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File Listing: Civilization Forge + Mayday Graphics, 34.11 Update
Last Updated: Jun 05, 2012, 03:27:36 am
First Created: Feb 16, 2011, 01:02:49 am
File version: 1.15
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 1,161 (2,075) Size: 8.19 MB
Views: 5,046 (8,132) Type: ZIP
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This package combines Dwarf Fortress 34.11 with:

Mephansteras' Civilization Forge mod version 2.70

Mike Mayday's Dwarf Fortress Graphical Edition (DFG)

No practical gameplay changes to Civilization Forge; just added graphics.

Most gaps in DFG (such as graphics for races unique to CivForge) were filled in courtesy of Drayath's Dwarf Fortress Pack (many graphics used were originally credited to Undeadstag, see Drayath's page for details). Many thanks to Doren's Critters pack for supplying most of the new creatures and animalmen added in recent vanilla DF releases. Some creatures may still be lacking graphics.

Language files have been modified to replace all special characters with standard letters, so that graphical tiles will not appear in actual text and reduce its readability (except for periods and commas).

I've retained some of DFG's 'classic' (version 31.xx) tiles in favor of the new 34.xx ones, particularly for minerals and gems. The new 34.xx tileset is also included unaltered (named "maydaynew") if you want to try it, it should function correctly with the package but has not been tested.

All credit goes to the original authors mentioned above, feel free to contact me about any graphical bugs. I can be reached via PM on the official forums as: Anathema

Recent Changelog:
-Updated to DF 34.11
-Doren's critter graphics added to supplement Mayday
-Small correction to open air/chasm tiles, they should look like the old version now. "maydaynew" has the new versions if you prefer those.
-Updated to DF 34.10 + CivForge 2.70
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