD729BAB03BD1444F913F3C
r61 208C943FA155AE521302BAB8F1B4CF8E
r60 36CC78F2487BAFB82B183A34BF4361CA

- updated Dwarf Therapist to v22.0; improved roles and optimiser, many other tweaks
- using custom stonesense version that is compatible with TwbT
- changed all graphics settings for TwbT compatibility (except ASCII default)
- activated Text will be Text for all graphics packs (except ASCII default)
- updated TwbT to v3.31

- changed line endings in hack/ruby/ruby-autogen to windows style, apparently Fricy's package was OSX-endings and causing some issues
- fixed growthbug syntax from dfhack tab
- updated TwbT to v3.28
- fixed TwbT item overrides
- with crashes resolved, added TwbT "multilevel 10" to dfhack.init and installed TwbT graphics by default

- updated Text will be Text to version 3.19; adds multilevel rendering (updated plugin and added shadows.png to the TwbT graphics packs)
- new and improved symlink batch scripts thanks to Kevin Cathcart
- deleted "fix/growthbug.lua" - it was interfereing with the .rb version, which we wanted
- changes to the data copying script again... hopefully it's working now
Raw Data: JSON / Text
Checksum / Hash
SHA-256: 61624cb57603de64e44455d6139caf0f5f6ffe2ab74ccace517e463c5215c2f3
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 Dwarf Fortress v34.11 Legacy Starte (v r67)  » posted by thistleknot on Jul 28, 2014, 10:01:47 pm
I was hoping to get this update out just prior to this version

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