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File Listing: Plump Helmet Man Overgrowth: The Uprising
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2015, 02:05:08 pm
First Created: Oct 25, 2013, 08:59:13 am
File version: 0.04
For DF version: 0.40.19
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Views: 225 (824) Type: ZIP
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This mod adds Plump Helmet Men as domestic pets for dwarves. The new-and-improved Plump Helmet Men are trainable vermin hunters, and most importantly, they are delicious! They can be slaughtered and eaten, and their 'meat' can be brewed into valuable and delicious Plump Helmet Man wine.

But beware...Plump Helmet Men are smart and resentful. If you let them outnumber you, they may turn the tables on your dwarves, picking fights with stragglers, covertly murdering civilians in their sleep, even causing themselves to rot with the intention of driving your dwarves insane. Can you keep these mushrooms under control, or will you succumb to the Overgrowth?

To install, simply place the three files into your raw folder. Plump Helmet Man Overgrowth is designed as an addition to Vanilla DF, but should work alongside any normal mod.

Version history:
Initial release: PHM can be butchered and brewed, and rebel if they outnumber your dwarves.
0.02: Certain buggy functions removed in order to make the PHM smarter. PHM made into vermin hunters and can be trained.
0.03: Spore Thralls added. PHM may plant spores in your dwarves' brains to convert them to their side.
0.04: Updated for DF2014. Spore thralls removed.
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SHA-256: 3fffd01f9ad8bbeb74dbcda58ea94f11932a094f43469c977e8dec0e433a8dfe
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