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File Listing: [0.34.11] "Fallout Mod" ASCII (v.2.7)
Last Updated: May 31, 2014, 08:46:04 am
First Created: Apr 05, 2012, 03:06:38 pm
File version: 2.7
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 747 (3,323) Size: 16.69 MB
Views: 5,801 (10,858) Type: ZIP
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Post-Apocalypse mod, a successor of the Wasteland mod.

For the more info go here:

Fallout mod 2.7
- Removed .bak files causing crashes.

Fallout mod 2.6
- Changed DF window name back to "Dwarf fortress" for Dwarf Therapist to work.
- Fixed adventure mode reaction to craft power helmet (used to use old tactical helmet material).
- Renamed months to January-December.
- Renamed quivers to bandoliers.

Fallout mod 2.5
1) Changes to the .exe file to fix some hardcoded naming:
- Changed main menu to persuade people not to use "basic" worldgen.
- Changed multiple instances of "fortress/dwarf fortress" to Vault/Vault-Tec.
- Changed "forest retreat" to "encampment".
- Coke renamed to "fuel" (to go along with biofuel and other reactions).
- Alchemy skill renamed to "Chemist".
2) Reworked crafting tree. Custom "gem cutter" reactions are now all performed by "mechanic" labor.
3) Computer parts changed to "circuit board", robot frame changed to "frame". Frames are used in a few recipes.
4) "Screws and nails" renamed to "fasteners".
5) "Thermal lance" renamed to "power lance" (there's nothing thermal in it, just mechanical bayonet springing from the handle).
6) New building "assembly line" which takes some of tinker's workbench reactions and adds new:
- "Print circuit board" from glass and wiring.
- Energy cells of 4 types: alkaline (zinc+pyrolusite), AL-air (aluminum), galvanic (zinc+copper) and lead (lead+sulfur).
- Chainsaw, chainsword, powerfist, power lance, power armor/PA mk2, ripper, super sledge and tactical helm assembly.
- Frames, fuel and fasteners can be used to make flamethrowers.
7) Power armor can be made from bronze, iron, plasteel and steel. PA MK2 is an upgrade to normal PA (uses same material).
8 ) Tactical helm replaced with "power helm", it's made together with power armor now.
9) Flamethrower/power armor/power helmet no longer have their effects assigned to the material, it's assigned to item type now.
10) Wiring can be made from aluminum, copper, gold and silver.
11) Eyebot, clap-trap, protectron, securitron and robobrain making reactions no longer require a creature. They spawn a robot from items. Cyberdog still requires a dog.
12) Added mr. Handy creation. Mr. Handy upgrades (to mr. Farmy, mr. Gutsy or mr. Sturdy) are more reliable now.
13) New adventurer "starting packs": exterminator, gunslinger, punk.
1) Tweaked some big animal populations.
2) New itemsyndrome plugin version by Putnam (to apply effects from weapons/clothing only when they are worn/removed) which causes much less CPU load.
3) Tactical helmets now properly boost skills (2x skill roll 50% of times).

Fallout mod 2.2
- Updated Falconne's plugins; no more crashes on right-clicks on workshops.
- Biofuel refinery now produces coke from any amount of booze in the barrel.
- Hazmat making now creates 1 suit properly (but it now requires synth-reed cloth AND computer parts to make them).

Fallout mod 2.1
- addressed fortress-born size bug (all body sizes are static).
- dogs are bigger, mantises are smaller, bloatflies are smaller.
- ravens will try to steal from your food stockpiles.

Fallout mod 2.0
- Reinforced ceramic is armor-grade metal which can be made into couple of things.
- Arc furnace: You can now make reinforced ceramic out of borax, sulfur and coal.
- Arc furnace: You can now smelt quartzite into clear glass.

Fallout mod 1.9

- New synth-reed cloth, polyester, is fire immune.
- Drug making reactions are more cost-efficient.
- All crafting components are moved from "instrument" to "tool" type (holodisks, blueprints, parts etc).

- Added explosive and napalm block making into chemistry lab (for catapults).
-- Explosive blocks (10) require a saltpeter, a sulfur and an ash bar.
-- Napalm blocks (10) require a barrel/pot/jug of oil and saltpeter.

- Radioactive rain causes fever. All cloud/dust storm types affect people only if inhaled.
- Reduced severity of toxin poisoning in chem lab accidents.
- Power armor protects from inhaled syndromes, dust storms, suffocation and radioactive rain.
- Power armor's in-built stimpacks protect from passing out from pain.
- You can make hazmat suits from synth-reed in chemical lab. They protect from inhaled syndromes, dust storms, suffocation and radioactive rain.
- Use hazmat suits to work in chemical lab and virology. Give them to scavengers to work under radioactive rain.
- You can find hazmat suits in military, geo and medical crates.

- Toes and fingers no longer stick out. No more finger chopping, but:
-- No more finger wrestling.
-- No more elite warriors passing out from broken toe.
-- No more silly deaths from nail infections.
-- Etc.

Fallout mod 1.8
- Adventurers can now mine/chop/scavenge/build. Press Ctrl-X to bring up a menu.
- Adventure mode "action crafting" has been reworked to fit the new system.
- Press Numpad0 to skip a turn/wait.
- Adventurers can build just a few of fort mode workshops, but they have their own.
- Adventurers now can chop down scrap piles and scavenge them for necessary items.
- Scrap piles contain various useful items required for building and production of new custom workshops.
- Scrap piles may contain geo, medical, military and pre-war crates.
-- Geo crates have useful items, portable chemistry stations and scrap metal.
-- Medical crates have drugs.
-- Pre-war crates have items for tinkering and assembly line.
-- Military crates may contain flamethrowers, power armor, tactical helmets and grenades.

- Power armor now boosts strength and toughness.
- New helm: tactical helmet. Boosts skills when worn. Can be crafted in fortress mode in tinker's workbench or found in adventure mode.
- Four types of grenades: sticky, incendiary, napalm and smoke.
- When you wear power armor/flamethrower, travel 1 map square and walk a bit to get flamethrowing and armor boosts.

- New workshops for adventure mode only:
-- Assembly line: requires any building material, 1 toolbox, 2 mechanisms, 4 pipe sections and 5 wiring.
-- Carpentry workbench: requires any building material.
-- Concrete mixer: requires any building material.
-- Tinkering machine-tool requires any building material and a toolbox.

* Assembly line *
-- Make boots: requires 1 scrap metal.
-- Make combat armor: requires 3 scrap metal, 1 tanned leather.
-- Make power armor: requires combat armor, 2 screws&nails, 3 wiring, 1 computer parts.
-- Make leggings: requires 2 scrap metal.
-- Make military helmet: requires 1 scrap metal.
-- Make tactical helmet: requires 1 mil. helmet, 1 wiring, 1 computer parts.
-- Make drill: requires 1 scrap metal, 1 screws&nails, 1 wiring.
-- Make hacksaw: requires 1 scrap metal.
-- Make chainsaw: requires 1 hacksaw, 1 screws&nails, 1 wiring.
* Carpentry workbench *
-- Make wooden planks (5): requires 1 wooden log.
-- Make plank block: requires 1 plank.
-- Make plank barrel: requires 1 plank, 1 screws&nails.
-- Make plank bin: requires 1 plank.
-- Make plank bed: requires 2 planks, 1 screws&nails.
-- Make plank box: requires 2 planks, 1 screws&nails.
-- Make plank cabinet: requires 2 planks, 1 screws&nails.
-- Make plank casket: requires 2 planks, 1 screws&nails.
-- Make plank chair: requires 2 planks, 1 screws&nails.
-- Make plank hatch cover: requires 2 planks, 1 screws&nails.
-- Make plank table: requires 2 planks, 1 screws&nails.
* Concrete mixer *
-- Make concrete blocks (10): requires 1 boulder.
-- Make concrete pipes (2): requires 1 boulder.
* Tinkering machine-tool *
-- ammo handloading (50): requires 1 scrap metal, 1 gunpowder sealed container.
-- make cage: requires 1 scrap metal.
-- make computer parts: requires 1 scrap metal, 1 scrap glass.
-- make mechanisms: requires 1 scrap metal.
-- make pipes: requires 1 scrap metal.
-- make screws and nails: requires 1 scrap metal.
-- make wiring: requires 1 scrap metal.

- Robotics bay can build robot frames from 2 iron bars, 1 wiring, 1 screws&nails, 1 computer parts, 1 charged energy cells.
- You now only require a complete robot frame to make a robot at once.
- A lot of new robots can be made (not just cyberdogs anymore), they require an appropriate animal pastured inside of bay and it will work 100% of time:
-- Claptrap, requires iguana brain.
-- Eyebot, requires iguana brain.
-- Cyberdog, requires dog brain.
-- Protectron, requires brahmin or bighorner brain.
-- Robobrain, requires skag or yao guai brain.
-- Securitron, requires skag or yao guai brain.

Fallout mod 1.7b
- Fixed tinker reactions.
- Fixed "beast" translation in english language file.

Fallout mod 1.7
- Added 30+ new engraving symbols with multiple adjectives.
- Renamed "manager" noble to "foreman".
- Fixed emerald gem name.
- Nightkin and nightstalker hide effect take 10 times longer to "recharge".
- Harder farming (Plants take longer to grow, by PTTG).
- former "good" region special trees are now "evil" region trees.
- some common trees are mapped as good, they become green
- special grass becomes evil grass.
- meadow grass is good region only.
- new "lush grass" for good regions.
- former "good" region plants are now "evil" region plants (mutated):
-- floss clump, dark shard, worm sphere.
- new "good" region pre-war plants:
-- agave bush (desert, tropical savanna)
-- tomato (temperate, wetland)
-- cucumber (temperate)
-- vanilla (tropical)
- Aquifier token is left only on two clays and swamp type soils.
- Two new sand types: brown sand and quartz sand.
- Concrete factory takes into account different sand types
- Included new search, buildingplan, workflow, automaterial, zone, mousequery, resume and dwarf monitor plugins for dfhack.
- New DFHack functionalities:
-- Ctrl-shift-q quicksaves the game.
-- Added better mouse support
--- You can click on units/workshops/items etc with your mouse to bring up appropriate menus.
--- Right-click cancels selection.
--- When clicking on a ground next to a view edge, the camera moves.
-- You can pre-place not yet created furniture, it will wait for the items to be constructed.
--- To pre-place a furniture, press "p" before building it.
-- Added functionality to resume all suspended constructions and show overlay when paused:
--- Press Ctrl-R to resume all suspended constructions.
--- You can see all suspended constructions with a yellow X overlay.
--- You can see all unsuspended constructions which were suspended again with a red X overlay.
--- You can see all planned constructions with a green X overlay.
-- You can search for stuff in multiple menu
--- TAB lets you search for specific stuff in stocks menu.
--- s lets you to filter names/professions in unit menu
--- q/w lets you to filter items in trade menu.
-- Happiness and leisure time plugin
--- You can see current amount of unhappy/happy/content/ecstatic etc dwarves in your bottom left corner.
--- Press Ctrl-F to see Fortress Stats on all activity of your inhabitants.

Fallout mod 1.6b
- Robot plasma bolts are no longer stored in stockpiles, they evaporate on landing.
- Added a few Team Fortress 2-inspired threats.

Fallout mod 1.6
- Added spore plants.
- Gojira renamed to Hellion.
- Hydra renamed to Nemesis.
- Gorgotaur renamed to Monstrous gorgon.
- Carp renamed to radcarp.
- Mirelurks now also appear near oceans and in wetland.
- New megabeast "cloverfield monster". Creatures it bites turn into scythers over time.
- Added anti-materiel rifle. It is large and heavy, but its shots are much stronger than those of a rifle.
- You can craft anti-materiel rifle in gunsmith forge now.
- You can craft powerfist from any weapon-grade metal bar in tinker's workshop now.
- Added "cryogenic module" building, it requires research.
- You can "put in cryo sleep" for 6 months, a year or two years. It requires a charged cell.
- You can "craft cryogel canister" for a charged cell, wiring and an iron bar. It's a food item which will put anyone who eats it in stasis for 6 months.
- Vault citizens in stasis turn into a pod with a crust and a body inside. When they turn back they heal all injuries, even lost limbs.
- The operator of the cryogenic module for a short time will get an ability to freeze the first person he greets, so lock an injured civillian in a room next to the cryogenic module.
- You can turn sulfur into nylon thread in chemical lab.
- You can turn tallow into organic oil in chemical lab.
- Added aroma soap, made from organic oil in soapmaker's workshop.
- Added geo crates to scavenging.
- Opening geo crates nets random ores and sulfur/saltpeter for chemistry industry.
- Speech files were expanded a bit for more variety in adventure mode dialogue.
- The archive is in ZIP format now because some people had trouble with RAR.

Fallout mod 1.5
- Added cyberdogs.
- Added robotics bay building. It requires robotics bay blueprints and some advanced tools (wiring, screws and nails, computer parts).
- You can turn dogs into cyberdogs in Robotics Bay. Pasture them inside first.
- Mr. Sturdy can run maintenance checks on other robots, increasing their recuperation.
- Mr. Sturdy can activate defence matrix on other robots in combat, reinforcing their materials.
- Mr. Farmy can feed grazing animals (4 per 1 robot), making them not require food temporary.
- Body materials now melt and boil at high temperatures. Bodies no longer stay burning for very long periods of time in fire and magma.
- Grass now burns and evaporates faster, it should make forest fires end quickly.
- Cobalt is no longer an all-purpose metal. You can still make guns and metal objects from it, but not weapons and armor.
- New "compressed junk" stone, found in small clusters. It yields the same stuff the scrap piles do.

Fallout mod 1.4
- Chemistry set is renamed to "organic processor".
- Adventurers can use "organic processor" to turn live vermin into MRE. Use uppercase "L" to look for vermin.
- Adventurers can open pre-war crates for a bunch of stuff including weapons and ammo.
- Replicants are gone.
- An alien organism now takes place of vampires.
- People infected with The Thing act normally (and murder people), but when in grave danger the alien may manifest itself. It will then start to infect other people.
- Custom worldgen options are adjusted to keep vanilla night creatures and bogeymen away from your worlds.

Fallout mod 1.3
- Xenomorphs are resistant to their own drool and blood.
- Iguanas hunt vermin properly.
- Iguanas are at peace with wildlife now.
- Fat has no pain receptors and does not bleed.
- Bodypart cremation reaction is fixed.
- Nails, hooves, horns and the like regenerate slowly.
- Heart bleeds a bit less but takes much longer to heal. Men with low stats die the same way but men with superhuman recuperation have better odds of survival.
- Internal organs take longer to heal.
- Chitin takes less to heal.

Fallout mod 1.2
- Gem-type scrap items and components are now tools (computer parts, robot parts, wiring etc).
- Most of tinker's workbench reactions require "screws and nails" and "wiring" instead of mechanisms now.
- Some buildings now require these new components.
- Power cells are now lead tools, not instruments of "charged/depleted" material.
- New lead ore: anglesite.
- Rock crystal is back.
- Scrap gathering results are a bit different now.
- Opening crates now leaves you with a bin, not a chest. It's more useful for storage.
- Adventurers can scavenge rocks and find useful stuff now. Using that, they can make some new items. Advmode crafting update will rework this part later.
- There are now concrete patches in soil. They can contain scrap metal and scrap glass.
- New building "concrete factory". Requires no blueprints but a lot of blocks and pipes.
- You can make 10 concrete blocks or 5 pipe sections from 1 boulder and 1 bag of sand in the concrete factory.

Fallout Mod 1.1
- Save compatible update.
- Actually updated to 0.34.11.
- Dust storms no longer pause and recenter the screen.
- Fixed EXE with binary edits to address vanilla bugs:
--- Long patrol duty thoughts accumula
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 [0.34.07] "Post-Apocalypse&qu (v 0.99c)  » posted by UristMcHuman on Apr 14, 2012, 09:28:23 pm
Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU DEON for modernizing Wasteland!!! This, along with Corrosion, will now be used in my Modern Warfare mod I am currently working on (don't worry, I'll put your name in the Acknowledgments bit). Thank you, once more!!
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 [0.34.07] "Post-Apocalypse&qu (v 0.99c)  » posted by UristMcHuman on Apr 14, 2012, 09:28:53 pm
Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU DEON for modernizing Wasteland!!! This, along with Corrosion, will now be used in my Modern Warfare mod I am currently working on (don't worry, I'll put your name in the Acknowledgments bit). Thank you, once more!!
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 [0.34.07] "Post-Apocalypse&qu (v 0.99f)  » posted by Deon on Apr 17, 2012, 08:19:53 am
You are welcome! I am interested to see what do you come up with.
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 [0.34.07] "Post-Apocalypse&qu (v 1.4b)  » posted by UristMcHuman on May 14, 2012, 08:50:01 pm
It will be interesting... Trust me.

It's actually also going to be my very first publicly released mod, so don't be surprised if you find tons of crap that doesn't seem right.

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