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File Listing: Lucelle Weapons and Armour (0.40.xx)
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2014, 03:51:44 am
First Created: Nov 03, 2012, 11:44:16 pm
File version: 1.6a
For DF version: Multiple
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Updated for 0.40

Adds in 173 new weapons, boots, helms, shields and armours to your game. Comes with a document containing all the [TAGS] so you can add them to your entities easily.

patch 1.6a
Added Guandao
Altered musket, pistol and arquebus to be more consistent in their stats, and to be a little stronger

patch 1.6
Added bill bec-de-bardiche glaive-guisarme, khopesh, taiaha, pouwhenua, tewhatewha, quarterstaff, tao, patu, hoeroa, kotiate, maripi, mere, toki,

patch 1.5
Added gong, qiang, jian, dun, yue, nu, dao, fu, ji, chui, changdao, dingjia, lamellar cuirass, hanfu, beizi, changsham, cheongsam, daopao, shenyi, ruqun, pien fu, tangzhuang, ming helmet, yuan helmet, qing helmet

patch 1.4

Rebalanced most of the weapons (some of these stats were a little ....inconsistent)
Added kris, barong, punal, kampilan, knobkerrie, kibaranyembe, sallet, kettle helm, macuahuitl, atlatl

patch 1.3

Added gjermundbu, khula khud, bazu, chichak, kimono, zirah baktar, zirah, zirah kula, dastana, shamshir, yatagan, pulwar, kilij

patch 1.2

[ATTACK_PREPARE_AND_RECOVER:A:B] given variation so bigger, heavier weapons are a little more unweildy, and small light weapons such as pugio or tanto are quicker
Added chain coif, heater shield, kite shield, round shield, sari, cleaver, sickle, atgeir, xiphos, falchion, sabaton

Hello. Ever wanted to put your adventurer in accurate fullplate armour consisting of a variety of different knight helms, cuirass, upper and lower cannons, pauldrons, cuisse, poleyn and greaves, tassets and fauld? How about a samurai with mempo, kabuto, sode, kusazuri, o-yoroi, yari, sandals, and kote?
How about using a zweihander, kilij, panabas, flintlock musket, flamberge, serrated longsword, xiphos, pugio, epee, corseque or nagamaki to slay your foes?
Then, please enjoy my mod. I've made tons of my own accurate (hopefully) weapons and armour (mostly weapons) and would like to share them with you. I've even thrown in a file with weapons and armour tags so you can quickly add them to your entities (ex. [WEAPON:ITEM_WEAPON_GUISARME])

If you notice anything wrong, or serious balance issues, please tell me.

The musket, arquebus and flintlock pistol are modified versions of the ones found in the Black Powder Firearms mod.
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