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File Listing: [50.xx] Cloth Recycling
Last Updated: Sep 24, 2023, 10:48:44 pm
First Created: Jan 22, 2023, 09:50:31 pm
File version: 1.4
For DF version: 50.10
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Views: 169 (410) Type: 7Z
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Allows your dwarves to recycle fabric clothing and bags at a Clothier's workshop into lower-value "reclaimed thread" for re-use.

Also available on Steam Workshop!

Every two items recycled produces one full spool of thread, but the wear-and-tear of the process, and the mixing of different fibers, results in a lower-valued material. However, newly produced plant, silk, and yarn fabrics are now more valuable than in vanilla.

Additionally, your dwarves can also start with items made of reclaimed cloth, and you can select it during embark.

-- Important Notes --

Due to the increased value of freshly produced cloth, items made of such cloth are also more valuable; this may require changes to your embark profile!

Make sure to use stockpile links to control which items get recycled!

-- Compatibility --

This mod increases the value of animal-based fabrics, making changes to cave spiders/giant cave spiders, brown recluse spiders/spider men/giant spiders, phantom spiders, trolls, sheep, llamas, and alpacas; and adds reactions to MOUNTAIN and animal tokens to all entities.

-- Changelog --

v1.4 Corrected error in mod creature definition; removed wool pots appearing at embark; removed animal kill implication from shearing, allowing wool trade with elves.
v1.3 Stopped weird creatures from showing up as pets at embark.
v1.2 Reworked things to send little blue man home. Update may break old saves.
v1.1 Small change to allow reclaimed cloth items at embark.
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