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File Listing: Hell Hole, Chasm, Magma Pipe, and more
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2010, 10:01:14 am
First Created: Oct 14, 2010, 01:16:08 pm
File version: 31.16.4
For DF version: 0.31.16
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Miss bottomless pits and chasms?
Need some way to get rid of magma-safe items?
Wait no longer!

dfHellHole will burrow a randomly shaped, 16x16 bottomless pit from your cursor straight through hell. At the bottom, old-style classic chasm tiles.

Can also make magma pipes, magma pools, oasis pools, solid obsidian pillars, and more.
Run time configurable shape and size of the feature being dug.
Probably not appropriately named anymore.

Includes VS2008 compiled dfhack dll.
Don't mix it with dfhack 5.0.2

The bottomless pit will be created starting in the z-level below the cursor.
The pit will start out enclosed, capped off with a roof. You have to dig into it to reveal it.
Veins and any other special tiles will be kept in the walls of the pit. The pit will otherwise be enclosed in obsidian walls.
If Adamantine veins are encountered, they are expanded around the pit instead of being lost.
An additional single tile obsidian stack stretches from the bottom to the top, to give the ability to cut a staircase from top to bottom. It is only attached to the roof.

Aquifers will automatically be pierced, rivers blocked, caves walled-off, magma sea sealed behind obsidian; the pit is entirely self-contained.

Any water, magma, items, or critters unfortunately caught in the newly made pit will unfortunately fall to their untimely doom.
Unless, of course, they can fly.


Version 4 adds all of these feature types:
  1. Bottomless Chasm
  2. Bottomless Eerie Pit
  3. Pit with floor
  4. Solid Pillar
  5. Oasis Pit (ends at magma, no hell access)
  6. Oasis Pool, with partial aquifer (default 5 z-levels)
  7. Magma Pit (similar to volcano, no hell access)
  8. Magma Pool (default 5 z-levels)

All of these configurable options:
  • Pit Type
  • Depth
  • Hole Radius
  • Wall Thickness
  • Pillars, Hole
  • Pillars, Wall
  • Expose Hell
  • Stop at Magma
  • Expose Magma
  • Magma Fill
  • Water Fill

And the ability to regenerate the pattern to dig:
..WWWWWWWWWWW... ..WcWcWcWcccW... WWWcccccccccWWW. WcWcccccccccccW. WWccccccccccccW. .WcccccccccccWW. WWccccccccccccW. WcccccccccccccW. WcccccccccccccW. WccccccccccccWW. !WcccccccccccWW. WWccccccccccc!W. .WWcccccccccWWW. ..WcWcccccWcWW.. ..WWWWWcWWWWW... ......WWW.......

Known Bugs:
  1. Magma Pits are slightly buggy when placed over adamantine tube, but should not leak.
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