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 Dwarf Fortress File Depot
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DFFD Hosting  » announcement posted by Janus on Jan 17, 2015
The site has been moved to a new server! Hosting is now handled by Toady, and the domain name has been updated from to All old links to file listings will still work, they'll just be seamlessly redirected to the correct page on the new domain. You should still consider updating old links just in case.
Downloads should also be a lot faster, but we'll see how it goes once there are several people downloading at a time.

The discussion post is here on the Bay12 Forums:
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Game Releases
Full releases of Dwarf Fortress itself. Repacks with additions (such as graphic sets) are welcome.
117 Dwarf Fortress 40_24 Starter P..
Apr 12, 2015
Major Mods
These mods change many things within the game.
439 Black Powder Firearms
Apr 26, 2015
Minor Mods
These mods make only minor changes to the core game.
754 Elf Invasion mod
Apr 17, 2015
Tools which add functionality to Dwarf Fortress.
344 Armok Vision OS X Rebuild
Apr 26, 2015
Character sets which provide an overhaul to all display characters.
84 Monoscii pro tileset Copyright..
Mar 30, 2015
Graphic sets
Graphic sets which provide images for dwarves and other creatures in-game.
119 Rally Ho! Graphics Set
Mar 21, 2015
Pregenerated Worlds
Saved games providing pregenerated worlds for others to play in.
528 Earth Worldgens
Apr 19, 2015
Community Games
Saved games for community fortresses, succession games, and the like.
3,867 Drunk Fortress Revenge of the ..
Apr 27, 2015
Bugged Saves
Saved games displaying suspected game bugs for Toady to examine.
1,363 Headless man
Apr 26, 2015
This section is for files which don't fit into the other categories.
1,086 Masterwork Gnome mode powered ..
Apr 21, 2015
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