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DFFD Recovery  » announcement posted by Janus on Nov 21, 2022
Long story very short: the site database was lost, the server didn't have automated backups like we thought, and the database had to be rolled back to one from 2015 (yes, I know). File listings for file IDs 10461 - 16147 could only be partially recovered but have fully intact and up to date file downloads. User accounts were obviously rolled back too; accounts newer than the time of the database backup will need to be recreated. A lot of other data (comments, votes, so forth) was likewise rolled back.

Thankfully all file downloads themselves were unaffected. All of the files that were orphaned are now in the new Orphaned Files category at the bottom of the category list.

Sincere apologies, this should never have happened. Automated backups will definitely be in place now, like we thought they were before.

See this post on the Bay12 Forums for more info, and to find out how to reclaim file listings.

Minor Mods

These mods make only minor changes to the core game.
  Title / Description File version For DF
Upload Date,

This is an annotated announcements.txt file with my own changes made. Most notably, migrant waves and strange moods will create popup boxes. Many mundane announcements have been silenced completely to ... [read more]
Unspecified 50.08 May 17, 2023

A civilized species of wolf-like humanoids, to play with in fort mode or to simply just inhabit your worlds.

This is a mod for DF premium- I haven't tested it, ... [read more]
1.0 50.08 May 06, 2023

An updated version of Autumn Kingdom for the 50.0x version of Dwarf Fortress. New upload because the old one was part of the great database crash. This was a collaborative ... [read more]
1.3 50.06 Apr 01, 2023

Succubus Dungeon

Succubus Dungeon is a mod for vanilla Dwarf Fortress featuring a new evil race.
This is the classic version of the mods without graphics.

* A new race.
* Fire immune ... [read more]
18.1 50.06 Mar 22, 2023

This module adds the Korrik entity to the game, a playable kobold-kin with an alternative low-tech metalworking style, focussed on a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Warning: No graphics. Proceed at your own peril.


Korriks ... [read more]
1.0.3 50.06 Mar 17, 2023
Snow Gibbon

This module adds the Rakshasa entity, a desert-dwelling race of humanoids with animalistic features. They have an intricate warrior culture and can be seen operating as mercenaries within the ranks ... [read more]
1.0.0 50.06 Mar 16, 2023
Snow Gibbon

This module adds the Leshy entity and creature, a malicious and forlorn forest spirit that steals children and raises them as their own wild childs.

Warning: no graphics. Proceed at your ...
1.0.0 50.06 Mar 16, 2023
Snow Gibbon

This module adds the Undine entity to the game, a race of aquatic humanoids hailing from fresh waters. They make the world’s finest musicians and have a number of gimmicks ... [read more]
1.0.0 50.06 Mar 16, 2023
Snow Gibbon

This module adds the Hiisi entity to the game, a group of reclusive alchemists and technologists with lots of unique items and creatures . . . whether they’ll let you ... [read more]
1.0.0 50.06 Mar 16, 2023
Snow Gibbon

This module adds the Kappa creature and entity, water-loving semi-reptilians whose notable feature is giving birth to many polymorphs, with small and large quadrupeds and humanoids from two turtle-like morphologies. ... [read more]
1.0.0 50.06 Mar 16, 2023
Snow Gibbon
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