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File Listing: Succubus Dungeon
Last Updated: Jun 02, 2020, 06:53:35 am
First Created: Mar 20, 2013, 02:03:24 pm
File version: 17.1
For DF version: 0.47.04
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Succubus Dungeon

Succubus Dungeon is a mod for vanilla and Masterwork Dwarf Fortress featuring a new evil civ.


* A new race.
* Fast and fire immune citizens.
* Generate magma anywhere, make magma forges, traps, waterfalls...
* Generating slade blocks to build an authentic demonic spire.
* Capture invaders and turn them into half demons.
* Summon powerful creatures to your side, some are intelligent and can join your military.
* Give magic powers to your select citizens.


* Install Dwarf Fortress with dfhack, using a starter pack is recommended.
* Extract the archive in your DF folder, overwrite files when asked.
* Generate a new world and select a succubus civ to play.

### Selecting your race at the embark screen
* Press tab before embarking until seeing a list of civilization names.
* Press + and - to chose a civ that uses the cabinet tile (π) to display its colonies on the map.
* Pressing tab again until seeing the list of neighbors will confirm your choice, your selected race is the first one.

See the included readme for more information about how to play.

Latest changes
+ Simplified civ values a bit and added variations
+ The civ is now more likely to generate guilds
+ Made the magma well initialization more reliable.
+ Abyssal Gravity users now propel enemies away, in a strong single and weaker multi target versions.

+ New creature to summon: Lost Souls and Pain elementals! Inspired by Doom.
- Old Pain Elementals has been renamed tormented souls.
- Lost Soul fly at good speed and bite the enemy.
- Pain elementals are slow and bulky. They can spit both types of souls for more chaos.
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