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File Listing: Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7S
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2021, 05:52:48 am
First Created: Jan 24, 2015, 12:24:22 pm
File version: 2.7
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 264 (3,259) Size: 5.49 MB
Views: 1,818 (18,369) Type: RAR
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This mod brings creatures from the Forgotten Realms/D&D Universe into the Dwarf Fortress Direforged one created by Knight Otu with some creature for D&D content pack as well. No creatures or content from either the vanilla DF universe or Direforged universe were actually deleted or removed, but many changes have been made to them. Among these changes are the following.

*The dictionary is greatly expanded to include a great number of technologically relevant words and to include words for the modded content also.

*Metals can be enchanted by some entities to between +1 and +5. This allows us to see +1 longswords and the ilk in DF.

*All alloys are now worth more than the metals that they were made from, this means that it is possible to make a profit from alloying different metals togethers.

*All civilizations can be traded with, which brings commercial relations in fortress mode in line with how they actually are in world-gen and adventure mode where all sites can trade with each-other. Also all factions have an civ-level [TRADE] position with which trade agreements can be made, allowing people to buy from any party they are trading with in order to potentially sell to another party at a profit.

*All entities now have weapons of an appropriate size for their original creature.

*All creatures that are not underground ones have natural skill swimming 1. This is so they will actually live to learn swimming skills in the first place. Cave humanoids (like trogylodytes) have swimming innate because of how difficult it is to make your way through the caverns without swimming bodies of water. Intelligent humanoids also normally have at least a basic skill with discipline and dagger to make civilians not so defenseless in adventure mode. All predators have basic unarmed skills to make them more dangerous, since a fight between a naked human and lion should not last very long.

*The names of some default creatures were changed so as to distinguish them from their D&D counterparts.

*All underground humanoids except for animal people now belong to cave-based entities as well as a layer linked one. All non-animal people on the surface were also assigned to a shared entity with one of the other races, though no entities were actually added.

*(Dire) Goblins are no longer perpetual motion machines; they have to eat and drink like other living things, which checks their numbers.

*All entities are now adventure mode playable, including the 'baddies'.

*All creatures which have genders have an unique caste name for easier management in the trade interface mostly and also legends mode.

*The array of jobs available to entities has now been increased and now follows a coherent economic logic, so the jobs are built around the available reactions and the resources presumably available to the creatures in their environment.

*Humanoids have all been given lockpicker in order that locked doors cannot be used to defend against invaders indefinitely. Traps will also not work against them so you cannot use trap lined hallways to destroy invaders without a fight. All but the smallest humanoids have building destroyer so they can smash their way through doors

*Everyone has the ability to turn their backpack into a sack. This is a less than ideal solution to the problem that the default backpacks given to adventurers do not scale to fit the creature that is wearing it.

*Made creature behavior somewhat more realistic: predatory animals dangerous to people are no longer found in non-savage biomes and are far more cowardly, tending to flee when seriously injured like is realistic. Missing [BENIGN] tags added so that creatures that should not be fighting with people should not do so. Means that adventurers should not go running after normal wildlife and killing them for no reason.

*Adds in missing hairstyles for the base entities and creatures.

*Underground plants that are edible raw can now be harvested in Adventure Mode.

*Creatures that are dangerous to humanoids are all considered to be [SAVAGE] in order to keep them from attacking the adventurer in densely population civilized areas. However for this reason it is very important to play at maximum savagery level to make sure there are plenty of such creatures.

*All entities that have an ETHIC that is not unfavorable to [THEFT] steal items, not just kobolds. The new Dark fortress civilizations also steal babies as well just like the vanilla goblins do, with the exception of the itarin since they do not produce food.

*All entities now have variable values not just humans, with the center point being a value that is appropriate for the nature of the entity in question and 30 points of deviation either way.

In 1385 DR, as the Spellplague began an unknown group of wizards, feeling their powers fading away and Toril headed (it seemed) to certain destruction attempting one last desperate spell. They opened hundreds of portals to a new world that they sensed drifting between Toril and the Feywild and through these portals fled an unknown number of groups of people seeking to escape what seemed to them was the end of the world.

As the Spellplagued continued however, the structure of the universe upon which the unknown wizards had constructed their portals fell apart. The new world hurtled into the Feywild and the portals that led to Toril exploded with magical energy, immolating everything for miles around. Perhaps the majority of the groups that left Toril perished in the explosion but some were lucky. Some of the various wizards, sorcerers, clerics, druids and favoured ones among the population had the forsight to attempt to use their power to close the portals when they first began to spurt deadly energies.

The effort killed them all, but their sacrifice saved their peoples from destruction. In time they would become the gods of the new world, the colonists elevated them to the status of godhood and a whole mythology was pieced together based upon what little was remembered about their often rather ordinary lives. The survivers were left stranded on a new world and with no way back they set themselves to the task of survival. The new world was in general lush and bountiful so few of the colonists starved, but dark creatures stalked the earth and wilderness seeking prey......

Some colonists however had not been so lucky. While the magical storms that had destroyed them all subsided in time and the portals that were at their centre now led to another place and that place was the Feywild itself. Large numbers of fey creatures began to migrate into the world also, but a dark empire of the fomorians saw the opportunity to annex the world to their vast domain. Trapped deep beneath the new world surface was a portal to the Lower Planes and through this portal had emerged a horde of fiends, colonising the centre of the world as their own domain.

The fomorians reasoned that they had the advantage over the natives, the colonists and the other fey alike; but powerful Archfey, presently absent would certainly intervene to save it eventually, but only if the portals into the Feywild were not sealed. However the fomorians had seen what had happened to the colonists spellcasters when they attempted to seal their portals; they had died. So the Fomorians formed a pact with the fiends beneath the earth, in return for allowing a small group of them to reach the surface they would help them seal the portals. The fiends kept their side of the bargain and then promptly turned against those they had dealt with, carving the fomorian outposts that they not immediately destroy among themselves with ease as soon as the effects of the spellplague reached the new world and robbed the fomorians of magic. Naturally they killed all among the fomorians with spellcasting abilities and many other evil races embraced the newly arrived demons as their rulers.

The world had not been uninhabited when the portals had opened. There were many natives living there already but these had been held of little account by the colonists from Toril, since they lacked the reliable magic that the colonists had at their disposal their prospects for long-term independant survival looked grim. But now the colonists and fey lacked such magic also their prospects looked far better and the most advanced among them were the dwarves and the mountain gnomes......

Civilized Races.

Rock Gnomes. (fully playable)
Lantan Gnomes. (fully playable)
Shield Dwarves (fully playable)
Gold Dwarves (fully playable)
Sun Elves (fully playable)
Moon Elves (fully playable)
Star Elves (fully playable)
Wood Elves
Wild Elves
Gray Orcs
Forest Trolls
Lightfoot Halflings.
Ghostwise Halflings.
Strongheart Halflings.
Dekanter goblins.
Forest Gnomes.
Yak Folk
Deep Halflings.
Hill Giants
Frost Giants
Fire Giants
Cloud Giants
Storm Giants
Stone Giants
Artic Dwarves
Wild Dwarves
Chultan Dwarves
Desert Dwarves

(Wing) Harpies.
Foul Blendecs.

(Fortress) Dwarves. (fully playable)
(Feral) Elves. (fully playable)
Mountain Gnomes. (fully playable)
Humans (fully playable)
Skyhak'Ur (fully playable)
Dark Gnomes.
(Dire) Goblins.
(Howling) Ogres.
Blind Cave Ogres.
Plump Helmet Men.
Ant Men.
Amphibian Men.
Serpent Men.
Reptile Men.
Rodent Men.
Tower Hobgoblins.
Carmine Fey
(Cave) Kobolds.

Version: 2.7A
*Added D&D elves.
*Added some missing plurals to certain words.

Version: 2.7B
*The new elves now only have biome support for rivers, lakes and oceans like the regular elves and most civs.
*Harpies now are not [KILL_NEUTRAL:REQUIRED] like other forest retreat civs and do not have cave creatures+crops+wood.

Version: 2.7C
*Drow can no longer use [GOOD] names.

Version: 2.7D
*Added missing [SITE] tokens to Duergar entity.

Version: 2.7E
*Added layer-linked drow entity.
*Added layer-linked orog entity.
*Added cave-based orog entity.
*Added the missing [SITE] token to sisters of Synnoria.

Version: 2.7F
*Removed duplicate [ASSERTIVE] language tokens in Drow.
*Made the new orog and drow layer-linked entities from the previous release actually work and not crash the game.

Version: 2.7G
*Fixed missing layer-linked entity creatures by adding missing required creature info.

Version: 2.7H
*Fixed troll entity.

Version: 2.7I
*ACTUALLY fixed troll entity.

Version: 2.7J
*Finally tracked down and dealt with a bug that was causing large and sometimes medium worlds to crash.
*Fixed incorrectly capitalised GRAY in the language file.

Version: 2.7K
*Implemented population control measures for giants while boosting certain low-performing civs as well.
*Added missing orchards to a number of forest retreat civilizations.
*D&D kobolds are now long [ITEM_THIEF] but a few extra cavern based civs.

Version: 2.7L
*Renamed resized items to a non-numerical, if arbitrary adjectives.

Version: 2.7M
*Renamed some items that were missed in 2.7L.

Version: 2.7N
*Updated to Version 47.03.
*Overhauled currencies to be more diverse and varied.
*Removed entities from all dark fortress civs, due to bug. Dark pits civilizations had to be made unplayable as a result.
*Added missing [SKULKING] tag to cave-based orog civ.

Version: 2.7O
*Updated to Version 47.04.
*Put building destroyer back in for sentient beings.
*Removed dagger skill from natural skills of sentient beings.

Version: 2.7P
*Made sure that all the D&D creatures are in the [TORIL] symbol-group.
*Word for menstruate is now in [GYNIC] and [GESTATION] symbol-group.
*Lantan Gnome guns and the ammo is now gnome-sized rather than Size X.

Version: 2.7Q
*Added back in the positions for dark fortress civilizations, they are now fully [CHAT_WORTHY] unlike before.
*Integrated file changes for Version 47_05.
*Wood opals now only appear in sedimentary rock layers, since they are actually a form of petrified wood.

Version: 2.7R
*Made Captains of the Guard and Dungeon Masters actually equal with other mid-level positions.

Version: 2.7S
*Made sure there are no [FANCIFUL] creatures that were also [NATURAL] as this was causing invulnerable but also harmless creatures to exist.
*Added in missing [FANCIFUL] tags to modded megabeasts and semimegabeasts.

1. Knight Otu for Direforged.
2. Hexatona for Amusing Dwarf Fortress Languages
3. Sackhead for More Leather mod
4. Button for Expanded Plants
5. Lovechild for All Races Playable
6. Teneb for D&D Content Pack
7. Jake for Black Powder Firearms
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Goblin Cookie on Jan 31, 2020, 12:57:05 pm
I am informing everyone that I am *not* abandoning this mode despite my days of being the designated scapegoat of the Bay12 forum conflictual tendencies being over (aka I got banned). I will be updating it to support the recent release and for any subsequent releases. Further development is on hold however most likely until the Steam release which will hopefully have Steam workshop and allow me to have a dedicated thread for this mod.

The hardest part of updating seems to be the language, I need to comb through the words to assemble a merchant company name symbol. The rest seems just be going through the entities to add stuff in a mechanically dull fashion since there a lot of entities in this mod.
IP: logged
 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Goblin Cookie on Feb 27, 2020, 09:54:10 am
I was held up by a bug finding grind but have now managed to update to the latest version. I keep running into some instability but I am unsure if this is vanilla bugs, in any case I have spent too much time already combing for bugs largely to no avail and do not wish to spend any more time in this manner.
IP: logged
 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Goblin Cookie on Mar 06, 2020, 03:25:17 pm
Because the bug with building destroyers is fixed I have released a version of the game in which [BUILDING_DESTROYER] is back in for sentient beings. Those beings have also had [NATURAL_SKILL:DAGGER:1] removed since it was messing up fortress mode training.
IP: logged
 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Goblin Cookie on Apr 10, 2020, 08:59:13 am
I noticed that words for D&D creatures were showing up in the names of people in my fortress dwarf civilisation and that was not supposed to happen. That led to a surprisingly lengthy period of combing through all the D&D pack files to make sure that all of them were in the [TORIL] symbol-group. I also fixed another problem I noticed, I forgot to rename the lantan gnome guns along with all the weapons; in the long run I will be simplifying guns but not this release.
IP: logged
 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Goblin Cookie on Feb 13, 2021, 05:28:28 am
I started playing the game again, which led as it always does to bugs being found. My Captain of the Guard, Vadam Plumpwar started complaining about how all the folks were having 'pretentious sleeping arrangements'. It seems when I equalized the mid-level positions, (so that a militia commander does not complain about a manager or the other way around but does complain about a captain) as part of adding room requirements for those nobles, I forgot to change the value for captain of the guard and then copied that value to the dungeon-master. That has now been fixed.
IP: logged
 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Goblin Cookie on Feb 14, 2021, 06:03:35 am
I had the most hilarious yesterday and it led to another bug fix. After spending hours trying to fix a non-existent bug with the medical care of grigs, the real problem I eventually found another bug because having loaded a backup I ended up with a different megabeast (their arrival seems predetermined but their identity is random). This time it was a chaos roc and I found something out rather hilarious.

It seems if you add the [FANCIFUL] and the [NATURAL] tag together into the same creature, the creature's materials do not load properly but everything else does. You end up with a creature that is both invulnerable but ALSO harmless, as since the creature is not actually *made* of anything all attacks on it simply pass through while all attacks made by the essentially imaginary creature glance off. Vadam and her dwarves spent ages throwing the roc about the place (since it weighs nothing) but doing no harm at all and suffering no harm in return.
comment last edited by Goblin Cookie on Feb 14, 2021, 06:04:07 am
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 Forgotten Realms Direforged Mod 2.7 (v 2.7)  » posted by Goblin Cookie on May 15, 2022, 01:22:24 pm
This mod is *not* abandoned. I am still at work on 2.8 but progress has been slower than it might have been had I greater motivation. I had originally decided to pare down 2.8, or the "beast release" but ultimately have decided against such a course of action. Reason is that I am going to be spending alot of time turning the mod out for the Steam release and provided I can get it done on time, if the whole thing is done completely by then we will all be able to enjoy the full content while I work on updating it for the release, providing more motivation to continue. At this point I have finished integrating all the flora/fauna mods, which took way longer than it should have done (poor motivation/trauma) and started on adding in new content that is entirely mine.

An extensive list of trees has now been added, drawn pretty much from Rimworld and King Under the Mountain. The reason was I have been long annoyed by the overabundance of fruit trees in the game, many forests are basically natural orchards in DF :-). Adding more types of trees should shift the balance away from this orchard planet situation. Moving on from this, I understand that a number of creatures are referred to in describing procedurally generated monsters that do not exist in the base game. I intend to rectify this by going through monsters of a few worlds in order to create a list of such missing creatures and then add them in.

Then I am going through all the creatures in the raw files in order to check-up on everything and see to it that there is a proper giant/animal/normal set for everything that isn't a intelligent creature that comes from the Forgotten Realms. I plan to solve another issue that has been bugging me at the same time, the word-soup that occurs from having a separate word for creatures that are described in English as ADJECTIVE>NOUN. The reason for this is that in our language many creatures will full noun-names, really could be described as ADJECTIVE>NOUNS, ravens for instance could well be described as GIANT CROWS. I aim to come with a consistent taxonomy so that very similar creatures end up sharing the same noun but sufficiently different creatures do not, we can assume the differences between the creatures are described using place-names or adjectives.
comment last edited by Goblin Cookie on May 15, 2022, 01:28:50 pm

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