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File Listing: Fortress Overseer v0.27 - Visualizer and Exporter
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2010, 05:36:46 pm
First Created: Aug 09, 2010, 05:29:46 am
File version: 0.27 alpha
For DF version: Multiple
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There is a newer version of Overseer here!

Fortress Overseer v0.27
More information on the bay12 forums here:

Changes v0.27
-Included 31.14 support
-Fixed a bug where Overseer crashed on non-square embarks
-Added key bindings to overseer.ini

Changes v0.26
-Added 31.13 support

Changes v0.25
-Dropped OIS in favor of a better, less obtuse OSG input system. This removes the dependence on the somewhat finicky OIS and allows for some new things!
-Mouse can now be released by right-clicking and regrabbed by left-clicking on the Overseer window. No input is accepted unless the mouse is grabbed.
-Shaders have been implemented. Every texture (minus the defaults) included is now bumpmapped using the shaders in /materials/shaders and the proper normal map in /materials/normals. The shaders are editable by anybody and shaders for specific materials can be made by simply naming the new shaders /materials/shaders/material_name.frag and .vert.
-Lighting is now much better than it was before. Two modes are supported -- the old headlight mode (faces are brighter when you look directly at them) and the new global lighting system. The diffuse, ambient, and specular components of the light can be set in the .ini file.
-Texture scaling has been implemented. If your system can't handle the high-res textures sexymustard has included, then you can set imageSize in the .ini file to a smaller value. This drastically increases performance. imageSize must be a power of two.
-Added in fortifications (complete, I think) and preliminary support for stairs. There will still be holes in the terrain for unhandled downstairs and up-down stairs are the same as up-stairs, so there's no physical path up-down stairs yet. The direction the stairs face is also not determined yet.
-A better-performance but dorkier looking tree system. It only displays above-ground trees on constant-image billboards for now. Eventually on proximity these will turn into actual 3d models on proximity and the texture won't look so out of place.
-Default textures (rough.png and constructed.png) for surfaces colored using the xml files rather than the textures. They act as decals over the colored blocks to give them more character. They also work to tone down the bright colors of stonesense.
-General bug fixes. The world is no longer mirrored and the camera no longer spawns below the surface except in very rare (and unintended by Today) circumstances.
-Lots more textures by SexyMustard. We're now up to 41 and include all types of soil and a decent chunk of layer stone types, plus a few random odds and ends.

Changes v0.16
-Fixed a bug with flickering when neither a texture nor a color are found for a tile.
-Renamed acacia_tree.ive to chestnut_tree.ive since the model is of a chestnut.

Changes v0.15
-Added an option for backface culling which can help performance and allows you to see directly into caverns from outside.
-Added a robust material system that detects the presence of proper texture images in /materials/images/. Image name must be material_name.bmp. When in doubt about what name a material should have, check out the material dump program from DFHack, or ask.
-Made it so that geometry is colored with the colors from Stonesense, thanks to Japa. The colors directory is an exact copy of the one in stonesense, so any changes there can just be copied directly across.
-Added in support for plants and trees. I've only included two trees as good-looking tree models are hard to find. They can be pretty easily added though. The format is, for example, acacia_tree.ive. For non-tree plants (trees include towercaps and such), you'll see _shrub.ive after the plant name instead of _tree.ive. Plant names can get confusing, so check out treedump from DFHack if you have any problems figuring out what to name a model.
-Added a skybox. It's stored in /materials/images/skybox as six images, so it can be easily swapped out for a different one.
-Redid the world lighting. It might not be obvious but it's more flexible now and will allow having a light attached to the shadow for dark renderings.

Changes v0.10
-Optimized things on a per-z-level and per-material basis
-Made hanging floors 3D to close off open meshes
-Improved ramps so that no overlapping faces are generated -- everything is drawn optimally per-tile now
-Added an export dialog that supports .obj, .3ds, .ac, .dxf, .lwo, and .pov. Note that tristripping has to be enabled for pov-ray export!
-Removed the "enable ramps option" due to the impending material system. Textures aren't included or supported in this version, but hopefully that won't be a big deal due to the extremely minimal support in previous versions. The next release will see multiple textures and a more robust lighting system.
-Switched input system over to OIS. It's fairly robust now and sexymustard and I can't break it. All of the camera and movement-related glitches are gone now, and things should work fine.

Changes v0.03
-Added R and F key bindings for vertical movement
-Moved all of the previous config options plus a few more to overseer.ini

-Added the ability to export .obj files when the 'x' key is pressed during visualization.

Created by me and sexymustard
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