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File Listing: Legends exports processing script v2.5
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2014, 04:41:05 am
First Created: Sep 19, 2013, 10:28:08 pm
File version: 2.5
For DF version: Multiple
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This project has been moved to GitHub.

I've always liked playing around with various maps and data that can be exported from legends mode, but to get it in a nice format takes quite a bit of fiddling - compressing the bitmaps to PNG format, creating an archive for Legends Viewer, moving files around, using the map-maker script, and so on. I thus decided to automate as much of it as possible, and this is the result.

The script:
  • gets the region number from an image or the legends file, to use in names
  • uses the map-maker script, handling missing bits gracefully
  • compresses world maps and site maps to PNG, but not other images
  • fixes the legends xml if workflow has corrupted it for Legends Viewer
  • creates an archive for legends viewer if all components exist, or just compress the xml if not (requires 7z)
  • moves the exports to a region-specific folder in the "..\User Generated Content" folder
The only dependency not included as part of this package is optipng, which is included with vanilla DF. Even without this it should still work, simply skipping the affected sections.

To use: put this in your DF folder, export legends (the more there are, the better this works), then double-click the script and wait for a while.

v2.5 added RealisticMapMaker, a second map processing script; enabled the script to be placed in a LNP\Utilities\legendsprocessor folder
v2.4 - moved DwarfMapMaker to the same folder as Dwarf Fortress.exe, so that that dependancy is easy to include in the standalone distribution, stndalone now includes said dependancies (trees.bmp, dirt.bmp, mountains.bmp, and DwarfMapMaker.scm)
v2.3 - fixed the loop at start to count down (set region1 as a match for region11 before...) and expanded the range to regions 999:1 inclusive just because
v2.2 - few typos, added a module to remove workflow contamination of legends.xml for Legends Viewer.
v2.1 - enough bugfixing that it actually works now, and a script to call it from dfhack (processlegends, which can be keybound)
v2.0 - major upgrades, first release separate to my LNP
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