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File Listing: Ironhand Graphics
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2012, 11:03:30 am
First Created: Jun 14, 2010, 06:19:09 pm
File version: 0.68
For DF version: 0.34.07
Downloads: 28,265 (103,796) Size: 10.16 MB
Views: 55,211 (171,724) Type: ZIP
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Rating (7 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
Includes Dwarf Fortress 0.34.07!

This is the complete package, with the game and everything.
If you just want the upgrade package, go here instead.
(it should still work with the new version...)

Awesome new dig-designations!


Previous changes:

10.30.11 0.60 Finished all dwarfs and goblins! And humans! And a bunch of animals.
4.1.11 0.0PS: April fools!
3.28.11 0.57: First draft of new walls! Special thanks to Phoebus here! Floors in progress.
3.....11 0.5X: 0.52 through 0.55 were all just repackages and minor bugfixes. And also pandas.
2.18.11 0.51: tons of new domestics animal sprites, plus rhinos and giraffes and the mighty roc!
2.16.11 0.50: better non-TTF support. Just waiting for TTF support to get better... Gah, bees!
9.24.10 0.49: true-type fonts! depth-sensitive water! cool new tiles replacing old text chars.
8.13.10 0.48: smoother, less defined backgrounds, new (very temporary) font, new water!
8.04.10 0.47: new trees! Mandrills, wolves, camels, goats, gazelles... bushels and sheaves!
7.28.10 0.46: designated stone is much more distinguishable. Color tweaking. A few new tiles.
7.23.10 0.45: more new WormSlayer stuff. Fresh new mineral raws. New critter backgrounds.
7.13.10 0.43: first attempt at next-z-level art. Engraved floors, new mugs, gems, and doors.
7.02.10 0.42: so much awesome new stuff! Lots of font stuff. WormSlayer's awesome tiles.
6.25.10 0.41: newish font. Awesome new walls and transitions. Fixed some fish. New chairs.
6.22.10 0.40: added tile magic backgrounds to everything, including dwarves, critters, etc.
6.18.10 0.32: added new loose stone tile; old tile now used for loose ore. Brighter color set.
6.15.10 0.31: added new fluids and ore. Updated goblins. Fixed missing animals/weird floors.
6.14.10 0.30: added my own goblins. Added textured backgrounds to most tiles (and trees).
6.09.10 0.23: added Sphr's goblins, humans, elves, kobolds. All tiles brightened and modified.
6.08.10 0.22: added shrub tiles for all plants, made zombies greener, added vulture graphics.
6.05.10 0.21: repaired tile designation raws to work the same way 0.10 worked. Looks better.
6.05.10 0.20: working graphics, dwarves, and domestics; filled in the rest with Bane's critters.
5.24.10 0.10: the first official release. Just a tileset and some raw changes. No real graphics.

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