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File Listing: Dig Dwarfier (graphics for Dig Deeper) standalone
Last Updated: Mar 03, 2010, 11:26:17 am
First Created: Feb 09, 2010, 03:59:51 am
File version: 0.86 beta
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Dig Dwarfier is a fully graphical bundle for a slightly modified installation of Dig Deeper 1.4B (+ Kobold Camp compatibility). All creatures are graphically represented. This is a beta release, and my first time packaging a mod of this size, so please post any questions, suggestions, bugs, or graphics weirdness in the forum thread.

Dig Dwarfier is now based on Dwarf Fortress v0.28.181.40d16. For help with installing on other versions check the forum thread.

Complete package (including Dwarf Fortress 40d16) is available here -

This mod began as an attempt to modify RantingRodents graphical overhaul to showcase Beefmo's wonderful character sprites, but expanded to incorporate the mods I like to play. As such, I consider it a work in progress, and will keep it as up-to-date, bug free, and lowercase fun as I can. The community is welcome to use any original work in their own projects. Have fun, and remember to post a good screenshot in the forum thread!


Version 0.86 (released 03/03/2010):
  • Slime mold removed (was a safety food for a plant growth duration revamp, now scrapped)
  • Tweaked the biomes of all added fungi, should be much less common now.
  • Changed tower husk growth duration back to what it was when introduced (was changed for testing and forgotten, my bad)

Version 0.85 (released 03/02/2010):
  • Fixed a racegloss bug with gargoyles. Gargoyles are now made of granite.
  • Removed undocumented [MISHIEVOUS] tag from goblins (testing use, should not have been added)
  • Remove dragon scale chunk reaction (bugged).
  • Dragon scale is no longer a wafer metal (now unneccessary)
  • Vanilla dragons are back as a biological stub for Dig Deeper dragon subtypes. Should not spawn.
  • Raw dragon scale reimplemented as a stone. Dragons drop it.
  • Reaction added to break raw dragon scale down into: 25 bones, 25 meat, 1 leather, 1 skull totem, 12 dragon scale bars. Sorry soapers, no fat yet.
  • Melting point data added to all Dig Deeper ores. Sources listed.
  • Templar art work complete, courtesy of Kivish Zokun (Thanks Kivish!)
  • Orc skeleton and zombie (and undead military) sprites redone.
  • Entity entries tweaked slightly to prevent worldgenocide.

Version 0.8 (released 02/22/2010):
  • Graphical typo fixes: Mud, iron, magma, and fire golems should display properly now. Ditto with green slimes. Some other graphical bugs fixed.
  • Tile revamp!
    • All creatures should now leave a graphical corpse instead of a letter.
    • All plants now use a shrub tile. No more picking quotation marks! And no shrubs in your menus either!
    • Default tileset now uses simple 3D walls based on Beefmo's tileset mockup.
    • For those who prefer top-down Lemunde-style walls, DigDeeperAlt_16x16.png has you covered!
  • TONS of new features added or tweaked, see 'What's been changed from Dig Deeper?' below. Changes are marked with "NEW".
  • Kobold sprites are now 100% complete, Thanks Pathos!

Version 0.7 (released 02/16/2010):
  • DF base version changed! Now based on 40d16 (specifically Mayday's DFG 21)
  • [CANNOT_UNDEAD] removed from elves. Not sure it makes a difference, but the sprites exist, so why not?
  • Corrected Kobold bonecarver graphics typo that caused them to appear as skeletons.
  • Corrected typos in matgloss files, changed dragon leather bed reaction to use new Dig Deeper dragons, commented out physician graphics placeholders (Thanks Shadowlord!)
  • Removed Kobold Camp 'Chopper' axe type (redundant with Hatchets). Added [CAN_STONE] to Hatchets. Nerfed damage slightly.
  • Added additional Kobold sprites, supporting positions that don't exist by default, but that can be added by the intrepid Kobold Camper (Furnace Operator, Mason, Bowyer, etc.)
  • Revamped DigDeeperAlt_16x16.png tileset, for those who prefer a more RantingRodent-style tileset.
  • **NEW FEATURES** (Courtesy of Ultimate Fortress Mod)
    • Added 2 additional fuel minerals (anthracite coal and dried peat) to help break the cycle of magma addiction.
    • Vanilla fanciful creatures (Chimera, Centaur, and Griffon) now actually exist, though they should be quite rare.

Version 0.6 (released 02/09/2010): INITIAL RELEASE.

Credits (Thank You!):
Dig Deeper Itself:
* The13thRonin

* Beefmo
* Kivish Zokun
* Lord Nightmare
* Solifuge
* Ranting Rodent
* Mike Mayday
* Stridor
* undeadstag
* pyro

* Lemunde
* RedJack
* Ranting Rodent
* MikeMayday

Incorporated Add-Ons (with their own credits too numerous to list):
* Dig Deeper -
* Kobold Camp Redux -
* RantingRodent's Graphical Overhaul -
* Mayday's DFG 21 -
* Ultimate Fortress -
* Age of Heroes -

...and many others I've forgotten... let me know!

What's been changed from Dig Deeper?:

Entities removed:
* Ratlings

Entities changed:
* NEW - All entities slightly edited to match the flavor of their sprites and provide greater differentiation between civilizations.
* Halflings renamed Gnomes, entity files edited for flavor and nerfing (now [MINOR_METAL])
* Kobolds made Kobold Camp compatible.
* NEW - All non-dwarven entities given a few unique weapons (see below), some new toys, appropriate clothing and armor, etc.
* NEW - Elves slightly buffed, their wussiness has been reduced by (roughly) 20%.

Entities added:
* Templar - medieval european humans with a zealous twist! Uses steel, but should be more tempermental, and more likely to war dwarven civilizations (I hope).

Creatures changed:
* Elephants and Horses now trainable.
* Two-legged rhino lizards renamed four-legged rhino lizards.
* Velociraptors renamed to two-legged rhino lizards, [HEAD_HORN] added and attacks changed, made trainable
* [CANNOT_UNDEAD] added to some creatures with nonstandard flesh types (blizzard man, steel wolf, etc.). May be redundant.
* Mountain gnomes renamed to feral gnomes, size increased to 4 to match entity creature size. Ditto size of dark gnomes. Graphics changed.

Creatures added:
* Hyena and Giant Hyena (from Gnoll Clans mod)
* Tortoise (from Reptiles mod)
* Arctic Hare
* Chameleon (uses a neat color effect)
* Giant Wolf Spider (from Orc mod)
* NEW - Armored Elephants (from Orc mod)

Material changes:
* Red brass changed to value 3, to make it less pointless.
* Flint is now [SHARP]
* All soil layers with "sand" in the name are now [SOIL_SAND], and useable for glass production. Glass-loving nobles rejoice!
* (Added in 0.7) Added anthracite coal (higher purity coal in metamorphic layers) and dried peat (in peat) as new fuel minerals.
* NEW - Gold and gold alloy metals are no longer useable for weapons, armor, etc. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
* NEW - Crucible steel (aka Wootz steel) has been renamed dwarven steel, and is now [DEEP] to prevent hostile entities from being so lucrative.
* NEW - Nordic gold has been renamed gnomish gold, as there are no nordic humans. It's a copper alloy and fits with their [MINOR_METAL]-ism.

Reactions added:
* Deon's Elfcoal reactions added. Make charcoal from elf loot.
* Added granite anvil reaction from Kobold Camp.
* Added reaction to re-roughen rock crystal, allowing import for crystal glass production.
* NEW - Added glass staining reactions using a new (but slow-growing) plant. All base colors available. Construct a megaproject mosaic/chapel of Armok/seizure-inducing animated mural! (Courtesy of Ultimate Fortress mod)

Items removed:
* NEW - Dig Deeper weapons removed, in favor of those below.

Items added:
* Added Kobold Camp weapons (crude, [CAN_STONE] shovel, short spear). Survivalists rejoice!
* NEW - Multitude of flavor weapons added for non-dwarven civs. All are slight variants of existing weapons, and none should be game breaking.
* NEW - New ammo! Orcs will now occasionally use flaming bolts and arrows, possibly setting fire to your troops! Dark elves will now sometimes use barbed ammunition, causing heavy bleeding, pain, and easily becoming lodged in victims! (Courtesy of Age of Heroes mod)

Items changed:
* NEW - Mauls and great axes are now dwarf sized! (Damage reduced slightly, now dwarf usable)
* NEW - Morningstars are now dwarf usable.
* NEW - Halberds have been changed to use the PIKE skill.

Plants added: (Courtesy of Civilization Forge, Age of Heroes, Gentledwarf mod, Ultimate Fortress, and others I may have forgotten. None of these are my own creation, so if your work is included here without credit, please let me know!)
* 5 wild fungi!
* 8 new berries!
* 2 ferns! FERNS!
* 8 other new plants, some of which are known to grow only in the most difficult environments, such as chasms and magma pipes.
* 3 new subterranean plants:
  • Chroma blossoms, an irridescent, moderate growing flower used in glass staining (see Materials, above) (Courtesy of Ultimate Fortress).
  • Tower husks. A breakthrough in dwarven agronomy, these tower cap plants are capable of being grown under conventional farming conditions, but unfortunately grow hollow due to a genetic flaw. They can, however, be pressed into usable tower cap lumber, and are a useful (if inefficient) resource for wood-starved fortresses. (Courtesy of Age of Heroes and Hishan).

Miscellaneous changes:
* Accented characters removed from language files. You can have your umlauts back when we're fully graphical.
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