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File Listing: [0.40.24] DF Wanderer (Release 14) - Graphics
Last Updated: Apr 07, 2015, 05:41:40 pm
First Created: Jul 21, 2014, 12:26:05 am
File version: R14
For DF version: 0.40.24
Downloads: 821 (1,943) Size: 11.12 MB
Views: 3,491 (5,636) Type: ZIP
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I am back from vacation! Why did nobody update anything like Wander's friend yet? Here you go, my own mod in the same theme.
More to come later, I just returned from my 3-week vacation and it took me 2 days to get back home.

Mod Features

- More threats for NPC to choose from.
- More greetings/profession/family etc text for dialogues.
- More race-related insults.

Body/material modifications:
- Small creatures have weaker body materials, bigger creatures have tougher body materials.
- There are different tiers of skin/chitin/scale, all of them tannable: weak skin, skin, tough skin, chitin, scale, dragonscale.
- 6 different appropriate levels of tanned leather: suede, leather, hide, chitin, scale, dragonscale.
- Scales are tannable now.
- Fat tissues feel no pain.
- Pain from broken bones is reduced.
- Added healing rates to additional tissues.
- Removed "bone" layer from fingers/toes to reduce pass outs from broken fingers.

Creature modifications:
- Humans, elves, dwarves, goblins and kobolds receive bigger non-binocular vision arc for harder stealth.
- Humans, elves and goblins get default lvl1 discipline, dwarves get lvl2.
- Megabeasts get legendary discipline, NOFEAR and NOPAIN, semimegabeasts get high discipline.
- Many animals get DISCIPLINE skill.
- A bunch of natural predators get NOFEAR.
- Animalman population is greatly reduced to give space to normal animal spawns.

Weapon modifications:
- Bows and crossbows are weaker.
- Arrows are sharper but slower, bolts are faster/penetrate better.

Adventure mode crafting:
- Bonecarving: ability to make bone arrows, bolts, amulets/rings/bracelets/earrings, bow, crutches, breastplate/helm, spear/dagger
- Cooking: salad making from leaves.
- Decorating: ability to decorate with spikes/rings/bands of bone/horn/large gem/small gem/teeth
- Leatherworking: ability to tan raw skins, craft leather+bone shields, sew backpacks/cloaks/armors/caps/boots
- Refitting: You can use a leather piece to refit a cap/helm/breastplate/mail shirt/leggings/greaves to your size.

Entity modifications:
- Goblins are adventure mode playable now.
- Humans stylize and maintain their hair too.

Plant changes:
- Leaf-to-bag reaction now leaves seeds.
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