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File Listing: Civilization Forge - Frost Giant Citadel
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2009, 10:39:51 am
File version: 1.0
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The Frost Giant Citadel is a variant of the Civilization Forge mod.

Installation: copy these files into your raw/objects folder in Dwarf Fortress. Your existing games may crash with this, so I'd reccommend a fresh copy of DF in a new folder.

IMPORTANT: You will need to generate a new world to see most of the changes in this mod. This includes previous versions of the Civilization Forge mod!!

As this mod is a varient of the Civilization Forge mod, please see the Civilization Forge mod readme for the changes that this mod makes to Dwarf Fortress. There are quite a lot of them.

Feel free to join the discussion over at the Dwarf Fortress Forums


The Frost Giant Citidel variant replaces Dwarves with the Frost Giants as the playable civ in Fortress Mode. The Frost Giants are a cruel but honorable people, spending thier lives in frozen tundras and glaciers of the world. Here they create great citidels, often made of ice. They are hunters, ranchers, and fishers, known more for thier battle prowess than thier crafting ability. They honor strength and courage over all, and generally look down on the lesser races of the world.

Frost giants are twice as large as dwarves, and therefore both do more damage and take less damage in combat. With thier larger weapons they can send enemies flying off the screen. However, thier sense of honor forbids them from using missile weapons, and they cannot make them. And, as Frost Giants are natural predators, their peasants (but not craftsmen) will serve as an impromptu militia. They will attack any hostile creatures that get close to them. This is quite useful against thieves, but quite dangerous againt invading forces.

In this same vein, Frost Giants do not farm. They will do some herbalism to get plants to brew (though they do not require booze the way dwarves do), but they do not do any processing or milling. Most of thier food should come from hunting or ranching, and fishing if flowing water is available. They can weave thread to cloth, and dye it, but must import the materials from traders.

Please note that while I have done as much as I could to make the game Giant oriented, much of Fortress mode is hard-coded to assume dwarves. The embark message and all of the diplomatic messages will all still refer to your people as Dwarves.

New Materials:
This mod adds in two new metals to the game.
Pykrete - A mixture of ice and wood pulp, Pykrete can be almost as strong as concrete. While normally pykrete would melt like ice, the Frost Giants can use thier ice-aligned nature to keep items made of Pykrete from melting inside. It would still melt on a hot map, however. Pykrete makes mediocre armor and weapons, but it's main ingredient is abundent in the colder regions of the world, and wood is cheap to acquire. Also, it requires no fule to create (though shaping it at the forge still does).
Wintersteel - The elemental properties of the rare Rime berry, coupled with cut Frost Crystals and ice can be used to create Wintersteel. This metal is nearly as strong as steel, and quite valuable. Like Pykrete, it requires no fule to create (though shaping it at the forge still does).

Note that while these two metals are both solid at room temperature, the raw ingredient of ice is not. Therefore, you will need an outdoor smelter to create these two metals.

Removed Material
Incendium - Being Ice-aligned creatures, Frost Giants will not create or use Incendium. Elementium, like-wise, is modified to use Ward Crystals instead of Fire Hearts.
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