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File Listing: Fortress Overseer 0.70.1 - Supports DF 31.25-34.11
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2012, 12:56:20 am
First Created: Mar 03, 2011, 12:55:55 am
File version: 0.70 alpha
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 12,382 (20,067) Size: 16.81 MB
Views: 33,115 (44,962) Type: EXE
Rating (2 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
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Fortress Overseer 0.70.1 Source

Note: You must install DirectX for this to work properly! If you get an error about a missing d3dx9 DLL, go install DirectX!

0.70.1 Changes
  • Fixed crash bug on maps with modded in materials or plants
  • Fixed crash bug when opening files outside of Overseer directory
  • Fixed map mirroring
  • Added version of mapexport compatible with 31.25

0.70 Changes:
  • Total rewrite from scratch.

Seriously, so much has changed that making a list is difficult. There's a lot of new stuff, and a few features that aren't here anymore. I'll update the above list with some enumerated changes soon.
Warning: Due to the CPU-intensive page generation process, this will very likely run slower than the previous version. I have it running roughly as well as the previous version on my laptop, if not a tiny little bit better, but beyond that I'm not sure how this will fare. Don't expect it to run well if you don't have newish hardware. I'll be working to make it better and faster in the near future, so bear with me!

HOW TO USE: Since DFHack no longer externally connects to DF, it's necessary to export map files for Overseer to read. After installing the appropriate version of DFHack for your installation of Dwarf Fortress, run "mapexport exportfilename" in the DFHack console, replacing "exportfilename" with whatever you want, which will create "exportfilename.dfmap" in your DF directory. Open this file with the file dialog in Overseer. By default, mapexport only exports revealed tiles -- to override this and export the entire map, run "mapexport all exportfilename".

0.51 Bugfixes:
  • Fixed a rare fortification-related bug.
  • Fixed the color of orthoclase and updated to prevent similar things from happening in the future
  • Added a switch to allow cave water rendering. "water" in overseer.ini can now take on values "all", "skyview", and "none".

0.50b has been updated for 31.21. If you have a previous release, you can instead grab just an update pack here.

New Features
  • Water - With live reflection and refraction. The reflection and refraction maps take a while to render, especially when done every frame. Right now, the maps update 0.5 seconds after all camera movement has ceased. This will likely change in the future.
  • Sky - The crazy old skybox is gone, and a dynamic sky is in place! The rate of time passage can be changed with the scroll wheel, and the default speed can be set in overseer.ini
  • Trees - the dorkly little billboard trees are gone! Much better trees are in place. Still no flexibility, so all will be firs for now. This will change soon.
  • Built-in screenshot mechanism. Pressing P or SysRQ/PrtScrn while Overseer is running will cause it to save a screenshot into its screenshots directory.
  • GUI - Right-clicking will now make the interface show up. Pretty minimal so far, right now you can change the base screenshot filename, and toggle the stats box and wireframe.
  • Materials - Ogre has a very, very robust material system. We've got 5 levels of detail set up (if your computer can handle them :) )

Now, for what's changed/missing.
  • Export isn't supported yet due to the way Ogre handles things. Nothing would really be different from the OSG exports, so if an export is still desired, you can continue using that until that functionality is added in.
  • Right-clicking no longer releases the mouse from Overseer, it now brings up the menu. Spacebar is the binding to release/grab the mouse now.
  • No linux support (yet). The sky library that we're using is currently DirectX only. There are other reasons too, and we're working on them. Next release should definitely have linux support.

  • WASD + RF - standard directional movement + vertical movement
  • P + SysRQ/PrtScrn - save a screenshot to the screenshots directory
  • Mouse movement - looking around
  • Mouse wheel scroll - Speed up/slow down time
  • Right click - toggle menu
  • Spacebar - release/grab mouse
  • Escape - close the app
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