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File Listing: The Necromancy TinyMod(tm)
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2008, 04:52:55 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version:
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Race additions and modifications
Skeleton - Sentient, immortal undead powered by evil essence, and commanded by Necromancers who they worship like gods. The advantages of being reanimated are offset by low skills and a feeble grasp of working metals. Fully playable in both Fortress and Adventure modes.

Wizard - Masters of the magical disciplines, and diligent scholars of all antiquity. These peerless prestidigitators are fearsome offensive combatants from both long range and melee so long as their hands are free for gesticulation, but are physically frail, and not fond of wearing armor. Only playable in Adventure mode.

Dragons, Goblins, Spirits of fire - Adventure mode playable. Goblins also Fortress playable.

Nonplayable additions -
Necromancers, extremely powerful wizards who have given over their humanity to command the skeletal legions. Counts as megabeast.

Iron and Steel Colossi, increasingly more resilient versions of the original, of appropriate material. Now all with proper pluralization!

Changes to existing critters:

Corrected various typos (firey=fiery, etc.) and pluralizations.

Major humanoids got another main attack for variety.

Various creatures gained main attacks, and damage changes.

Giant cave spiders nerfed. Seriously wtf.

Dragons and Titans gained major and minor size increases, respectively, to reflect the greater challenge their awesomeness demands.

Dragons are now winged, have a good range of attacks, behave more intelligently, grew some scales, can manipulate objects with their jaws (including doors), and are generally deadlier.

All construct, inorganic, or creatures otherwise living independent of nervous systems are no longer affected by paralysis and poisons.

Various religion sphere/type tweaks and necessary [POWER] allocation.

Some minor color changes across the board.

Population and civ number changes.
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