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File Listing: DFHack textscreen-to-forum script.
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2012, 06:33:32 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: Multiple
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If you've been to the DF forums, you know how enthusiastic people are with sharing their accomplishments and adventures. I noticed, however, that actually getting that information from the game and into the forums is a bit of a pain, since you typically need to either take a screenshot or physically type out text-screens in the game, adding quite a bit of trouble for people working on succession forts and the like.

To deal with this, I've written a little DFHack lua script which reads through text screens and copies the information out to a textfile in forum-readable format. Here is an example:
Kogan Adasfath has been quite content lately.
He is a worshipper of Onget Fortunepainted and a casual worshipper of Onget Fortunepainted.
He is a citizen of The Reclusive Silvers. He is a member of The Board of Crowns. He arrived at Nazushnish on the 1st of Granite in the year 124.
He is fifty-six years old, born on the 11th of Felsite in the year 68.
He is weak. His very long sideburns are braided. His very long moustache is neatly combed. His very long beard is neatly combed. His hair is clean-shaven. His nose bridge is convex. His nose is narrow. His ears are tall. His lips are very thin. His skin is brown. His eyes are heliotrope.
He is tough, but he is very weak and quite susceptible to disease.
Kogan Adasfath likes tetrahedrite, rose gold, honey yellow beryl, desert tortoise shell, maces, gauntlets and slabs. When possible, he prefers to consume mink, white-spotted puffer and gutter cruor. He absolutely detests moon snails.
He has great creativity, a great feel for social relationships, a natural ability with music, a good memory and a good spatial sense, but he has poor empathy and little willpower.
He is often nervous. He rarely feels discouraged. He tends to avoid crowds. He scratches his head when he's bored. He needs alcohol to get through the working day. He likes working outdoors and grumbles only mildly at inclement weather.

A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry.
Installation & Use:
Note that this script requires DFHack to run, and was designed for DFHack version 0.34.11-r2, so if that isn't what you have, it might not work. Also, remember to save your game before using the script (it shouldn't crash anything, but it pays to be careful).

Simply download/extract the file, and place it in your 'Dwarf Fortress/hack/scripts' directory. Running the script is as simple as typing the script name ('forumdwarves') in the DFHack console. Type 'forumdwarves help' for additional details.
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 DFHack textscreen-to-forum script. (v 1.0)  » posted by Lethosor on May 31, 2014, 09:46:16 am
Changing "scrn.text_format" to "scrn.src_text" on line 101 makes this work with DFHack 0.34.11-r4 (and possibly r3 as well).

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