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File Listing: It's The Small Things
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2008, 12:09:09 pm
First Created: May 26, 2008, 03:26:14 am
File version: 0.24
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A unified combination of my descriptive mods which aim to add more spice to Dwarf Fortress's text. More information below.

Mod contents:

- Threat mod:
Awhile back I asked the community to contribute to fill out the threat.txt which is used in adventurer when someone threatens you. I.E: in vanilla, when you face a megabeast or someone who has killed a named creature, they will talk about who they killed and then say, "prepare to die!!!". That's all they said. Boring. This compilation has some of the best threats (around 150 and counting) compiled from that thread and should make killing things too proud of their own achievements a lot more fun.

- Prefstring mod:
This mod simply just adds to the number of prefstrings for everything in the game to a minimum of five each. Prefstrings are the stuff that tell your dwarves what to like about a creature. For example, "He likes large roaches for their ability to disgust". With this mod, you'll see more fleshed out descriptions of the things your dwarves like, as well as more varied ones. With five each, it's pretty rare to see the same two twice. Hopefully I don't have any repeating prefstrings.

- Engraving & object mod:
Has this been done before? While I think it's impossible to change any of the inbuilt engraving stuff like, "this is a picture of a dwarf and a tentacle demon. The dwarf is embracing the tentacle demon", it is possible to edit and add to more basic ones such as "this is a picture of a crescent moon". Basically, I added maybe 200 or so new engravings you can potentially see on your floors, walls, studded armour, images, and the like. Keep in mind maybe one or two metagame just a tad but it's funny! I swear!

  • Added no_family.txt
  • Various more new text
  • Stopped support for small versions of this file
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