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Goblin Cookie Regular User Sep 15, 2014, 10:17:13 am 22 8
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1  The buggy massacre of Stonemadegriffon May 31, 2022 0 0 Unrated 48 349.95 MB 0
2  Bugged file displaying conspiracy item problems. Feb 17, 2021 0.04 18 Unrated 97 213.39 MB 0
3  Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S Feb 14, 2021 1.2 3,259 Unrated 18,369 5.49 MB 7
4  GoblinCookie's Expanded Dictionary 0.6 Feb 14, 2020 0.26 366 4.0 / 5.0 1,827 525.3 KB 1
5  Kobold tower ruin crash Feb 13, 2020 0.05 40 Unrated 177 85.05 MB 0
6  Prisoner issues save file Feb 09, 2020 0.05 43 Unrated 167 80.81 MB 0
7  New release save file. Feb 01, 2020 0.05 44 Unrated 299 78.61 MB 0
8  Childkilling save Feb 22, 2019 0.05 55 Unrated 487 74.77 MB 0
9  Blocked tunnel saved Nov 20, 2018 0.04 54 Unrated 381 69.55 MB 0
10  Unstable pits save file Jul 13, 2018 0.04 53 Unrated 376 69.09 MB 0
11  Dwarves refuse to place ancient books in bookcase. Jul 09, 2018 0.04 52 Unrated 456 104.95 MB 0
12  Burning ice save file Sep 13, 2017 0.03 57 Unrated 515 65.71 MB 0
13  Children killed on reuniting with mother save. Apr 12, 2017 0.03 59 Unrated 640 156 MB 0
14  Child rescue bugged save Apr 07, 2017 0.03 54 Unrated 457 160.08 MB 0
15  Unowned items save. May 26, 2016 0.03 56 Unrated 634 67.4 MB 0
16  Inconsistant generation bugged save. Apr 09, 2016 0.03 67 Unrated 747 81.58 MB 0
17  Prisoners hostile to rescuer. Apr 08, 2016 0.03 78 Unrated 1,472 71.43 MB 1
18  Missing Save Depot file. Mar 31, 2016 0.03 62 Unrated 418 80.59 MB 0
19  Demon infested NPC fortress Mar 11, 2016 0.02 56 Unrated 577 90.36 MB 0
20  Genetically diverse gnome fort. Feb 23, 2015 0.02 63 Unrated 528 12.11 MB 0
21  Xvart Village Jan 24, 2015 0.04 118 Unrated 1,328 8.8 KB 0
22  Eternal Diagnosis loop save file. Dec 02, 2014 0.02 62 Unrated 1,185 82.3 MB 0
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted under Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S on May 15, 2022, 01:22:24 pm
This mod is *not* abandoned. I am still at work on 2.8 but progress has been slower than it might have been had I greater motivation. I had originally decided to pare down 2.8, or the "beast release" but ultimately have decided against such a course of action. Reason is that I am going to be spending alot of time turning the mod out for the Steam release and provided I can get it done on time, if the whole thing is done completely by then we will all be able to enjoy the full content while I work on updating it for the release, providing more motivation to continue. At this point I have finished integrating all the flora/fauna mods, which took way longer than it should have done (poor motivation/trauma) and started on adding in new content that is entirely mine.

An extensive list of trees has now been added, drawn pretty much from Rimworld and King Under the Mountain. The reason was I have been long annoyed by the overabundance of fruit trees in the game, many forests are basically natural orchards in DF :-). Adding more types of trees should shift the balance away from this orchard planet situation. Moving on from this, I understand that a number of creatures are referred to in describing procedurally generated monsters that do not exist in the base game. I intend to rectify this by going through monsters of a few worlds in order to create a list of such missing creatures and then add them in.

Then I am going through all the creatures in the raw files in order to check-up on everything and see to it that there is a proper giant/animal/normal set for everything that isn't a intelligent creature that comes from the Forgotten Realms. I plan to solve another issue that has been bugging me at the same time, the word-soup that occurs from having a separate word for creatures that are described in English as ADJECTIVE>NOUN. The reason for this is that in our language many creatures will full noun-names, really could be described as ADJECTIVE>NOUNS, ravens for instance could well be described as GIANT CROWS. I aim to come with a consistent taxonomy so that very similar creatures end up sharing the same noun but sufficiently different creatures do not, we can assume the differences between the creatures are described using place-names or adjectives.
comment last edited by Goblin Cookie on May 15, 2022, 01:28:50 pm
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted under Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S on Feb 14, 2021, 06:03:35 am
I had the most hilarious yesterday and it led to another bug fix. After spending hours trying to fix a non-existent bug with the medical care of grigs, the real problem I eventually found another bug because having loaded a backup I ended up with a different megabeast (their arrival seems predetermined but their identity is random). This time it was a chaos roc and I found something out rather hilarious.

It seems if you add the [FANCIFUL] and the [NATURAL] tag together into the same creature, the creature's materials do not load properly but everything else does. You end up with a creature that is both invulnerable but ALSO harmless, as since the creature is not actually *made* of anything all attacks on it simply pass through while all attacks made by the essentially imaginary creature glance off. Vadam and her dwarves spent ages throwing the roc about the place (since it weighs nothing) but doing no harm at all and suffering no harm in return.
comment last edited by Goblin Cookie on Feb 14, 2021, 06:04:07 am
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted under Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S on Feb 13, 2021, 05:28:28 am
I started playing the game again, which led as it always does to bugs being found. My Captain of the Guard, Vadam Plumpwar started complaining about how all the folks were having 'pretentious sleeping arrangements'. It seems when I equalized the mid-level positions, (so that a militia commander does not complain about a manager or the other way around but does complain about a captain) as part of adding room requirements for those nobles, I forgot to change the value for captain of the guard and then copied that value to the dungeon-master. That has now been fixed.
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted under Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S on Apr 10, 2020, 08:59:13 am
I noticed that words for D&D creatures were showing up in the names of people in my fortress dwarf civilisation and that was not supposed to happen. That led to a surprisingly lengthy period of combing through all the D&D pack files to make sure that all of them were in the [TORIL] symbol-group. I also fixed another problem I noticed, I forgot to rename the lantan gnome guns along with all the weapons; in the long run I will be simplifying guns but not this release.
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted under Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S on Mar 06, 2020, 03:25:17 pm
Because the bug with building destroyers is fixed I have released a version of the game in which [BUILDING_DESTROYER] is back in for sentient beings. Those beings have also had [NATURAL_SKILL:DAGGER:1] removed since it was messing up fortress mode training.
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted under Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S on Feb 27, 2020, 09:54:10 am
I was held up by a bug finding grind but have now managed to update to the latest version. I keep running into some instability but I am unsure if this is vanilla bugs, in any case I have spent too much time already combing for bugs largely to no avail and do not wish to spend any more time in this manner.
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 GoblinCookie's Expanded Dictionary (v 0.6)  » posted under GoblinCookie's Expanded Dictionary 0.6 on Feb 14, 2020, 01:02:19 pm
Ixitxachitl, the difficult to pronounce evil-manta ray creature from Forgotten Realms somehow managed to get it's name into this dictionary. That has now been fixed.
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted under Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S on Jan 31, 2020, 12:57:05 pm
I am informing everyone that I am *not* abandoning this mode despite my days of being the designated scapegoat of the Bay12 forum conflictual tendencies being over (aka I got banned). I will be updating it to support the recent release and for any subsequent releases. Further development is on hold however most likely until the Steam release which will hopefully have Steam workshop and allow me to have a dedicated thread for this mod.

The hardest part of updating seems to be the language, I need to comb through the words to assemble a merchant company name symbol. The rest seems just be going through the entities to add stuff in a mechanically dull fashion since there a lot of entities in this mod.

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