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File Listing: Goblin Fortress
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2012, 01:25:11 pm
First Created: Aug 05, 2011, 11:13:02 am
File version: 1.1a
For DF version: 0.34.02
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This makes minor changes to goblins. Mainly, it allows goblins to be playable in adventure and fortress mode. Most of the other alterations are to actually let you play a semi-normal game. These are the modified RAW files. As I have used unmodified DF, you may have problems using tilesets or other mods. i know of no easy way to integrate this mod with any other mod that changes the raws it uses, save cutting my modifications out, and replacing the default entries for the other mod's RAWs.

  • Dwarf Fortress 34.02

To install:
  • Unzip, and copy its contents over a fresh install of DF's ~./RAW/objects folder. Replace everything.
  • OPTIONAL: after generating a world, navigate to ~./data/save/REGIONNAME/raw/creature_standard.txt, and delete [NO_EAT] and [NO_DRINK] from the goblin entry

Changes include:
  • Goblins have nobles such as:
    • Warlord, a combination of an expedition leader and a militia captain
    • Chief Medical Goblin, the same as his dwarven counterpart
    • Broker, the same as his dwarven counterpart
    • Auditor, the same thing as a bookkeeper
    • Enforcer, fulfills the role of a sheriff
    • Executioner, just as the name implies, uses the AXE skill.
  • Trolls have had the tags [PACK_ANIMAL], [WAGONPULLER], and [WAR_TRAINABLE] added, and the [EQUIPS] tag removed. Mostly for the purpose of trade.
  • Many animals have been changed from [PET_EXOTIC] and [MOUNT_EXOTIC] to [PET] and [MOUNT] respectively
  • Positions that have a race-variable name (ie, Swordsdwarf, Swordsman, Swordsgoblin) have been added to goblins
  • Goblins are active only in winter
  • Goblins can process coal and lignite into coke
  • Goblins now can cut gems
  • Nail and cartilage heal as fast as bone, Nerves twice as slow as bone, and brain damage ten times as slow as bone.
  • Goblins now live in caves, till such a time as dark fortresses actually show up in the world.
  • Goblins build keeps.

Items of note:
  • As carnivores, goblins are [NO_EAT] and [NO_DRINK] by default, to survive worldgen. please remove those tags from the goblin entry of entity_default.txt of your saved world's raws before embarking
  • Also, for the same reason, goblins can not embark with seeds
  • Goblins have strange moods
  • For the reasons stated above, moods that require plant cloth are prone to failure
  • Elves seem to ambush and "siege" about as often as goblins do the same to dwarves.
  • Goblin traders do not use bins or barrels
  • The Warlord does not upgrade, nor can you attract the monarch and become the capitol.
  • Goblins can start with weapons too large for any of them to wield. remember this and stick to dwarf-sized gear when embarking.
  • Goblins lack the ability to make many things that dwarves can. For example, goblins can not make rock pots.

Needs testing or verification:
  • Goblins give no military demonstrations, only spar goblins do give demonstrations.
  • The frequency and makeup of ambushes and sieges
  • Compatibility with other mods
  • The effect of drinking only water. Goblins do not have [ALCOHOL_DEPENDENCY], but looking at their status in fortress mode shows they are just as dependent as the dwarves. Lacking the tag should make them immune to lack of booze slowdown, but I am unsure of how much of the booze dependency is hardcoded. individual goblins can be alcohol dependent, but goblins as a whole are not. it is easier making booze than digging wells, however.
  • As carnivores, I am unsure that goblins will eat prepared food. Goblins readily eat prepared food.

For added challenge:
  • Goblins live in towers, not in holes in the ground. Build your fortress as a tower, At least 10x10, but preferably at least 20x20. Bonus points for using only obsidian blocks for construction
  • Remove [BABYSNATCHER] from goblins, and add it to humans, elves, and dwarves.
  • Build a megaproject with [NO_EAT] and [NO_DRINK] removed from the start, invasions on.

Adventure mode is much more difficult to play as everyone seems hostile by default, save the one town you start in. Questions and comments can be directed to the thread on the official DF modding boards, by way of the provided link.
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