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PeridexisErrant Regular User May 01, 2013, 09:25:36 pm 21 22
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1  PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack (64bit) Oct 04, 2022 598.3 2,060,309 4.9 / 5.0 3,990,262 326.72 MB 195
2  PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack Archive Apr 27, 2020 20.5 19,790 4.9 / 5.0 56,603 275.06 MB 6
3  Legacy Starter Pack for DF 43.05 Feb 05, 2018 14.5 25,762 5.0 / 5.0 86,439 171.9 MB 5
4  Final 32bit Starter Pack (0.43.03-r09) May 28, 2017 7.17 14,028 5.0 / 5.0 68,711 151.02 MB 0
5  [OLD] 64-bit test pack May 01, 2017 4.09 8,374 4.2 / 5.0 22,781 144.68 MB 6
6  PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack Apr 26, 2016 34.43 86,074 4.5 / 5.0 258,949 131.74 MB 29
7  Quickfort 2.1.0 Mar 13, 2016 0.1 236 Unrated 1,591 10.34 MB 0
8  Quickfort (download mirror) Nov 27, 2015 0.05 120 Unrated 1,437 8.94 MB 0
9  Community Quickfort Blueprints Archive Nov 22, 2015 3.01 9,705 Unrated 9,107 1.37 MB 0
10  Save for tutorials Nov 05, 2015 0.45 1,165 Unrated 6,964 5.22 MB 0
11  DF 40_24 Walkthrough Pack r2 Oct 13, 2015 11.59 29,739 Unrated 72,965 48.77 MB 0
12  Archive: TinyPirate's tutorial DF install Sep 27, 2015 0.07 172 Unrated 917 15.86 MB 0
13  DFHack documentation Sep 22, 2015 0.03 78 Unrated 1,192 981.6 KB 0
14  Ten-thousand year world Sep 22, 2014 0.04 104 Unrated 1,773 30.26 MB 0
15  Python Mod Merger Sep 05, 2014 0.04 117 Unrated 1,945 1.6 MB 0
16  Dwarf Fortress v34.11 Legacy Starter Pack Jul 27, 2014 5.98 18,109 5.0 / 5.0 105,118 86.94 MB 1
17  Prohulaelk's bedroom layout May 22, 2014 0.08 244 Unrated 3,101 35.3 KB 0
18  test legends for Legends viewer May 14, 2014 0.03 89 Unrated 895 464.4 KB 0
19  Legends exports processing script v2.5 Mar 15, 2014 0.11 350 4.0 / 5.0 3,111 2.82 MB 0
20  Quickfort plans for the Mines of Moria 2.4 Oct 30, 2013 0.22 756 Unrated 11,048 1.05 MB 1
21  The Legendary Planes - crowdsourced 3D mapping Jul 30, 2013 0.06 189 Unrated 3,218 47.89 MB 0
MagentaFox wrote:
What should I know if I intend to release any programs/art/scripts from this with my own mod? How many permissions did the author of this need? It would be convenient if I only need to link to the originals.

Yep, linking to the originals is plenty. You're also welcome to use/customise the scripts I use to assemble the pack, from
The pack can't be updated until after DFHack, which usually takes a week or two to work at all and twice that to be stable. If you really want to try out the new version, you can always get vanilla!
rug wrote:
I downloaded the Starter Pack, and it starts DF ok via the PyLNP. But there does not seem to be a saved game ... The walkthrough suggests that there should be a Continue Playing option, but I only have a Create New World etc. Help ?

If you read the install instructions for the walkthrough, it will direct you to this older pack, which has the save. After you're done with the walkthrough, you can update to this pack to get the latest version.
clinodev wrote:
"For DF version: 0.44.03"?
Whoops. Nothing to see here...
chief10 wrote:
Hi is there plans for making a 43.05 version? Or does this current version work with 43.05?
This version doesn't support 43.05, because several important tools are not updated yet - the simultaneous change to a new compiler and 64-bit broke a lot of things!

Of course I will update as soon as DFHack and TwbT support 43.05, and move to 64bit as soon as Therapist supports that (it added 32bit support for 43.05 earlier today). You can see the status of all these components (updated hourly) here:
jango47 wrote:
seems like the import funktion in 0.43.03-r05 is not working?!
Import failed.
Notihing is configured for import PyLNP.json
See the log for more details
Deathlysouls wrote:
I have a question, so i downloaded the latest version of the newbpack and when i tried opening dwarf therapist while in game i get this error. Is dwarf therapist not up to date yet or is there something im mission?

Thanks for the bug reports (though I prefer them in the forum thread) - I'll upload a new version with these problems fixed shortly.
thelightbluev wrote:
I need this to run with the stonesense overlay! But every time I am in game and launch the overlay, the game crashes.

The overlay is incompatible with PRINT_MODE:TBWT - if you change to PRINT_MODE:2D in the graphics tab, the overlay should work, at least as well as it ever has (still in alpha, etc).
MrDick_Butt wrote:
Zenith wrote:

The current starter pack version is posted at the top. It is 0.42.06

If you go to it keeps you updated on the non-starter pack version posts from Toady himself.
The current version is 0.43.04

PeridexisErrant, thank you so much for continuing to work with this starter pack. It makes my life so much easier with the game! I have been noticing a few small bugs in the program, but they don't affect gameplay and as long as I can play with the starter pack, I'm good!

sorry but I think "Nadar" is saying like "Sorry but ...where is 43.4 ( i think ) starter pack by PeridexisErrant ... and is there going to be one "

i think ...maybe im wrong
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 Re: PeridexisErrant's cutting-edge pack (v 0.42.05-r01)  » posted under PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack on Feb 10, 2016, 07:48:28 pm
Cleuseau wrote:
daruotv wrote:
.06 IS OUT

would you kindly update? :lol:

I guarantee you if PeridexisErrant is capable of putting this pack together, he is capable of setting up a push notification on when new versions of DF come out.

Requests like this only fatigue and frustrate the author.

If you want to contribute and make the author's life easier, a well phrased compliment and making a donation to Bay12 or LNP would help everyone involved, including this community.

^ this. Also, there's nothing for me to update yet - you can just go download DF. The pack has to wait for graphics updates, memory research for Therapist and DFHack, and so on. It'll be ready when it's ready...
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 Re: PeridexisErrant's cutting-edge pack (v 0.42.04-r03)  » posted under PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack on Jan 19, 2016, 09:23:22 pm
Dwarfs R Epic wrote:
doofba wrote:

Other users were reporting that it contains malware, so I scanned the launcher itself using VirusTotal. It does indeed contain malware--specifically "Win.Trojan.Agent-953878" and "HEUR/QVM18.1.Malware.Gen".
WTF Peredexis! What sort of treachery is this?? Idk either an honest mistake or a f@ggot a$$ DF player hater who is jealous cuz too stupid to understand the game. doofba, or anyone, what sort of virus is this? I already downloaded this file and played it for several days now, what sort of harm will this do to my computer? I have no internet on my computer, been using my phone for internet, will this make a difference?

It's a false positive - you can see that 51 of the 53 virus scanners think the file is fine; only two are so oversensitive that they see things that aren't there.

Before you start throwing insults around - and calling me "a f@ggot a$$ DF player hater who is jealous cuz too stupid to understand the game" is wrong on all counts but still offensive - perhaps you should wait for an answer as to what this report means, or learn to read it for yourself?

More generally: if you don't trust me not to accidentally or deliberately include malware, DON'T DOWNLOAD AND RUN MY SOFTWARE. That's just common sense...
Bizarrodwarf wrote:
DwarfStreja wrote:
Didn't want to do this in public, but I had a problem with r19:

Nortons reported a trojan in the zip file. DL'd from the DFFD page.

May not have been at your end, but my end scans clean ... now.

I scanned the file as well and Norton was reporting a trojan. Before that I tried to open the game and it quarantined almost 100 files. Is there something wrong with this file or is it all false positives??

As far as I know it's all false-positives, and they've happened in the past, but you should probably judge for yourself.
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 exportmaps.lua (v 1.0)  » posted under exportmaps.lua on Jun 02, 2015, 08:34:37 pm
FYI: an improved version of this script is part of the standard DFHack distribution for all 40.xx versions and later.
justicarab wrote:
i havent played in a long time and i just downloaded the ]Dwarf Fortress 40_24 Starter Pack r8] and right from the start, my dwarves and animals are all showing as dead instead of alive, but of course they're moving around. is this known? is it cause of the texture pack that is default?
This is due to a recently-discovered bug in the launcher - a new pack with this patched will be available in a few hours. Alternatively you can get v0.9.4 (last bug-free) of the launcher here.
adanufgail wrote:
Created a torrent for 40_15 r1

Do you mind posting these in the Bay12 Forums thread instead? Here the links hang around long after they're outdated.
Juniorrek wrote:
Hey guys, I'm new here but I like the game, I'm having a problem with that version does not work because the phoebus graphics, every time I start it continues with graphic ascii, does anyone know how to solve it?
This isn't a problem - menu and other text now use ascii tiles deliberately, but once you embark, your fort will be shown with graphics tiles. This saves space and means graphics designers don't have to keep legible text in their tilesets any more.
Evil Monkey wrote:
I just registered myseld to this forum, because I seem to be too stupid, to get this game working. I tried this game a few times in the past, but that ASCI grpahics made me run away everytime, before I had the chance to play the game. I played Gnomoria for a while, but I am missing the depth DF-Players talk about.
Yesterday I found this article:

and after reading this I spent my whole afternoon to get the game running with the stonsesense overlay and mouse controls.
I don't get it working. I downloaded the starterpack from ths site, just pressed the "Play Dwarf Fortress!" button, because I couldn't find the stonesense option.
A lot of people just say, that you just have to press CTRL+SHIFT+P and type stonesense overlay. But where am I supposed to do this? It doesn't seem to work.

Could you just tell me step by step how I get this stonesense overlay with mousecontrols to work?

The overlay isn't working with the big DF update at the moment, so grab the pack for the previous version and it'll work just fine:
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 Dwarf Fortress 40_08 Starter Pack r (v 40_08 r1)  » posted under PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack (64bit) on Aug 12, 2014, 04:25:24 pm
Krenn wrote:
isoWorld always reports that it can't connect on port 5000. I'm not seeing any obvious config options that I'm missing out here, other than it seems like it's just not running DFHack at all? Any suggestions?
This is normal when you don't have dfhack, since the connect function relies on it.
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 Re: Dwarf Fortress 40.01 Starter Pack r (v r1)  » posted under PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack (64bit) on Jul 08, 2014, 07:06:29 am
fortalyst wrote:
Hey so is there currently no added graphics packs? I guess I'll probably also have to wait for Dwarf Therapist to be updated in a new Starter Pack release :/
Nope, for r1 in DF2014 nothing has been updated yet. They'll catch up soon, but until the you can use the legacy pack.
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 Linux DF Installer (v 2.3)  » posted under Linux DF Installer on Oct 07, 2013, 06:16:41 pm
There's a script that installs the complete Linux LNP available now; probably worth checking that out as an upgrade.
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 Ironhand16upgrade package  » posted under Ironhand16 upgrade package for 0.40.x on Sep 04, 2013, 01:58:56 am
Included in the updated Lazy Newb Pack.
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 Lazy Newb Pack Advanced [0.34.11] [ (v 15)  » posted under Lazy Newb Pack Advanced [0.34.11] [V15] on Aug 25, 2013, 07:53:17 pm
FYI: An updated version is available for windows, and also for Mac is available. No one has volunteered to assemble a linux version yet though, so if you're interested have a look on the thread and you can assemble it yourself.
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 Lazy Newb Pack [0.34.11] [V15] (v 15)  » posted under Lazy Newb Pack [0.34.11] [V15] on Aug 25, 2013, 07:52:45 pm
FYI: An updated version is available for windows, and also for Mac is available. No one has volunteered to assemble a linux version yet though, so if you're interested have a look on the thread and you can assemble it yourself.

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