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File Listing: Andux's Save Tools
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2012, 07:12:19 pm
First Created: Mar 04, 2011, 10:18:33 pm
File version: Release 9
For DF version: Multiple
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A collection of command-line tools for working with Dwarf Fortress 0.31-34.## save files.

Release history

Release 9 (2012-03-10):
isra: Added support for 0.34.## saves.
sgrex: Created to replace fbex2.

Release 8 (2011-09-28):
isra: Added several new commands:
x : Save current offset
. : Return to saved offset
i : Read an int16 and list corresponding token values
I : Read an int32 and list corresponding token values
e : Try to get the offset of the first entity struct (experimental, world.dat files only)
E : Try to read an entity struct (experimental)

Release 7 (2011-04-27):
isra: Fixed a run-time error when loading some non-world .dat files.
undat2, redat2: Fixed a bug where files got renamed to "-x" when restoring after a failed (de)compression attempt.

Release 6 (2011-03-26):
undat2, redat2: Added -x command-line option.

Release 5 (2011-03-22):
isra: Improved handling of non-world .dat files.

Release 4 (2011-03-16):
isra: Fixed a bug in [t]oken lookup.

Release 3 (2011-03-15):
Included isra in release.

Release 2 (2011-03-10):
fbex2: Fixed handling of world files with custom names.

Release 1 (2011-03-04):
Initial release.


Decompresses .SAV/.DAT files.

Usage: undat2 [-x] <filename>

If the -x flag is specified, compression will be done 40d-style (no headers).
The decompressed output will replace the compressed file.
Useful if you want to use a tool such as DF World Tinker without changing your init settings.


Compresses .SAV/.DAT files.

Usage: redat2 [-x] <filename>

If the -x flag is specified, compression will be done 40d-style (no headers).
Compressed output will replace the uncompressed file.


Extracts generated raws from world.dat/.sav.

Usage: sgrex <filename> [<output.txt>]

Input file will be decompressed if it isn't already.


Interactive Save Research Assistant

Usage: isra <filename>

Input file will be decompressed if it isn't already.
Enter ? into the console for a list of commands.
Note that some commands are case-sensitive; typically, the uppercase variant of a given function is a more complicated form of the same basic function (more options, slightly different interface).
Raw Data: JSON / Text
Checksum / Hash
SHA-256: 1b3658944f307d3df8d57acd4ab0b619af617b83653ae7ac3c9f98b7ce05b65e
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