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File Listing: Civilization Forge 2
Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013, 09:11:06 pm
First Created: Apr 30, 2010, 11:34:58 pm
File version: 2.8
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 632 (7,926) Size: 1.26 MB
Views: 3,783 (23,530) Type: ZIP
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Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
Civilization Forge v2.8
Compatible with Dwarf Fortress version 0.34.09+

About the Mod
Civilization Forge is a Major Mod designed to enhance and expand upon vanilla Dwarf Fortress. It includes many new races, animals, plants, stones, armor, and weapons as well as many balance fixes.

Version 2.8 includes many bugfixes, a rebalancing of ranged combat to be more reasonable, and the inclusion of a new ranged weapon, the Arbalest.

For questions or comments about the mod, please visit the official forum thread on it:;topicseen

Thanks to Lord Shonus for the Sling, Atlatl, and related ammo and workshop

Simply copy these files into your Dwarf Fortress raw/objects folder. You will need to overwrite some of the existing files for this mod to work.

Please note that while any of the race creature/entity file combinations can be ommited, ommitting any of the other _cf files may cause problems. The item files in particular will cause errors if left out since all of the existing and new races use some aspect of those files.

NOTE: This is a major mod and is NOT compatible with any previous saves. You will need to generate a new world for this mod to take effect. Because there have been some file additions/subtractions, I reccommend installing this mod into a clean install of DF and not over a previous install of Civilization Forge.

Features (Details are in the README file that comes with the mod)

26 New Races
- 13 Primitive

26 New Weapons

13 New pieces of Armor

3 New Shields

6 New Domestic Animals

8 New Wild Animals

3 New Toys

10 New Workshops

19 New Stones

8 New Gems

20 New Metals & Alloys

19 New Plants

Revised Ironworks Industry

* Alchemy recipes can be found within the 'Alchemy Basics.txt' file that comes with the mod.
* Alchemy is currently used to create the new Metals and is generally optional. However, for those that like complexity it should be a welcome addition to the game.

Version List
2.01 - Initial 31.03 version
2.02 - Bugfix version
- Fixed plant spelling/name errors
- Removed liaisons from Frost Giants
- Fixed name issue with bladestone & flint
- Increased material size for Lamellar leggings
- Fixed max_edge on stone template
2.1 - Ironworks edition
- Fixed Sugar Beetles to have higher value meat/chitin
- Bronze Colossus now has a Soulshard that when destroyed kills the colossus
- Steel is no longer created at the Smelter
- Added in Finishing Forge, Crucible, Blast Furnace, and Charcoal Furnace buildings
- Iron created at the smelter can no longer be used for weapons and armor.
- Added in Wrought iron as an improved version of iron suitable for weapons and armor
- Added in Crucible Steel as a natural steel alloy
- Bronze can now be used to make anvils
- Iron and Bronze anvils can be cast at the Smelter
2.2 - Alchemy edition
- Added in new metals and ores
- Added in new Alchemy workshops
- Added in Light hammers and Aprons, while allowing dwarves to make daggers. Civilian weapons are a go!
- Adjusted some weapons & materials to handle the 31.10 combat changes
- Removed Soulshard from Bronze Colossus
2.22 - Minor Edits
- Added Long and War bows for the Elves and High Elves
- Added the Heavy Morningstar and Staff for some races.
- Brought the raws in line with the 31.12 changes
- Tweaked some of the civ attributes for Hobgoblins, Chaos Dwarves, and Bugbears
2.23 - Minor edits
- Fixed a bug where Magma ironworks buildings didn't work
- Added in Fist Spikes
- Tweaked Entities a little bit
- Fixed the price of Bronze
- Added in Ravens
- Added in the Optional Filler Stones
2.3 - Primitive Civilizations
- Added in the Primitive civs
- Added in the Beastmen
- Added Ratmen back as an underground civ
- Made changes to bring the mod to 31.16
2.31 - 31.18 update
- Brings the mod up to 31.18
2.4 - 31.21 update
- Made changes to bring the mod up to 31.21
- Removed the filler stones and Alchemy workaround
- Changed the Crystal metals to use crystal seed instead of raw rock crystal
- Added in Jars as tools and smoothlined the alchemy process a bit
2.41 - 31.25 update
- Made changes to bring the mod up to 31.25
- Removed the underground ratmen civ as Toady has reintroduced the rodent men
2.42 - Alchemy bug fix
- Made powders use bags instead of Jars
- Removed [LOCAL_BANDITRY] tag from Dyansaurai, Hobgoblins, and Frost Giants to keep people from randomly turning hostile in Adventure Mode
- Various Alchemy reaction fixes
2.5 - Libraries
- Added in Library & related workshops and items
- Leather for some creatures (such as Cows, Elephants, and Rhinos) gives better defense and is worth more.
- Added some new creatures
2.6 - 34.05 update
- Made changes to bring the mod up to 34.05
- Added some of the creature interactions (like rooting for vermin) to some of the CF creatures
2.7 - 34.09 update
- Made changes to bring the mod up to 34.09
- Rebalanced smelter reactions and Alchemy to handle reduced stone drop rates from mining.
2.8 - Buxfix and Range Balancing
- Fixes many bugs
- Rebalances Ranged combat to be more reasonable
- Adds in the Arbalest, a new heavy crossbow
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