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DFFD Recovery  » announcement posted by Janus on Nov 21, 2022
Long story very short: the site database was lost, the server didn't have automated backups like we thought, and the database had to be rolled back to one from 2015 (yes, I know). File listings for file IDs 10461 - 16147 could only be partially recovered but have fully intact and up to date file downloads. User accounts were obviously rolled back too; accounts newer than the time of the database backup will need to be recreated. A lot of other data (comments, votes, so forth) was likewise rolled back.

Thankfully all file downloads themselves were unaffected. All of the files that were orphaned are now in the new Orphaned Files category at the bottom of the category list.

Sincere apologies, this should never have happened. Automated backups will definitely be in place now, like we thought they were before.

See this post on the Bay12 Forums for more info, and to find out how to reclaim file listings.

Game Releases

Full releases of Dwarf Fortress itself. Repacks with additions (such as graphic sets) are welcome.
  Title / Description File version For DF
Upload Date,

The save file for Part 10
Unspecified 50.06 Mar 05, 2023

The 8th part of Streambridges. Most notable things that happened were the destruction of a Bronze Colossus, the capturing of the webspinning Forgotten Beast, and mostly finishing the Sea Lab ... [read more]
Unspecified 50.06 Feb 19, 2023

A simple ready-to-play pack for Linux that includes:
- DwarfFortress 0.47.05
- DFHack 0.47.05-r8 + TwbT
- compatible DFGraphics tilesets: Spacefox, Ironhand, Phoebus, Vettlingr, Meph ...
- Dwarf Therapist v41.2.4
- Legends Browser v2.0.3 and ... [read more]
0.47.05-r8 0.47.05 Dec 29, 2022

The long awaited 1.6-1 update is finally here!
This version adds a lot of new features compared to version 1.5.
You can now build a whole fortress out of Porcelain, Glass, Earthenware ... [read more]
1.6-1 0.47.05 Dec 20, 2022
Updated to 1.6-1


New features in this version:
Creatures, Porcelain, wood, metal Furniture
Loads of different additions such as paved roads, animation.

Base game with Vettlingr Graphics and DFhack installed:
- DwarfFortress 0.47.05
- DFHack 0.47.05-r1
- ... [read more]
1.6-1 0.47.05 Dec 20, 2022

Doesn't work with Steam version. Doesn't work with LazyNewb launcher.

_OldGenesis_ is a massive Dwarf Fortress mod by Deon, with loads of additions by TomiTapio. Keeping the spirit and theme of ... [read more]
a 0.47.05 Dec 11, 2022

Unzip and run "Dwarf Fortress.exe" directly.

Localization efforts were text replacement via an injected rendering library.
Press F12 to switch between Chinese and English.
Install runtime library in the directory if your system ... [read more]
0.2 beta 0.47.05 Nov 30, 2022

PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack bundles Dwarf Fortress with huge community upgrades - graphics, tools, bugfixes, and much more.

It's suitable for anyone - if you've never tried DF before, or played for ... [read more]
0.47.05-r11 0.47.05 Oct 23, 2022

0.9.18 0.40.24 Nov 29, 2015

Lazy Newb Pack Linux V0.40.23

I have assembled a small package to get people started on linux using the LNP interface and Dwarf Therapist 30.
Take note, this package comes with new ... [read more]
V0.40.24 r3 0.40.24 Mar 29, 2015
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