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File Listing: RantingRodent's Graphical Overhaul
Last Updated: Dec 24, 2009, 01:41:46 am
First Created: Jan 15, 2009, 08:20:11 am
File version: 1.0.7a
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 3,181 (10,024) Size: 499.8 KB
Views: 15,429 (32,165) Type: ZIP
Rating (0 votes): Unrated
Making the most use out of the available tile set and graphics set capabilities.

Key Features
- All of the stone, soil, ore, and gem tiles have been changed so that you can tell what you are looking at a lot more easily without having to check with 'k'. Gems and economic stones have tiles sorted by value, layer rocks have tiles according to the rock type, and some special stones (Bauxite, Adamantite, all Iron Ores) have special tiles as well. Please check the website for a brief guide.
- Greater variety of plant and tree sprites.
- Doesn't interfere with normal text, but does require the removal of accented characters
- Minimized reuse of tiles (if it can be changed, I want to change it)
- Complete coverage for each race (even professions or nobles that race is not normally capable of using)

At this time, the mod is completely cosmetic. It does not add any new creatures. If you want to see the Orc graphics in-game, you must install an Orc mod separately. If you want to see the Hunting Horse and War Horse, you must make Horses trainable.

If you experience screen flicker, open the init.txt and turn off the PARTIAL_PRINT option.

Graphics for vanilla
All creatures and animals

Graphics for the Orc mod
Orc Domestic Animals (War Elephant, Dire Wolf, Giant Wood Spider)

Credits are included in the mod package (credit.txt). I have used the work of many other modders to create this pack)

Bundled version:

Update History
- Removed \ characters from raw files
- Human graphics definitions were missing the GUILDREP token, causing him to appear as a zombie
- Cut gems appeared as dead Kobolds

- Restructured all of the graphics to prepare better for the next release and races becoming more distinct
- Added sprites for hunting horses and war horses, but didn't actually enable them. Add the [TRAINABLE] tag to Horses to be able to see these
- New water/sand/etc sprites
- New chair sprites
- Modified the lever sprites to make it more clear whether a lever is on or off
- Modified the coffin/0 sprite so that it interferes less with the readability of numbers
- Modified the clothing sprites to be less confusing
- Modified the well sprite to look less ridiculous when it's used as an ant hill
- Modified the "special" mineral tile to eliminate the flat colour background
- Desaturated the bed and statue sprites to remove the forced colouring
- Changed the tile number for the pile of bones so that they don't show up in the ballista
- Added Physician (will not appear in-game until the next version of DF)
- Added Head Physician (will not appear in-game until the next version of DF)
- Added Quartermaster (will not appear in-game until the next version of DF)
- Removed mismatched Champion sprites
- All military units are now facing the same direction
- Changed all military sprites to use more realistic colours
- Changed the visual style of Siege Engineers and Siege Operators to be distinct from other engineering professions
- Work-in-progress. Basic sprites are present, but only a patchwork of military and civilians. No positions.
- Added basic royal guard and royal guard champions
- Removed the mismatched Champion sprites
- Removed mismatched Champion sprites
- All military units are now facing the same direction
- Changed the visual style of Siege Engineers and Siege Operators to be distinct from other engineering professions
- Fixed Rock Crystal
- Fixed Rose Quartz

- Fixed missing chairs
- Updated partially completed road tile

- Added HoppyDragon's Drunk
- Added Trader
- Added Merchant
- Added Sheriff
- Added Drunk
- All new leaders
- Previous leader sprites moved to merchant classes and Druid
- Added all civilian professions except Architect and Pump Operator
- Added Mace Orc, Lasher Orc, Pike Orc, Blowgun Orc, and Bowman Orc for all standard military, Guard, and Royal Guard
- Added slave and prisoner
- Added HoppyDragon's Druid
- Added creature_other graphics
- Slugman
- Snailman
- Slugman
- Added domestic-Evil graphics
- War Elephant (requires Orc mod)
- Dire Wolf (requires Orc mod)
- Giant Wood Spider (requires Orc mod)
- Added Giant Cave Spider child
- Changed Giant Cave Spider colouring
- Updated savage_tropical giant cats to have an up arrow icon to differntiate them from their normal sized versions
- Removed extra [CREATURE_GRAPHICS:ELF] entries from the human graphics definition
- Fixed broken Kobold graphics for baby and child
- Properly pointed to Guard and Royal Guard recruit sprites
- Added graphics file for the savage_tropical group (no new sprites, these were just not plugged into the game)
- Giant Lion
- Giant Tiger
- Giant Desert Scorpion
- Tigerman
- Fixed the Off lever being offset to one side
- Fixed some more materials with background colour problems (please report any that you see)

... rest of history is included in changes.txt
Raw Data: JSON / Text
Checksum / Hash
SHA-256: ef7c2b3445f421c5bdd889568afb4d0b56db40a609de0f99707d45d3275fc8e1
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