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File Listing: Dwarf Organizer
Last Updated: May 10, 2012, 08:40:47 pm
First Created: Mar 24, 2012, 08:17:55 pm
File version: 1.3
For DF version: Multiple
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Dwarf Organizer is a utility to help distribute labor among your citizens in Dwarf Fortress mode. Use it to identify the most suitable worker(s) for a job, or to distribute a complex labor scheme over your whole population, or something in between. You decide!

How it works: Select a group of citizens. Tell Dwarf Organizer how many of which jobs you want assigned to them. Dwarf Organizer will calculate the "best" way to distribute the jobs, according to the balance you set between current stats and skill levels, and any other rules you give it. Results are listed in a window.

Please view the directions by clicking Help->Tutorial (or by opening tutorial\ReadMeSlashTutorial.html). Check the Dwarf Organizer thread at the Dwarf Fortress Modding forum for further information.

Supported DF Versions
34.*, 31.*, and any earlier if Runesmith-compatible XML exports of dwarves are possible
Note: a specially compiled DFHack is needed for v34.01 - v34.05

Installation and Use
Java Version 6 is required.
Runesmith (for DF 31.*) or DFHack (for DF 34.*) are needed to create the XML export files. Sample XML files are included so that you can try out Dwarf Organizer without these utilities.

To install, unzip the file somewhere (such as "C:\Program Files\" on Windows).

Now you can run DwarfOrganizer.jar. You may need to use the following command line if jars are not associated with Java on your system. (Substitute the appropriate path.)
java.exe -jar "C:\Program Files\DwarfOrganizer\DwarfOrganizer.jar"
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SHA-256: ee72d397b2324afee2e9aa2c2b3b1bedfb7b965969ac9f3ed9199a5e60e30cdf
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