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File Listing: Look to the Skies (0.47.05)
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2021, 03:27:40 pm
First Created: Feb 07, 2020, 06:47:48 pm
File version: 1.0.1
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 14 (65) Size: 30.6 KB
Views: 70 (315) Type: ZIP
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Very small mod. Abbreviated to LttS/LTTS.
The thunderbird is a megabeast, slightly smaller than a roc. It has the same attack triggers, and is able to be domesticated. Let's just say that fighting it in melee is a bad idea...
The thundath are a (flier) race descended from thunderbirds. Getting into a melee fight with the "crackling" thundath would not be in your best interests; thundath in general can be struck by divine inspiration, with the usual side effects if they fail...
It should be noted that, due to fort mode's infamously problematic pathing for flying intelligents, thundath cannot in fact fly by default; this must specifically be enabled in the raws.
The thundath have their own language; the longest word is "griffon". Their word for "griffon" is additionally probably the longest in the game, at 30 letters.
The thundath cannot trigger dig-deep mining disasters, despite exclusively starting on mountains. They have access to steel and a special metal known as "skyforged metal" that is a combination of steel, bronze, silver, gold, bismuth bronze, rose gold, sterling silver, nickel silver, black bronze, electrum, and billon. Skyforged metal's values are averages of these 11 metals, including its material value (14). Its sharpness is 10,000 like most metals, since all of its constituent metals also have a sharpness of 10,000. The thundath are the only race able to make skyforged metal, though steel is probably better than it in (almost?) all respects. The thundath also have access to skyforged constructs, golem-like creatures standing at 65,000 cm³. Skyforged constructs come in two flavors: "sentries" and "hunters" whose uses should be fairly obvious. Skyforged constructs start with natural skills relative to their use. Skyforged constructs are made completely of skyforged metal, lack the ability to smell, and do not have an odor. When "killed", skyforged constructs will sometimes leave behind a bar of skyforged metal.
The shock interaction adds an abrupt paralysis syndrome, lasting for 9 adventure mode steps, that has a severity of 9900 and a probability of 100, with no peak. This is enough to completely paralyze, but not kill, a human or dwarf (or anything in between).
This version should work for 0.47.02 to 0.47.05, but I'm only supporting the latest version the mod is updated to.
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