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File Listing: Quickfort plans for the Mines of Moria 2.4
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013, 05:25:40 pm
First Created: Jun 14, 2013, 07:03:22 am
File version: 2.5
For DF version: Multiple
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TL;DR - you need a 12x7 embark for the full plans, which are in two parts. The cropped version is a 5x5 embark, in one file. The maps are only 6Z deep, and designate from the top-north-west corner.

The megaproject I always wanted was to recreate the Mines of Moria - accurately. Of course, it never worked - the plan was too big and never came out right. Not to mention I never really had a plan...

The classic map - even if never endorsed by Tolkien, it's the best available - is awesome but incomprehensible to lay out in DF.

The map

So I owe a big thanks to Reddit user /u/Skage16 who hand-traced the map onto eight separate levels.

The Reddit thread; the layered map

From there, I downscaled the images, then put them through chromafort (which had severe trouble with such large images, even black & white) and corrected the skew that introduced. Then it was down to a lot of work in excel, making things geometric again and connecting the halls across z-levels with ramps. I've also had to make some changes from the plans to fit things in - 12x7 embark is large enough (from 15x11!), and the contents of the top and bottom levels have been relocated to aid in cavern-related problems. I also made a cropped edition [the western halls] cropped to fit in a 5x5 embark. This one is a more plausible challenge.

A seperate project has produced a plan for Moria that fits on a 4x4 embark for fps-aware players - the orientation of the layout has been changed from *West -> East* to *Top -> Bottom*. The final design stretches along 18 Z-levels and 2 .csv files (Quickfort bugs out with all 18 levels at once). The various areas have been rotated, combined and remodeled to only keep straight or diagonal lines. Thanks to /u/aljady on reddit for this.

The contents include:
- a pair of .csv blueprints for Quickfort to lay out the whole 12x7 map (so big, Quickfort needs it in sections!). This is the true megaproject. Thanks to Bay12 Dragor for finding and fixing the bugs that prevented these from actually working before.
- a cropped edition [the western halls] cropped to fit in a 5x5 embark. This one is a more plausible challenge.
- the two maps that the work is based off.
- this document.
- /u/aljady 's Mini-Moria (4x4, 18z deep) in it's own folder; this is a seperate conversion from the traces. Has it's own readme too.

v2.5 - added Mini-Moria by /u/aljady
v2.4 - fixing more issues with ramps
v2.3 - more fixes from Dragor (thanks!)
v2.2 - me again, cropped full to be actually 12x7
v2.1 - made by Dragor, bugfixes
v2.0 - first usable release, buggy
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