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File Listing: Custom Workshop Workshop
Last Updated: Jun 16, 2011, 06:48:09 pm
First Created: Apr 11, 2010, 10:06:56 pm
File version: 1.0B
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 1,853 (2,956) Size: 2.92 MB
Views: 7,593 (10,204) Type: ZIP
Rating (5 votes): 4.9 / 5.0
Quick and dirty WYSIWYG editor for custom workshop tiles, saves to RAW compatible text. Can also load RAW compatible text, but its pretty naive about it.

How to use:

Click on the Leftmost image to draw with the current stamp.
Foreground and Background dropdown boxes allow you to select the color of the stamp
Clicking on a tile on the codepage selects it as the current stamp.

You can press the "Load Font" button to load a different font, if you want
to see how the workshop looks in various fonts.

For laziness purposes, workshops are limited to 32x32 tiles in size or smaller. Isn't that big enough?

Pressing "Convert to Raw" will clear the bottom-right textbox, and fill it with RAW compatible text for the workshop tiles, plus the [DIM:W:H] tag.
Anything else for your workshop is your own business ;)

Pressing "Load from Raw" will read the text from the bottom-rght textbox, and parse it for DIM, TILE, and COLOR tags, and replace the current working workshop with those.
Only give it one workshop's raws though, it's not looking for any other tags at all and will only end up showing the last workshop in the raw you gave it.

Parser cannot handle multiple tags per line, so don't do that.

Parser might be finicky about spaces, so do not have any spaces inside tags, except for, say :' ': as a tile. It SHOULD load any tiles that DF can load, but there may be some quoted characters it doesn't handle properly. Seems fine, but if in doubt, use the character number instead.

Open Source Software, should work fine on other OS if you recompile.
Raw Data: JSON / Text
Checksum / Hash
SHA-256: b55a729ed90356029d43c24b30c2f6171b7f8455503897d409c81bba9e0ee8d5
IP: logged
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