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File Listing: Lazy Newb Pack - V18.3 (unofficial) Source Code
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2014, 09:05:29 am
First Created: Feb 26, 2013, 11:52:54 pm
File version: V18.3 (Unofficial)
For DF version: Multiple
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Views: 2,001 (8,052) Type: ZIP
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Expanded utilities interface, you can now select utilities to run on launch.
Now also supports .bat scripts.

Modified a few tool-tips to be more informative;
Population Cap, Child Cap, Weather, Temperature, G-FPS

GUI options are now remembered when changing graphics.

Support for multiple Dwarf Fortress installs.
If multiple Dwarf Fortress versions are located in the launchers directory you will be prompted to chose one when launching the GUI.
Init and d_Init options, keybindings, graphics, startup utilities and GUI close on launch settng are handled seperatly per DF installation.
This allows one installation of the GUI, utilities, graphics packs and keybindings to serve a number of DF installs.

The contents of the Folders and Links dropdown menus are now fully customisable and are configured in LNPWin.txt

Now displays the currently installed graphics in the graphics tab.

Added three additional buttons;
Entomb Pets (Yes/No), Artifacts(Yes/No) and close on launch (Yes/No)

Seperated Display and gameplay options.

Updated options menu

Reworked utility list

Tweaked graphics interface

Updated advanced options menu

Version selection dialog

V16.1 - Made the utility list look a lot nicer
V16.2 - Fixed a problem with remembering utilities to launch on startup, fixed a typo.
V17.0 - GUI options are now remembered when changing graphics.
V17.1 - Graphics tab now shows current graphics. Utilities tab no longer shows file extensions. Added support for multiple DF installs.
V17.2 - Folders and Links dropdown menus are now fully customisable.
V18.0 - Display options seperated out from gameplay options. Added Entomb Pets and Artifacts buttons. Added close on launch button (setting remembered per DF install). Tweaked some tooltips. Startup utilities now remembered per DF install.
V18.1 - Double clicking on items in the utility list will no longer toggle their check state and will instead correctly launch the utility. Updated version information in help/about dialog.
V18.2 - Utilities list now supports .bat scripts.
V18.3 - Various bug fixes.
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