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File Listing: Dwarvenrealms (Ironhand Pack)
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2012, 06:22:10 am
First Created: May 03, 2011, 06:09:29 am
File version: Jan 26 2012
For DF version: 0.31.25
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The version presented here uses Ironhand's Graphics pack (as well as several tiles made by yours truly), which is found here:

If you are looking for the ASCII version of Dwarvenrealms, go here:

This is the Dwarvenrealms mod, intended to bring the world of Dragonrealms to Dwarf Fortress. Dragonrealms is a long-running MUD with an incredibly rich setting. I've been playing it for years, and decided to combine two of my favorite games to see where it would go.

The mod includes 220 new creatures, civilizations incorporating multiple races, new metals, new weapons and weapon types, and much more.

Though primarily intended for Dragonrealms players, the mod has more diversity, new surprises, and a higher level of difficulty that can appeal to a Dwarf Fortress fan looking for an interesting world in which to strike the earth.

For more information about Dragonrealms, visit
To learn more about the setting, visit Elanthipedia.

New Civilizations!
Kermorians: The main playable civilization. Eleven races, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Their government is structured around creating an outpost successful enough to attract a Trader Guild leader, a daunting task in the perilous world of Elanthia.

Gnome: Gnomes are tiny, and very vulnerable in combat, but quick and intelligent. They're good craftsmen and archers.
Elf: Elves are taller and thinner than humans, and more agile. They lack fortitude and will succumb more easily to injury or disease.
S'kra Mur: S'kra are excellent fighters and craftsmen, but tend toward conservatism, making up for a lack of creativity with a good deal of discipline. They are generally a poor choice for many leadership positions, as they are lacking in social aptitude.
Gor'Tog: Gor'togs are enormous and powerful, but rather dim-witted. They make excellent soldiers, but tend to be good for little else.
Rakash: Rakash are a race of wolf-men. They are man-sized and supremely endurant, but lacking in dexterity.
Elothean: Elotheans are brilliant minds trapped in frail forms. While they lack a gnome's agility, they make up for it with discipline and imagination.
Olvi: Olvi, or halflings, are nimble and surprisingly tough, but lazy. However, they absolutely excel in the social world, and make great leaders and diplomats.
Human: Humans are boring!
Prydaen: The feline prydaen are agile and charming, but a bit undisciplined.
Kaldar: Kaldar are giants to all but the gor'togs. They are proud and strong, but lack somewhat in the artistic and intellectual arena.
Dwarf: I am pretty sure we all know about dwarves.

Gypsies: The forest-dwelling gypsies are humans who have shunned Kermorian society, but are happy to trade with them.

Dragon Priests: Terrible S'kra Mur cultists that wish to ressurect their god and bring about the end of the world. They dwell in dark fortresses, where they indoctrinate kidnapped children into their religion and use slave labor to fuel their war machine.

Goblins: The primitive goblins are envious of civilization's achievements, and will do anything they can to get a piece of the pie.

Subterranean tribes: A great variety of creatures lurk in the darkness below, prepared to wreak havoc on any who intrude on their domain. Among them, the Vykathi, the Kra'hei, the S'lai, and the Faenrae.

New Megabeasts!
The Lich: An ancient necromancer who has paid a terrible price for immortality, the lich seeks nothing more than the death of all that lives. Beware their acid magic and deadly skill.
The Gargantuan Korograth: A humongous reptilian beast that occasionally leaves its nest to destroy everything in its path.
The Biter: Bane of the dwarves, the Biter is an extraordinarily rare serpent. This massive creature has a freezing breath attack that can bring a fortress to its knees.

New Features!
The Ranger Workshop: This is a new building that allows Kermorians with the appropriate crafting skills to create clubs, staffs, slings, sling staffs, knuckles, sling bullets, and arrows. The knuckles and arrows are made with fangs or tusks, but not regular teeth.
Sling/Staff Sling: These weapons use the blowgunner skill, and fire stone or metal bullets. They are cheap and easy to make, and do a fair amount of damage. They're great for hunters, but pretty poor against armored foes.
Halberds: Halberds are weapons that combine slashing and piercing to strike a balance between swords and spears. They replace the Pike skill, and Pikes have been moved to Spears. Quarter staffs are currently halberd-type weapons.
Hammers: Hammers have been made to use the mace skill. The hammer skill is currently unused.
Knives: Kermorians use light blades extensively, and they are now a viable choice for any military.
Artifact weapons: Some artifact weapons will be objects not normally forgeable. These tend to be better than their mundane counterparts, so long as your minions don't elect to make them out of tin or something equally ridiculous.
Equipment size: Due to the fact that the playable civilization ranges from one foot to ten feet tall, gear does not scale to the maker's size. All weapons and armor work equally well for all characters, though a gnome may find plate mail to be a bit heavy.
This is the Dwarvenrealms mod, intended to bring the world of Dragonrealms to Dwarf Fortress. Dragonrealms is a long-running MUD with an incredibly rich setting. I've been playing it for years, and decided to combine two of my favorite games to see where it would go.
The Jacquard Loom: Silk, cotton, and wool can be woven into more valuable fabrics at the Jacquard loom!

New Industry!
Sericulture: Silk worms now spawn in temperate and dry tropical broadleaf forests. Their colonies can be managed in exactly the same way as bees, but instead of producing honeycombs, they produce cocoons, which are boiled at the Ranger Workshop and spun into cloth at a loom. The artificer's workshop can be used to create Steelsilk and Shadowsilk from the thread via the strand extracting skill, provided you have the requisite steel or seordstone.

New(ish) languages!
The pre-existing languages didn't fit the feel of the game, so I replaced them using as much of the gamgweth and S'kra dictionaries as possible. I also faked a lot of it to get a general feel.

New Creatures:
brown burrowers
desert armadillo
heggarangi frogs
cave trolls
scavenger trolls
wood trolls
rock trolls
swamp trolls
emaciated umbramagi
shadefield eviscerators
shadow masters
retch fiend
wind hounds
vile plague wraiths
rock guardian
giant blade spider queen
gelv cyclops
telga moradu
sky giants
sinuous ice adders
icy blue ghasts
frostweyr bears
writhing maiden's tresses
cinder beasts
sinister hierophants
shadow beasts
shadow hounds
mountain giants
shh'oi paguur
ring-necked gidiis
guinea pigs
black apes
nightweaver unynaen
nightreaver unynaen
nightstalker unynaen
treehopper toads
shadow creatures
blue peafowls
water buffalos
heggarangi frog
blue-belly crocodile
piruati serpents
rhoat moda
spectacled caimans
starry flounder
largetooth carp
royal sturgeon
river boas
sleek hele'la
asaren celpeze
forest geni
bluefin tuna
blueclaw sand crab
small boggles
storm aurochs
croff pothanitaen
giant thicket vipers
clouded arzumos
grass eels
mottled westanurynaen
fire sprites
thunder sheep
meadow sheep
granite gargoyles
black marble gargoyles
yvhh la'tami
sky hawks
water sprites
carnivorous gelapods
desert armadillos
blood wolves
giant salt crabs
sun vultures
seordhevor kartais
morah vines
forest gryphons
red brocket deer
giant black leucros
bone wolves
blood nyads
glutinous lipopod
wormwood vines
dusky scythewing moth
blood dryads
vela'tohr bloodvines
bone mammoths
silver leucro
grizzled red leucro
hiro bears
frost angiswaerd
albino forest leeches
green blood worms
red sand leeches
black widows
ichor rats
small red blood mites
black sand leeches
dark sprites
retch fiends
giant blight bats
giant blade spiders
giant wolf spiders
marbled angiswaerd
cave bears
red-bristled gremlins
nipoh oshu
corpse grubs
dusk ogres
dobek moruryn
earthen constructs
malodorous bucca
fire maiden
fire sprite
silk moths
transparent shylvics
gargantuan bone golems
lesser skeletons
greater skeletons
feral bone mastiffs
vaporous blood wraiths

Other concerns:

*The rare metals (niniam, lumium, damite, etc) appear in the embark menu and are available to all civilizations. I may need to figure out a way to make them magma-only, or require a custom workshop to use.

What to do next:

*Dial in the damage on individual weapons and the qualities of rare metals.
*Work the guilds in a bit more.
*Clean up the filenames of the raws etc.
*Start making tiles.
*Play with the speech files to see if I can get more Elanthian flavor.

SimutronicsĀ® is a registered trademark and service mark of Simutronics Corporation, All rights reserved. The DragonRealms game is copyright Ā© 1995-2011 Simutronics Corp. All rights reserved. DragonRealms is a trademark of Simutronics Corp. All rights reserved.
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