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File Listing: Plants Bugfix/Minor Mod
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2015, 10:50:23 am
First Created: Jul 29, 2014, 11:47:39 am
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A minor/bugfix mod for people who want to play vanilla DF, but without all the broken plants.

This version should be appropriate for any release from 0.40.14-0.40.24.

Additions for the most recent version are marked in red.

Bug Fixes
  • All but one of the new (0.40.x) plants are now usable in fortress mode!
  • Fixed double strawberry items
  • Seed pods picked in any mode can now be opened for their seeds.
  • Feather tree eggs are harvestable in fortress mode, and are solid/not drinkable in adventure mode.
  • Tree nuts are harvestable in fortress mode, and there are reactions to hull them in both fortress and adventure mode.
  • Plants with growths that don't drop seeds (e.g. lettuce, onion) can be processed to bag like quarry bushes, making their seeds obtainable. This is now working again.
  • Made the usable part of the plump helmet the helmet, so that they can be picked in adventure mode. As a result, plump helmets are now brewed as fruits. In fortress mode, a plump helmet fungus which has already had its helmets harvested displays as a purple 'broken arrow' graphic.

Remaining Bugs
  • Papyrus is still useless, as paper isn't implemented yet in vanilla DF.

Grain Implementation Changes
  • Grain alcohols and flours are created from seedhead growths, which are usually called 'ears,' 'panicles,' 'heads' or 'spikes.'
  • Brewing or milling seedheads does not produce seeds.
  • Seedhead growths can be threshed to produce plantable seeds. Threshing grain generates 2-3 seeds per plant. Once threshed, the seeds cannot be brewed or milled.
  • Seedhead growths for most plants are currently available only during the autumn harvest season.
  • Cave wheat is now a grain, and dwarven beer a grain alcohol.
  • Longland grass is now a grain, and longland beer a grain alcohol.

New uses for existing plants
  • Grape leaves are now edible cooked.
  • Added cassava flour.
  • Added saguaro wine and oat beer.
  • Flax and blood amaranth plants are now edible.
  • Pig tail stalks and rope reed blades can be spun to thread in adventure mode. Pineapple leaves, cotton bolls, banana leaves, abaca leaves, and kapok seed pods can be spun to thread in both adventure and fortress modes.
  • Added oils, soaps, pastes and press cakes for pine nuts, hazelnuts, candlenuts, kapok seeds, coconut seeds, apricot pits, almonds, and paradise nuts.
  • Added oil, soap and press cakes for avocados.

Growth timing/season changes
  • Adjusted cotton's flowering & crop seasons to match real life values.

  • Disabling the hardcoded milling reaction for grain plants had the unintended side effect of preventing grain flours from being available for purchase as trade goods. (You should still be able to export them just fine.)
  • Disabling the hardcoded plant processing reaction for cotton had the unintended side effect of preventing cotton fiber & fabric from being available for purchase as trade goods. Pineapple plant fiber fabric is also affected. (You should still be able to export them just fine.)

Plug-And-Play Tileset Variations Included
  • Default ASCII
  • Phoebus
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