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File Listing: Scorpius Race and Blowgun mod
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2012, 12:49:39 pm
First Created: Jun 22, 2012, 01:40:09 am
File version: 0.711
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 79 (83) Size: 19.3 KB
Views: 1,303 (1,336) Type: 7Z
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Adds my playable Scorpius race civilization to Dwarf Fortress along with new types of blowguns and 2 new pets
read readme below

copy the raw folder at the base level of dwarf fortress 34.11
requires my included blowgun mod and to minor mods
wanderer adventure mod 0.76 and Grim Grimoire v0.6 (best to manually merge added features from mods

thanks to kwd1968 for help on fixing errors when I first started mod, many who have helped my out with my mod, and modders in the community that I have borrowed ideas from.
This has be in development for a while and features a Giant humanoid scorpion like that shares some biological features as scorpions including no skeleton only layers of exoskeleton.
(dense tendons that have equal resistant as outer layer I have recently added to fix nerves being severed to easily and make them handle world gen better)

My new interactions don't work yet if anyone can help me fix up they I would be greatful.
Still need to figure out how to convert any data I can find some I can create some toxic materials to cast spells with.
Nerfs to come and changes to come :P.
interactions not working yet plus I need to create or find a inorganics for the poisonmancer spells. Current State of interactions outside of the raw folder.
Version 0.711 currently

(note the scorpius race has a tendency of becoming necromancers because of their gods of death and are powerful enough to rip the arms off an unarmored dwarf)

change log
June 22 2012 made so adjustments to Scorpius Venom and material template files
fixed the remaining error in body details
.... some other things I might of forgot *basically nerfed the scorpius and add added stuff to venom and adjusted the venom to make more interesting (the venom is not meant to be to lethal but is debilitating and painful)
1 hour later fixed typos in material_template_scorpius file and nerfed it down a bit
Raw Data: JSON / Text
Checksum / Hash
SHA-256: 3500f7434f66886aa8a4a955758f8f4028b3dbf7e84a6154d12f6035fe01d55f
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