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2  Implausible Biology and Miscellaneous Nov 22, 2022 0.09 68 Unrated 687 252.6 KB 1
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 Implausible Biology and Miscellaneous  » posted under Implausible Biology and Miscellaneous on Nov 22, 2022, 06:36:39 pm
So, some stuff doesn't fit in that description up there, because I really made this mod too large, to be honest. Actual dire wolves are extinct but this mod's version is modeled off of them anyway.
More other stuff:
This mod adds two gems, musgravite and sugilite, both of which exist IRL.
It also adds quite a few weapons. Those that exist or may have existed in real life are the horseman's pick, shepherd's axe, Lucerne hammer (named for its place of discovery: Lucerne, Switzerland), military fork, plançon à picot, quarterstaff, estoc, bill (derived from agricultural billhooks), knucks (alternately called knuckledusters or an English punch), and monk's spade. This mod also adds swordstaffs, which are simply quarterstaffs with a sword blade on one end.
The only truly fictional weapon this mod adds is what is more or less a flail, but it has two hammer heads instead (though it uses the mace skill). It is the êgävwärzêmtîsäl, used only by vulsayes. Though you could buy these off them, there's probably not much point.
There are also a variety of plants:
In terms of fictional crops, this mod adds hydrastalks (fruits resemble a hydra's head hence the name), underlettuces, bioluminescent pods (which come in all the colors of the rainbow and can be used to make low-value cloth), razor thorns (plants with blade-shaped, edible thorns), and sickly reeds (basically an evil version of rope reeds, with potential to make you quite sick if you should decide to drink its alcohol).
Hydrastalks, underlettuces, bioluminescent pods, and razor thorns are all found in the caverns, and in fact dwarves have starting access to bioluminescent pods, though not the other three.
The only real-life crop this mod adds is wolf apples, whose name apparently comes from being liked by maned wolves.
This mod also adds two trees, both fictional:
Kibashin trees are yellow-wooded trees that are seriously hot to the touch, found in deserts. They grow straight as a telephone pole and produce fruit... but that fruit is about as hot as you'd expect. It won't start fires on its own, but good luck trying to brew it.
Twisttrunks are twisty trees found in the third cavern layer, with purplish-magenta wood that is very dense, double the density of dolomite. They produce globules that you can press into oil to make soap with.
The last two plants I'm putting in a separate section owing to what they do - if you want to find this out yourself, don't read this section. Spoilered for a reason.
These plants are goldsmith's bane and goldsmith's salvation respectively. They can be processed into nigh-worthless extracts whose only purpose is to warp akautis into ulleids (goldsmith's bane) or change ulleids into akautis (goldsmith's salvation). In either case, there is a high chance of the extract rotting whatever it touches, as well as a low chance of turning the transformed unit berserk. Goldsmith's banes are found in evil biomes, and goldsmith's salvation is found in good biomes.
And that's it! If you stuck around long enough to read this whole thing, I applaud you for it. You probably had better things to do with your time.
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