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File Listing: A Better Goblin Mod
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2008, 12:12:11 pm
First Created: Jun 02, 2008, 06:04:18 pm
File version: 1.23
For DF version:
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Tired with your current goblin? Wish it was faster, stronger, more challenging? wish it didn't drop so goddamn much junk at your doorstep? Well, wish no more, for with the better goblin mod, you can choose from the different varieties of goblin to suit your needs! From the most basic to the mighty and incredible, we're here to make sure your goblin-experience remains as perfect as possible.

p.s: It turns out worlgen doesn't care about creature stats, so it's safe to gen Enders and still have a playable world.

- Souped up Enders.

- [RECKLESS] tag...

- Updated for latest DF version (untested)
- Removed far more fearsome leaders because they're crazy

- Removed [SEVERSONBREAK] from enders
- First ender kill confirmed

Here's what we offer right now:

The Headache-free Goblin
Virtually identical with the goblins you have right now except for one distinguishing feature: No more clothes! Yup, no more having to pick up the countless pieces of silk loincloths lying all over the place. No more having to smelt two million pieces of junk armour into something useful. They come, they die and you don't have to deal with the messy, laggy, aftertaste.

1. Armour-free, clothes-free, bow/crossbow-free
2. Just the clothes

P.S: As a free bonus, every other goblin type here comes with the above headache-free varieties as well! Just for you!

The Intimidating Goblin
The first of the meaty bunch. This guy is bigger, faster, stronger, tougher, fatter, and much more fearsome than your regular goblin. Think of a troll, except fatter and with weapons and armour and you're close. Think goblins are cake to handle? Well, you need to fight these guys then. They'll still fall to a good hit with a steel warhammer though so if you're cocky, you might want to look higher up the tier.

1. Headache-free

The Terrifying Goblin
Now we're getting somewhere. Taller than trees, tougher than a steel wall, these guys are programmed to appear at any time, anywhere, and will hunt down your puny dwarves like the scum they are. Nothing can stop them, other than sealing yourself in your own grave. Nearly impervious to damage, they will make even the mightiest bronze colossus quake and shiver (They are still smaller than a colossus though). This is only for the experienced and overconfident. Even their once pathetic fists and weak jaws have been replaced with sharpened blades so if you ever see one unarmed... be afraid. If you feel, however, that each and every one of your dwarves can singlehandedly take down a bronze colossus... then you might want to look higher up the tier.

1. Headache-free (AKA easy mode)

The Doombringing Goblin
Goblin? What goblin? This is a demon, giant hybrid; taller than mountains and more powerful than the Son of Krypton. They don't feel pain, they don't feel suffering. Unrelenting and dominating in nature, you will cower before their wrath. Killing one is a task in itself, killing the packs that it comes with is a legendary feat. Not one for the weak-willed or pathetic, this is the penultimate challenge for the master dwarf.

1. Headache-free (You'll still get owned)

The Ender Goblin: Destroyer of Worlds
I don't know what this is, but it isn't a goblin anymore. This is an impossible challenge. It's impossible to kill this thing. Don't even try. It's a waste of time because the end result is your death. Everything quails before it: carp, giant cave spider, giant eagle, skeletal elephants, crossbowdwarves. This is the ultimate challenge, but only because it's impossible to kill.

1. Headache-free (You still won't kill it)

The Purge Goblin:
Around the same height as a human, these goblins aren't a problem because of their four arms or their wings or their tentacles. No, these goblins bring with them fire, and lots of it. This is the goblin you fight if you want to face fire but not the invincibility of the Doombringing or Ender goblins. Did I mention that they perfected the art of steel-making as a countermeasure to their iron gear melting on them?

1. All purge goblins are headache-free because if they came with clothes, they'd be called the headache goblin. Also note that purge goblins can't use crossbows or bows currently since they set their quivers on fire.

Incredible DF Players List:
- Virroken: Killed an ender with a giant cave spider leg... holy shit.
- Kashyyk: Fortress mode. Killed one ender and injured two others at the cost of 80 dwarves per ender. Congrats!
- Heavy Flak: Super legendary Captain of the Guard kills an ender with an artifact mace. 'Grats!

(Killed enders? Send me a pm via forum or email with your story and proof)

Also check out my other mods here:
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