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DFFD Recovery  » announcement posted by Janus on Nov 21, 2022
Long story very short: the site database was lost, the server didn't have automated backups like we thought, and the database had to be rolled back to one from 2015 (yes, I know). File listings for file IDs 10461 - 16147 could only be partially recovered but have fully intact and up to date file downloads. User accounts were obviously rolled back too; accounts newer than the time of the database backup will need to be recreated. A lot of other data (comments, votes, so forth) was likewise rolled back.

Thankfully all file downloads themselves were unaffected. All of the files that were orphaned are now in the new Orphaned Files category at the bottom of the category list.

Sincere apologies, this should never have happened. Automated backups will definitely be in place now, like we thought they were before.

See this post on the Bay12 Forums for more info, and to find out how to reclaim file listings.


Tools which add functionality to Dwarf Fortress.
  Title / Description File version For DF
Upload Date,


THIS IS A LITE VERSION - there is no music included. Full version is available here:

Game events are split between advisors, each responsible for a separate aspect of your ... [read more]
1.3 Multiple Apr 10, 2023


Game events are split between advisors, each responsible for a separate aspect of your fortress:
  • Chief Advisor: keeps track of only the most important events that you don't want to miss
  • Military ...
1.3 Multiple Apr 10, 2023
This is a app which provides a searchable interface for your Dwarf Fortress raw files. It's built using Tauri, SolidJS, Solid-Boostrap, and some Rust code which parses the raws themselves ... [read more]
0.23.3 50.05 Jan 26, 2023

A Runesmith like utility for changing dwarf skills. Enabling labors, importing and exporting work details.

-= Requirements =-
  • Java 17+
  • latest DFHack
  • Windows, Linux untested - may work
0.2 50.05 Jan 22, 2023

Generates words in the style of existing words.

Designed for anyone adding new words to existing languages.

Works with default or modded raws.
1.0 Multiple Jan 18, 2023

This is a new version of Sirmaril's update of Kazimuth's language highlighting modes for the text editor Notepad++, now updated for DF v0.47.05 and v50.xx!

Installation and colour customization instructions are ... [read more]
1.38 Multiple Jan 18, 2023

【Warning⚠】There are memory leak, only for testing,please save regularly when playing.

Extract all files to the Dwarf Fortress folder on Steam

Run df-steam-hook-launcher.exe to start game

Project address:
Discussion thread:
0.0 beta Multiple Jan 01, 2023

This is an Unofficial Reference Guide for Dwarf Fortress
Completely jam-packed with information.

Map Key
- Biomes, Sites, Geography
- Temperature and Alignment
- Calendar

- Civilizations,
- Relationships
- Weapon Availability
- Experience, Quality, and Item Values
- ... [read more]
12.01.22 Multiple Dec 01, 2022

Includes Beasts of Myth (and of mundanity) 1.3, Random Vermin 0.7, Random Hags 0.36, and Random Vampires 0.25. Now also with a primitive TKInter GUI (and the right folder names).

These ... [read more]
1.6 0.47.03 Feb 20, 2020
Knight Otu

2.5.0 Multiple Dec 16, 2017
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