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File Listing: Drow Mod
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2012, 01:02:16 pm
First Created: Apr 20, 2010, 03:52:24 am
File version: 2.4b
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 399 (1,291) Size: 56.2 KB
Views: 5,307 (8,572) Type: RAR
Home:  Rhenayas Drow Mod
Rating (4 votes): 3.4 / 5.0
This mode includes a standalone playable drow race.
On embark you can choose them too (just like changing through dwarf civs in vanilla, it adds occasional drow civs).

It includes a graphic Pack by Chariot modeling the drows in most jobs.
The animals are new graphics by Doctor_Nic

* 1 new playable entity of drows: underground dwelling dark elves
* 1 new fearsome underground entity: the driders, half drow half spider
* 4 new domestic animals for your drow use: rothe (cattle), giant drowspider (hunting trainable), drowspider (vermin hunter) and giant lizards (war trainable)
* 1 new slave animal: quaggoths, they work mechanically like white fured underground trolls
* 7 new plants: fire lichen (expensive wine and powder), blue lichen (standard wine), white lichen (clothing), cave barley (standard powder and cheap "slave" drink), cave sugar beet (drink, sugar and syrup), cave strawberry (sweetwine and syrup), poison cup (dont eat it!)
* full set of drow equipment, including parry offhand weapons and the famous drow piwafi
* 2 new metals: mithril and mithral

The drow are evil like goblins and as enemys they mostly feel like them too, but the drow have high end weapons in steel just as dwarves, also beware the females, they are slightly bigger and stronger than the average male drow.
Drider use metal armors, a larger array of weapons and are considerable bigger than the known subterran civs and if you have some on your site: fun ensues!

The Drow civ has many positions:
Grand Matriarch (like Queen, female only)
High Priestess (female only, Matriarchs military officer)
Priestesses (female only, various officers under the high priestess)
Captains (can also be males, more officers under the priestesses)

Site Specific:
Expedition Leader, this is the first noble you will encounter just as with the dwarfs: he or she is on outpost embark site (handels diplomats and work complaints)
House Overseer, after the Outpost grows into a house the expedition leader will become this (main jobs diplomats until the bigger nobles arrives and work complaints)
House Administrator, a merged form of the bookkeeper and manager in one entity, apointable by the player
House Broker, same as dwarven Broker
House Cleric, just like the chief medical dwarf, but also has a squad for law enforcement to keep your fellow drow in place (female only)
House Priestess, this is the military officer inside your outpost (female only)
House Captains, if you need more squads, they will lead them
House Guard Captain, law enforcement for the man (male only!)

Tiny House Matriarch, she will join your fortress rather early, you dont need as much stuff as you would need with the dwarfs, but she doesnt also need much of office or demands
Small House Matriarch, Your site will now be known as "small house"
House Matriarch, after you develop she will maybe get to be no longer a small house matrairch and considered a normal one,
Big House Matriarch, even more wealth has spread.
Great House Matriarch, even greater wealth and strength, you are now very near to attract the grand matriarch herself!

Weaponmaster, any House Matriarch will appoint a weaponmaster, he acts like the royal guards and has a squad too, and handels executions. basicly a mix of the champion and hammerer.
Tax Collector, the Weaponmaster will not only make the internal secure for the House Matriarch, he will also look into getting economic wealth, so he will appoint the tax collector.
Dungeon Master, just like Dwarfs, Drow love exotic animals, so the nobles will appoint the appropiate dungeon master too.

Drow use the basic elfen language, but unlike their treehugging cousins, they use the darker and evil side of the word spectrum.

* fixed titanalloy reaction
* fixed the 4 bars per boulder thing for pitchblende, ilmenite, and rutile reactions

* tested and fixed silkmilk reaction

* giant drowspider is now milkable and produces silkmilk
* new building "spidery" for spinners to produce silk thread out of the silkmilk
* sadly not properly tested yet :x
* updated for .08 with wheelbarrows and minecart tool in entity raws

* spiders can again use webs
* removed hide from cloud of darkness, as its impairing fortress mode way to much

* culled tax collector from raws
* removed tame_exotics from dungeon mistress (as she still works as hammerer ;) )
* added shaped to helmets
* added war trainable to quaggoths

* removed obsolete bmp images from package
* added outpost cleric as early chief medical (before you get the house cleric with own squad and law enforcment)
* moved the receive diplomats from the overseer/expediton leader to the house priestess (the overseer are now elected to hear worker complains)
* added a new speech file for kill bragging on drow (used the elf ones before, but treehugging jokes doesnt fit them :p)
* allowed drow to do beekeeping and pottery as well as bronze making
* incorporated the titanium changes from my alchemists mod (added titanium alloys)

* fixed cloud of darkness bug, it now properly blinds nearby enemies (sadly they will still spot you if just one tile away or high enough observers)
* decided to rename the small bugfix releases with alphanumerical to prevent to big increase in version number ;p

* fixed bug that drow will spam fairy fire on cooldown, on anyone they see nearby, instead of just as attack

* the gods may now curse creatures into driders
* drow can now use fairy fire to inflict a mild form of dizzy and drowsiness in combat
* drow can now use cloud of darkness to enter sneakmode for fleeing (doesnt blind enemys yet)
* removed the giant squirrel file and some custom tags from entity i carlessly included in the v2.2 rar *coughs*

* made the mod 0.34.x ready
* dungeon master got exections the new exectioner skill tag and is earlier to get (pop req 10 appointed by house priestess)
* added the cats interaction tags to the spiders

* added ALLOWED_CREATURE tags to most entity posistions so that only drow persists in the higher ranks even with babysnatcher tag on
* babysnatcher tag is now on by default (less trade, more fun)
* added quaggoth creature

* splitted spider related things into own files so arachnophobes can easily delete them (dont laugh a friend had this problem with the mod :x)

*added some minor new tags (leathery egg for lizard, sound for rothe, skill_learn_rate for drow castes: faster fighting but slower with some working skills)
*albino drow no longer cave adapts

*changed tag for drowspider to align with new vermin hunter tags (FINALLY!) for v.20

*added new jobs to drow (beekeeping doesnt make sense for now but there are actually deep honey insects, maybe we can get colony vermin for underground too)
*made rothe to have wool and be shearable also they are grazer now (need underground fungi) as underground beats they eat not much (get value from goats)
*giant lizards lay eggs like crocs (only reptile with lay eggs for now in vanilla?)
*added new mod_desc_range tag to drow and drider
*renamed mithral into mithralsteel to make sure noone confuses it with mithril (although it may be very hard to obtain now with scarse lead and mithril vines)
*added graphic tags for the new jobs to the default job (so shearer, spinner etc use the default farmer one)

* test with version 0.31.18 (should work with .17 too, but wasnt a update too, just lots of bugfixes)
* get rid of the abundant mithril vines (i have no idea how i did that)
* fixed bug with the broker noble (lazy copapasta = bugs)
* fixed bug with spidervenom
* raised 2h weapon value for 2h
* fixed "every drow is a hunter and get neat titanium/steel equip" bug ... females will now be clerics (doctor) and males mechanics (trap building)
* drow outcasts will now settle in the caverns, they may behave like animal people in their camps, but be wary they fight much much stronger and dont use wood ;)

* updated for version 0.31.17
* agility is lowered for drow for some better balancing
* drow are able to be converted into night creatures
* drow have a higher banditry ratio than goblins
* mithril is now way less abundant and can only be found in kimberlite and granite, no longer in microline or magnetite
* mithril can now be made into weapons, but with its light weight only edged weapons are reasonable
* mithral reaction now only produces one bar, still uses 3 lead and 1 mithril, density increased of course
* the house cleric now double as female law enforcement with their own squad
* noble screen ranking changed, ie cleric has a higher position now
* various other smaller changes, bugfixes and typos etc.

* tested with version 0.31.14
* again bugfixes and typos
* some changes in weapons and armor

* small bugfixes for 0.31.12 and got rid of some typos
* add the drow equipment to the drider entity

* made mithril a general ore an mithral an alloy of mithril and lead
* added my titanium and darklight iron mods to drow mod by generel (darklight iron was inspired by drow anyway)
* various stuff fixed and changed (most notably weapons and armor)

* fixed graphics for the nobles
* added consort naming for the matriarchs: "matriarchs favourite" ;)
* removed tomb requirments from all nobles (drow dont care what happens to their body after they die, even less they care for another one that died)
* added loads and loads of equipment for your daily drow use
* mithral as new metal, works kinda like adamantine, but is of course considerable weaker but also easier to obtain from default layers

* first full realease, should have took smaller steps? :x
* added plants for drow, so they dont have to embark with "dwarven xxx" drinks and stuff
* renamed some positions and other small changes

* graphics for giant drowpider
* oliberated static graphic use for house guard (uses military with weapon ones now)
* made arsenal tags unaviable for df .09 update

* graphics for driders and the nonspider animals
* .04 png graphics

* made giant drowspider trainable for hunting (ambush/sneaking pets, just like their malicious wildlife partners the giant cave spiders)
* culled outpost commander/guard because it bugged the squads after getting replaced by house commander

*added drider - humanoid spider-drow, they are living like other animal people in the subterranean caverns, but they are far more fearsome and using wider array of weapons.

*added common domestic animals for the drow (drowspiders are like cats, giant drowspider as mounts, gianz lizards as mounts and pack animals, and rothe for milk and meat)
*again some bug fixes

*fixed a terrible bug with the outpost/house commander to not be appointable after you got the house overseer
*some minor changes

*fixed some noble colors
*added two more land holder matriarchs
*tested around with pets, but isnt working so well as i wanted it
*highpriest will now be succeded by one of the former priests

Needs regen, dont copy it into the save raws.
* deleted the unappropiate bunny/squirrl pictures that does not belong to this mod
* various smaller bugfixes in entity and graphics txt file
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SHA-256: 1b95de94a01622acbb707f0fb45a310dc0a36fcc90e9a74625099ee75dfb1540
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 Drow Mod (v 0.6)  » posted by Rhenaya on May 11, 2010, 02:50:44 pm
please feel free to add bug reports, suggestions and the like on the comments or the forum thread :x would really love to hear some feedback
IP: logged
 Drow Mod (v 0.9)  » posted by moonlit_knight on Jul 14, 2010, 04:28:01 am
so I've been playing (on 40d) for at least a month and I've yet to see a drider, any and all rothes that appear on my map suffocate to death within 30 seconds of spawning, and any time this happens when a caravan brings a rothe the moment the rothe dies and the entire caravan does a u-turn and leaves, sometimes leading to starvation and death fun in certain desolate biomes when i request food and they leave rather than give me any.

also, the only nobles I've been able to get are the sheriff and the dungeon master, I've had 200 drow in my fortress and no nobles (save the aforementioned two) will arrive. speeking of creatures that dont show up, the drow seem barren as once again, at about 150 population or so there are still no children. the only children that apear are children from migrants. i've had a fort for 10 years and not a birth yet. normally, dwarves have babies crawling all over the place by then.

IP: logged
 Drow Mod (v 0.9)  » posted by Rhenaya on Jul 14, 2010, 12:01:34 pm
uhm you know, this mod is for 0.31.10 and wont work with 0.28.40d at all because of the different raw settings (which makes the rothe suffocating)
IP: logged
 Drow Mod (v 1.2)  » posted by moonlit_knight on Jul 20, 2010, 02:18:05 pm
i see. well then I guess I'll have to download the dreaded new version then :-P
IP: logged
 Drow Mod (v 1.5)  » posted by Jwguy on Jan 06, 2011, 06:22:37 pm
Unfortunately, for all the neat things the mod introduces, it breaks many others. The most notable being that it adds two types of Mithril: Mithril, and Mithral. This seems rather innocent enough until you have a dwarf in a fey mood screaming for Mithril, and you only have Mithral available.
IP: logged
 Drow Mod (v 1.5)  » posted by Rhenaya on Jan 07, 2011, 05:32:57 pm
and what exactly is broken about that? they are two different metals, if he cries for iron and you only have steel, ist that a bug too?
IP: logged
 Drow Mod (v 1.5)  » posted by Jwguy on Jan 08, 2011, 03:47:45 am
Iron and Steel have very different properties, are common knowledge in the most basic of properties in the real world, and do not seem like they are just careless typos of one another. Mithril, however, has only one commonly understood idea, which is of a fictional miracle metal. I've never heard of Mithril and Mithral being two separate metals, and so having the both of them seems like it was a typo, which caused a problem, implying a bug.

That said, now knowing that the two metals were intentional, or rather, that one of them was not unintentional, it seems rather redundant to include both, and/or unobvious to have them named in this way, breeding confusion in cases like this. I would apologize if you took offense, as it was not my intention, but I stand by my statements. Please do not be overly defensive.

IP: logged
 Drow Mod (v 1.9)  » posted by moonlit_knight on Jun 19, 2011, 10:57:56 am
Noticed something that makes no sense. The Katar weapons are coded as sets of Katar, which in turn are coded to be muligrasp. If your drow takes an injury to one of his hands, rather than dropping one Katar, as damage dictates, your drow will drop both, leaving it completely disarmed and helpless.

I suggest you recode them so that rather than a set, you have a pair of individual Katar to fix this issue.

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