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File Listing: Dwarven Higher Learning Mod
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2012, 06:00:46 pm
First Created: Dec 07, 2010, 10:51:51 pm
File version: 2.2
For DF version: 0.34.07
Downloads: 794 (1,894) Size: 11.1 KB
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Rating (2 votes): 3.3 / 5.0

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Man, my dwarves are such idiots, I wish I could chisel some intelligence into their heads."? No? Then, er, disregard that last bit. What I present to you, here and now, no strings attached, is a workshop to solve a problem that you probably didn't even know you had! I call it, the Dwarven Higher Learning Mod. Now, what this thingawazzit does, is give your dwarves an opportunity to polish up some skills that they may have trouble practicing elsewhere. You know the situation, Urist McDoctor has your legendary axedwarf on your table, and he's got no idea how to stop him from bleeding out from wounds caused by rogue fluffy wamblers. Or you have precious little metal available on the glacier you so stupidly bravely embarked on, so you can't afford to waste it on dabbling weaponsmiths who've never handled a hammer before in their lives. This mod's workshops allow training through the time-honored traditions of; hitting rocks until your hands bleed, performing repetitive actions that will sap your will to live, practicing your skills on subjects that are worth less than most peasants (and won't sue for malpractice), and studying the works of your fellow dwarves, knowing full-well that you'll never be quite as good as them. Any questions, comments, suggestions (especially these), complaints, offers of money, or threats of lawsuits (I have an awesome lawyerdwarf, just sayin') should be presented in this thread.

This mod contains five new workshops.

The Training Workshop
This workshop gives your unskilled laborers a chance to hone their skills (overseers not included).

Built with 1 anvil and 1 building material.

Skill Supported - Reagents Needed
Mining - Raw Non-Economic Stone, no Tablet Needed
Engraving - Raw Non-Economic Stone, no Tablet Needed, occasionally produces a tablet
Weaponsmithing - Metal Bar
Armorsmithing - Metal Bar
Leatherworking - Tanned Leather
Gem Setting - Rough Gem
Gem Cutting - Rough Gem
Siege Engineering - Wood Logs
Siege Operation - Catapult Parts (Preserved), Raw Non-Economic Stone, no Tablet Needed

Tablets are required for all tasks except where noted. Tablets and other reagents have a small chance of being consumed by the task (except where noted). Mining and Siege Operation have a high chance of consuming stone, and Engraving will convert some of the stone used to tablets.

The Library
A quiet place for scholarly pursuits, the honing of all social skills, and booze.

Built with One Cabinet and One Rock/Wood/Block/Etc.

Skills Supported
All (Most?) social skills

All tasks in the library require Books, and have a small chance of consuming them.

The Medical Ward
Where dwarves who've failed out of the Mountainhome Medical School for Dwarves go to practice their skills.

Built with an Empty Barrel and 1 building material.

Skill Supported - Reagents Needed
Surgery - Any Weapon (Preserved)
Wound Dressing - Any Cloth (Preserved)
Suturing - Any Thread (Preserved)
Bone Setting - Splint (Preserved)
Crutch Walking - Crutch (Preserved), no Tablet or Body Part Needed
Diagnostics - No Additional Reagents Needed

All tasks require both a body part and a Tablet as reagents (except where noted). Tasks have a small chance of consuming any reagents, except those marked Preserved.

The Training Dummy
A construct of incredibly intricate design, which dwarves may whack to improve their skills. Beware, it may fight back. Sometimes with water.

Built with a Mechanism and 1 building material.

Skills Supported
All combat skills

If a skill would normally require a piece of equipment to train (For example, the Swords or Shields skills) the related task requires a piece of equipment of that type. The Improvised Weaponry skill requires a chair. All tasks require a tablet, and have a small chance of consuming it. All reagents other than Tablets will be preserved.

The Printers Workshop
The place where dwarves get down to the dirty work of producing literature. And paper.

Built with an Empty Barrel, a Mechanism, and 1 building material.

Skills Required
Press Paper - Pump Operating
Process Vellum - Tanning
Carve Tablet - Stone Detailing
Print Book - Prose

This workshop is where tablets, paper, and books are created. Tablets are made from a piece of raw non-economic stone. Paper is made from wood logs or leather (which produces two paper). Books are made from two pieces of paper.

Please use profiles to determine which dwarves you want to train.

So, you've been enticed by these morsels and promises of epic, er, something or other? Yes? Then follow these simple instructions and you'll be running my mod in no time. No? Then carefully create a lever, connect it to an adjacent support, build a wide floor on said support, use the profile screen to restrict the lever's use to you, and add the Pull task to the lever. Then recieve your prize.

Download HERE

Simply extract the .zip file directly into your Dwarf Fortress folder.
If you have mods that change the entity_default already installed, then do not extract entity_default.
Instead, add these lines to the Mountain entry (Typically the first one) in entity_default in your raw/objects folder after you have extracted the other files. (If you aren't playing as dwarves, then add it to the appropriate entry)

--- Begin Higher Learning ---
--- End Higher Learning ---

--- Begin Higher Learning ---
--- End Higher Learning ---

Remember, adding new buildings or reactions to an existing world will not work. You must generate a new world after adding these files to raw/objects and/or adding lines to entity_default.

Many thanks to everybody with their helpful suggestions and feedback. Special thanks go to Shaostul, without his amazing guide this mod would not be possible. To Zared for his amazing workshop drawing tool. And of course special thanks to Toady, without his amazing game, our lives would be bleak, desolate, and quite dull.


Update to 34.X
Various changes to pretty much everything
Added ability to train architecture and military tactics to library.
Moved mod to DFFD.
Added paper item, used to make books. Made from wood.
Added printers workshop, books, paper, and tablets are made there.
Library uses books now, other workshops use tablets.
Increased chance of failure for tablet-using reactions.
Chalk tablets now simply tablets.
2 meat/remains is now required for preparing cadavers.
Added the Siege Engineering and Gem Cutting skills to the Training Workshop.
Made "prepare cadaver from vermin remains" an automatic reaction.
Added "Book" item and reaction. Currently has no use, but will be expanded later on.
Added Medical Ward, Training Dummy, and Training Workshop Buildings. Dwarven Library changed to Library.
Added Social Skills Reactions to Library
Added Combat Skills to Training Dummy
Added Leatherworking to Training Workshop
Added the ability to create Cadavers from meat or vermin remains to Medical Ward. Cadavers are now used in medical training.
Added the ability to create Chalk Tablets from stone to Training Workshop. Chalk Tablets are now used in most reactions in these workshops
Added the aesthetic noble Librarian
Initial release


The workshops don't show up for me! This mod sucks!
Double-check that you installed the mod correctly, especially the entity_default file. If it isn't installed right, it won't work.

The stuff from my other installed mods isn't working!
Again, check to see if you installed it right. If you overwrote your old entity_default file with this mod's, existing mods will stop working.

I built the workshops, but no tasks show up in them!
Each of the workshops require a special reagent to perform tasks with. The training workshop, training dummy, and medical ward need tablets, while the library needs books. In addition to tablets, the medical ward also requires cadavers. Some tasks have additional reagents that are necessary.

How do I work this thing!?
If you want any available dwarf with the skill enabled to perform a task in the Training Workshop, Medical Ward, or Printer's Workshop, simply make sure you have the reagents, then queue up the task(s) on the screen, possibly on repeat. If a task in the Library or Training Dummy is queued, the nearest available dwarf will pick up any needed reagents any perform the task(s) until all the queued task(s) are complete or they're interrupted, or, if the task is on repeat, until they get interrupted by thirst/hunger/goblins/etc. At that point, the next available dwarf will work on the task(s), and so on. If you would like specific dwarfs to work in any of the workshops, make use of the Profile menu for each individual workshop.
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 Dwarven Higher Learning Mod (v 2.1.1)  » posted by Jwguy on Jan 05, 2011, 10:47:23 pm
Novel idea, but it seems to be incomplete, as some portions of the pack do not work. Most notably, Training Dummies. They just sit there and do nothing, nor can you select any tasks for them. If there's some sort of complex instructions for getting them to work, you should probably include that in the file next time.
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 Dwarven Higher Learning Mod (v 2.1.1)  » posted by devoidfury on Jan 06, 2011, 06:52:46 am
The training dummy requires Tablets, which can be produced at the Printers Workshop. It only shows actions you have all the requirements for, like a smelter. To train a weapon skill, there has to be at least one of that weapon available.

To have fine control over who is training, you have to use workshop profiles.

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