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File Listing: [0.34.01] Witcher mod (0.5) - Phoebus
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2012, 11:37:50 am
File version: 0.5
For DF version: 0.34.01
Downloads: 209 Size: 8.81 MB
Views: 1,028 Type: RAR
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Rating (1 votes): 4.5 / 5.0
A full game with an installed phoebus graphics pack and my Witcher mod.

- Fireball: a single ball of fire which can burn or set on fire anything you hit with it. Cooldown: 150.
- Fireblast: a cone of fire which may set on fire multiple targets. Cooldown: 300.
- Madness: makes a creature crazed, so it becomes an enemy of everyone. Cooldown: 300.
- Morpheus' gift: makes creatures numb and sleepy, up to 5 targets. Cooldown: 60.
- Paralysis: a single creature is slowed down and paralysed greatly. Cooldown: 300.
- Raise dead: you animate up to 4 corpses. The corpses are hostile to everything living. Cooldown: 300.
- Slow: you slow up to 3 targets greatly. Cooldown: 150.
- Winged transformation: transforms you into a winged human for a short period of time. Make sure not to fall from the sky. Cooldown: 300.

Each potion requires an empty flask/waterskin in an addition to reagents.
- Agility elixir: longland grass. Doubles your agility for a duration of 300.
- Battle elixir: valley herb. Makes you feel no pain for a duration of 300.
- Blessing elixir: longland grass and valley herb. increases your skill rolls for a duration of 2000.
- Eagleform potion: wild strawberry and rat weed. Transforms you into an eagle for a duration of 30.
- Hero elixir: valley herb, hide root and wild strawberry. Makes you resistant to damage, feel no pain, immune to stun, nausea, tiredness and paralysis for a duration of 300.
- Speed elixir: fisher berry and prickle berry. Makes you 1,5 times faster for a duration of 50.
- Strength elixir: wild strawberry. Doubles your strength for a duration of 300.
- Toughness elixir: hide root. Doubles your toughness for a duration of 300.
- Water breathing elixir: fisher berry. Makes you to survive without breathing for a duration of 500.

- Tanning.
- Weave plants into thread.
- Sew backpacks, quivers, waterskins and pouches from leather and/or thread.
- Sew clothing from leather and/or thread.
- Craft bone flasks and crutches.
- Craft bone arrows/bolts.
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