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File Listing: Win 0.34.11 SDL with applied binary patches v2
Last Updated: Dec 17, 2012, 09:48:37 pm
First Created: Dec 08, 2012, 09:25:00 am
File version: 2
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 1,625 (1,662) Size: 13.15 MB
Views: 10,403 (10,607) Type: 7Z
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v3 of this file can be found here, which includes the ability for hero's to assign labors.

This zip file
  • contains the whole 34.11 game
    The new patched executable is already in place
    (the original is called oldDwarfFortress.exe)
  • works with Dwarf Therapist
  • includes an unreleased build of dfhack, See ***Quietust notes below
    AND (courtesy to Quietust) that has the important lua script and dll file needed for the armory/weapon rack fix.
  • includes a startdwarf.rb script that emulates what dfusion simple_embark did. usage "startdwarf x" x being number of dwarf's on pre-embark map screen.

Following Elvang's original post

Win 0.34.11 SDL with binary patches to fix the following bugs. None of the patches were created by me.

v2 info

The following fixes were incorporated into this version (using QAston's Binary Patcher)
Weapon Racks do nothing - See ***Quietust notes below

For incorporating into mods. Copy the hack, sdl, all dlls and exes into your mod to inject this properly. Works w MasterWork Mod.
Together with a dfhack plugin and a dfhack script, this appears to mostly fix the issues with squad equipment and barrack storage not being used:

Hopefully this research and hack code is clear enough to apply equivalent fixes to the game itself. It is interesting how the Store Armor and Store Weapon jobs which apparently haven't been used since 2D still work fine, if only something creates them :)

There are still various more or less related minor problems:
  • Armor stands, cabinets and chests belong to a specific squad member, but the member who owns the specific object used to create the barracks will use any relevant container in the room, possibly leaving the actual owner of that container without place to store his stuff. Due to this quirk, it is advisable to always create your armory from a weapon rack. The cause of this is that the code enumerating containers also iterates over room children, which it probably shouldn't.
  • Food is kicked out from backpacks when they are stored in a chest, and separately hauled to the squad member's room.
  • I'm not sure if ammo is supposed to go anywhere in the barracks; I expect it just ends up in the stockpile anyway.
  • If the item of clothing a flask is attached to is removed before it, the flask drops to the ground, and is even forbidden as a 'death item' if the order is set. The order of uniform item removal depends purely on the order of creation of the items, not on layering or any logical relations.
  • Likewise, unless this has been fixed since v0.31.25 (which I doubt), items are added to the uniform in the order of creation, which can cause some of them to be excluded due to comparing the wrong size sum with the wrong permit, e.g. Robe+Breastplate+Cloak+Mail Shirt enumerated in this order means no mail shirt equipped.


I claim no credit for these modifications - the methodology for fixing these problems was done entirely by Quietust. I have simply rolled them all together into one executable for ease of use.
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 Win 0.34.11 SDL with applied binary (v 2)  » posted by Quietust on Jan 27, 2014, 02:43:15 pm
Be warned that the "Vermin can only escape from artifact animal traps" patch has a side effect - most notably, it results in bug 6343 happening whenever Elven caravans arrive at your fortress.

Also, I did NOT write any of the patches regarding weapon racks - all of those were written by angavrilov, one of the other DFHack developers (and, in fact, the source files you linked are from his own repository).

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