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File Listing: -~Corrosion~- v1.1.13 for 34.11
Last Updated: Jun 06, 2012, 10:40:04 am
First Created: Mar 31, 2011, 09:33:17 pm
File version: 1.1.13
For DF version: 0.34.11
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Official Thread
Feedback is always welcome! Post on the thread with any suggestions or bugs!


Thanks for downloading! Please post here with any comments or feedback!

This is the graphical version, for the ASCII version look here

Humanity, peculiar creatures really. They cannot accept that some things are out of their control. When something around them changes, they conclude they must have something to do with it. From day to day events, to huge things.

Immortality, the philosophers stone that can be found everywhere from alchemy to modern day medicine. We are afraid of dying, death is not something we can explain, or control. So when something comes along that offers some sort of protection from the inevitable, we take it, without knowing the full implications.

Doctors and Nurses furiously worked on a 'cure'. The creators of the idea dubbed themselves 'Necromancers', crafting the dead to make them living again. Years of excitement and media publicity later, the treatment was released.

Well, the drug provided what it was supposed to do. Major organs ceased to age, functioning indefinitely, the mind however, never stopped aging. As the years passed, side effects became more aggressive. The skin would begin to rot right off the bones of the users. The pain would have been excruciating, if they could feel it. As the brain aged and began to deteriorate, basic primordial instincts took hold. Specifically, hunger. Every emotion, anger, love, happiness, all confused for the lust for food. Like a midnight snack it was irresistible, and madness slowly ripped the planet apart.

Person turned against person, tearing and biting, with each bite the ‘cure’ spread. Cities and countries were wiped out in a blink. Civilized places became no more civilized then a group of barbarians.

Containment, quarantine, and isolation attempts all failed. The Infection had already cut to deep. Soldier after soldier, city after city, country after country was overrun by the horde. Those few that didn't take the drug in the first place were getting picked off, one by one.

The ‘Necromancers’ tried to undo their mistakes, but not without hesitating to build themselves large, well defended towers. There they continued to conduct and fail experiments. It is unclear as to why they continue to test. Some believe they are taking advantage of the chaos around them. Others say they are trying to find a real cure. Yet none can deny that since those towers shot up, so have the nightmares, ‘were creatures’ ‘vampires’ and poisonous mists an rain from the long stacks that bellow smoke from the towers.

In one final act of desperation, governments tried to cleanse heavily infected cities. The Atom Bomb would work, but long term radiation would only lead to more chaos. So a new type of bomb was created. Codenamed 'Haunted', it expelled an enormous amount of radiation, but it would disperse quickly. It would still be deadly to anybody on the surface, but anybody hiding would probably survive.

It worked, the most Infected areas were vanquished. A small victory for an otherwise resounding defeat. However it had one side effect, DNA was particularly fragile to this kind of radiation. The animals that were exposed would grow mutations, and some would be Infected by the very same Infection that was spreading throughout the world. The people faced a much worse fate, those who were exposed to this were prone to physical anomalies, deterioration of brain activity, and madness. These people were branded as ‘The Exposed’ and banished from every town they turned to. Now, they can be found roaming the wastes where they were first exposed, some looking for shelter, food, or prey. Hopefully you don't run into them. These regions were deemed 'Evil' and anybody who stepped into them was considered cursed or crazy.

Things went from bad, to worse. Without the military, organized crime flourished, Desert Devils spread across the land, stealing from all before vanishing into the sandy storms. The Reinheit was even worse, hell bent on purifying the world by taking out the Infected main food source. Healthy humans. They move around in stealth, kidnapping children for new recruits and attacking settlements big and small.

Despite all this, there were survivors. People who refused to side with the thieves or the murderers. People who refused to take the drug, some rejected it for religious reasons, others for political, some never took medicine to begin with. Nevertheless all of them were considered idiots, savages, and outcasts. Yet here they are, a band of hastily strewn together men and women who are expected to hold back the hordes.

Over the years, humanity began to rise again, people adapted, they finally had a chance. Even though life was wretched, and every second was trouble. The infected were gradually being beaten back.

You are part of the Privations, a small sect of humans, that spurned from the democratic free thinking parts of the world. Hell bent on reestablishing the old great empire. They have been through the most horrifying experiences, and they have many more to go through.

Most Privations are easily depressed, and alcohol dependent, it’s your job to keep these buggers breathing for a few more years. Which is not easily done. Digging your fortress in stone is not an option, the stone layers are deadly when mined out. Soil is still safe, but you should use wooden fortifications to build walls and such.

XXThe GoodXX

Warlords: Dictators flourished in this dark time. While they may be great allies or trading partners, they are demanding, and one wrong move can bring their unforgiving wrath. They have great weapons, and are happy to trade with you for useful items.

The Enlightened: They say that humanity died because we were ruthless and corrupt. Whether they spurned from a freak religious movement or a strong environmental society does not matter. What does matter is that they are staunchly protect animals and plant life for ‘future generations’.

!!The Bad!!

Standard Infected: These are your run of the mill zombies. First, you will probably notice ‘snatchers’ meandering about. They earn this name because of their habit of abducting children and running off. No doubt to use them as food. As your presence becomes more prevalent, more will be drawn to you. Usually seven or so Infected will sneak up on your fort in an effort to feast on your survivors, so always be watching! Seldom do the horde, but when they do, they will arrive on your map in full force.

Vulpine Infected: It is unknown whether this Infected is a step forward or a step back. They have mastered the ability to use primitive tools scavenged from the ruins about them. They also will always horde in the winter to better intercept your caravan. They are larger and taller then your average human being, and can easily overpower them. It’s safer to lock yourself inside than engage them in melee.

Desert Devils: A savage sect that lives on the fringes in humanity. If it’s not bolted down to the moon, they will take it. Capable of blending into your fort, it will be difficult to spot them. And they never retreat easily, sometimes crippling a member of your military before disappearing into the desert storms. Occasionally they will send out a raiding party to weaken your defenses, regardless of how successful they are. They siege during the spring and autumn.

Reinheit: No one knows where they come from, or who they follow. All that is known is what they believe, Less Humans = Less food for the Infected, and so they wish to keep it that way. They will raid your fort in ambush. Moving with precision only the military can rival. They will scour about and attempt to steal children for new recruits. They will also sabotage your caravans by placing small, crude explosives inside caravans. These explosives will destroy a wooden trade depot. So it is best to build one out of stone.

Thugs: These slow and weak minded fellows have been arch rivals with the Warlords. They aren't even smart enough to stay hidden, and will launch brazen attacks on your fort in broad daylight. While neither smart nor well armed, they are well armored. They will siege you in the summer during the Warlord Caravan. An assortment of mega/semi-mega beasts, at the moment there is only one so other vanilla beasts are still in the game and will show up until I can get more. It will increase over time.

# Batteries! A renewable fuel source!
# Simplified creatures, and several new creatures
# New workshops and Industries such as Paint and Steel!
# Training workshops
# Fun with mining
# New and more challenging weapons
# Completely new Armor system!
# Nerfed Traps (tell me if they’re still shredding limbs)
# Improved Combat!
Organs hurt a heck of a lot
Eyes hurt
Skin/fat/muscles no longer heal right after being cut open
Blunt Weapons can be extremely deadly.
# New Vermin to Replace several old ones
# New Food
Easy Meal/Fine Meal/Lavish Meal all create the same type of food.
Completely new Plants, very few plants can be brewed or eaten raw, process them further.
Animals produce more meat when butchered.
Animals produce one egg at a time
Milking times are now based off of grazing times.

# New way of making steel.


Turn Temperature ON

I am concerned that there are not enough plants, you should be able to grow at least 3-4 per season (excluding winter) at every biome. Report it to me either by PM or on the forums here if you have a lack of plants.

Keep an eye out for bugs, especially if they have not been acknowledged.

If you have any ideas that you want to see in the mod, please, post them or PM me and I will be glad to consider them and add your name to the acknowledged list if I accept.

--More to Come--
See the Modding forums for details.

**See the Forum Post for the changelog.
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 -~Corrosion~- v1.1.13 for 34.11 (v 1.1.13)  » posted by UristMcHuman on Sep 09, 2012, 04:34:53 pm
The basic theme of this mod is what got me inspired to make my own zombie apocalypse survival mod, albeit slightly modified. My last attempts took some tags from your zombies and weapons, and tried to make a whole new array of guns... I always abandoned them in favour of a whole new mod idea, but I've come back to a zombie survival mod after reading The Zombie Survival Guide.

If it's OK with you, may I use the basic layout of your zombies and a few other smallish things to make my own mod?

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