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File Listing: +Crystal Glass+ is Just the Beginning, V.2
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2011, 01:27:49 am
File version: Version 2
For DF version: 0.31.21
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Version 2 (beta): Now with ACTUAL crystal glass!
NOTE: changes/fixes have not been tested, but I do want to put them out there. Thanks for anyone willing to essentially do so!

- 15 types of glass, and buildings for each one. The newest, 15th type, is Crystal Glass itself, yes THE crystal glass. Relies now on just a load of reactions and a [reaction_class] token. All glasses based on real life glasses from earlier time periods, what I considered to mesh well with DF.
- 16 glazes. Again, those from earlier time periods that would be available to the dwarves, most likely.
- The beginnings of an alchemy system based off of the actual alchemists, back in the day. Currently only used for producing initial reagents for glass and glaze production.
- Changes to glazing so as to spread out one's valuable non-renewable resources.
- Changes to values to reflect new usefullness in stones, or new amounts of input vs output in glazes. See readme for my discussion on why I did what I did.

- bug fixes and modifications to previous
- made stones, in powder form, be called '(stone name) powder'
- instead of 1 rxn per building, lumped reactions for buildings and magma buildings.
- fixed bismuthinite previously being called a 'useless' stone. Though I still have yet to use it in game, personally ^.^
- fixed glass glaze reactions
- added hotkeys to reactions. I had it written on early list of things to do, and it had gotten lost...
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