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File Listing: Expanded Glazes Mod
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016, 10:00:20 pm
First Created: Apr 10, 2011, 05:38:13 pm
File version: 1.9
For DF version: 0.42.06
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A relatively simple mod, you can now enjoy a far greater variety of glazes, which allows you to actually make use of many of the "useless" ores currently in the game, such as cinnibar, cobalt, and even pitchblende by using them as glazing materials for your ceramics.

Rather than using an entire ore stone, you first grind the ore into a glaze powder at the quern or millstone, and put the resulting powder into a jug.

Doing this, ash glazes can glaze 3 items, and metal glazes produce 10 units of powder, with any glazing project taking up at least 2 units of powder.

With this, however, you have the freedom to create more colorful glazes. At the kilns, you have the following four options of glazing:

Ash Glaze - as per the norm, but now three glazings can be performed per bar of ash
Monochromatic Glazing - Uses up two powders (1/5th of an ore) to glaze an object a solid color.
Dichromatic Glazing - Uses up one white powder (tin or zinc ores) and one powder of another color to glaze an object a decorative combination of colors. These have a small chance of having colored bands that increase the value.
Polychromatic Glazing - Uses up one white powder, and three other colored powders to create the full spectrum of colors to decorate your object's surface. Each color has a chance of bands which can greatly increase the value of an already very valuable object.

(Without the ability to decorate with pictures, making bands on your ceramics is the best you can do.)

You can use the following glaze types:
olive ash glaze
cream white tin glaze
pearl white zinc glaze
gold glaze
turquoise green copper glaze
rust red iron glaze
chartreuse green nickel glaze
scarlet red lead glaze
vermilion cinnabar glaze
cobalt blue glaze
saffron yellow orpiment glaze
lemon yellow antimony glaze
dark indigo manganese glaze
ultramarine lapis lazuli glaze (from the lapis lazuli gem - an extremely rare and valuable gem for ultramarine pigments)
orange radiant pitchblende glaze (Yes, people actually glazed things with uranium. Apparently, they liked it for it's "radiant glossiness", and because it would glow green at night. Tell me how that one buffs out for ya...)

I also have an option in the quern menu to only grind "noncritical" ores, in case you don't want to grind up your iron, copper, or tin into glazes. Also, an "unsmeltable" version is available, for only smelting minerals like orpiment and cinnabar.

Version 1.6 updates for 0.34.01 and avoids the problem of creating "oval copper glaze cabochon cut" glazed pottery.
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