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File Listing: Draconic Beasts - minor addition of scaly menace.
Last Updated: May 19, 2013, 08:23:32 pm
First Created: Jul 02, 2011, 12:34:26 pm
File version: 3.5
For DF version: 0.34.11
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A relatively small mod that makes the world a little more frightening as well as interesting by giving you many new species of dragonkin to kill or breed. There are even dragon men, despite how many times that's been done before.

There are 14 right now, but I fully intend to add more as time goes on.
All dragon kin use a modified scale template that makes their skin as strong as copper. This affords them some small level of protection, and converts most attacks from weaponry made of copper or weaker materials into blunt attacks - which are virtually useless. This also makes their hides great for protective clothing like cloaks. Standard, vanilla dragons were not modified in any way, but I may if requested provide data that will make them more interesting as well.

Lesser dragons - a small feral dragon which you could eventually tame and breed if you have a good trainer or some particularly brave/stupid elves nearby.
Dragon emperors - a humanoid, roughly equal size to any human, who is possessed of draconic features and powerful magics, including shape-shifting into godzilla.
Bestial(feral) dragons - non-megabeast dragons (like vanilla). They can ambush your adventurers, but exist as wildlife populations if they aren't historical for killing somebody
Basilisks - huge, venomous desert-dwelling lizards with the hide of a dragon.
Wyverns - A class of winged bipedal dragonkin. They range in size from just larger than dogs to flying elephants of fiery death. They are mortal but long-lived.
Wyrms - A class of dragon similar to wyverns, but lacking limbs aside from wings. They are immortal, as with all greater dragonkin. Currently reside in the tundras and seas.
Drakes - dragonkin resembling those popular in Asian cultures. Currently only occupied by the Deific Drakes, which are immortal spirits that manifest as powerfully magickal beasts.
Dragon men - human-sized dragons twisted at the hips to walk bipedally, while their first finger works as a thumb, giving them hands. Some of them live wild in the forests, some in aggressive, thieving pseudo-civilizations housed in caves. They can breath fire and are thus still deadly opponents if you're not skilled with a shield.

Simply extract the mod into your game's raws/objects folder and generate a new world.
- If you have any issues or questions regarding this mod, please PM me on the Bay12 forums

Change log:

V3.5: Slight modifications to some of the attributes of the species and the dragonman civ definition.

V.34.11: Made compatible with DF version 34.11. Added storm wyverns, sea wyrms and deific drakes, changed emperor dragons, and fixed minor issues.

V3: Changed many miscellaneous. They will all make noises like roars now, besides the civilized dragon men.

V2: Added frost wyrm and storm wyvern. Both very deadly elementals found in freezing forests/glaciers/tundra and tropical forested areas, respectively.
Many minor changes and corrections to existing creatures.
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