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File Listing: It's the Small Things [MODBASE]
Last Updated: Jul 05, 2008, 09:32:06 pm
File version: 0.2
For DF version: Multiple
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A ModBase conversion of umiman's Small Things mod-- the engraving and prefstring mods only, since ModBase cannot currently handle speech file modification.

I did the conversion to the modbase format only, the mod itself is not mine.

It should be compatible with any version of the game, but I only tested it with the most recent version (27.176.38c).

Here's umiman's description

Basically, what this mod aims to do is improve on some of the minor details that make DF great.

Keep in mind that this is my first mod and I'm not that knowledgeable about the ways of DF modding, so if you see anything wrong or if you know if something can crash something else, let me know kay? Any feedback is appreciated as well. Suggestions are nice too.

I tested these on a vanilla version of DF and they seem to work with no problems.

Small Things Collective Mod
A combination of all that's been released so far in one easy to install format. Includes the community threat mod, engraving mod, and prefstring mod. Adds a ton of flavour text (at least 200 new engravings, a craptonne of threats, and a metric crapload of liking statements). It doesn't change gameplay in the least though, so you don't have to worry about messing things up. It also works without you needing to make new worlds. Just plug it in and continue your game.

Engraving Minimod: Adds over 200 new engravings instead of the boring "this is an engraving of a square". Note that the engravings might also be used for civilization symbols and dwarven profiles if they like it but it actually adds to the experience.

Prefstring Minimod: Tired of your dwarves liking "toads for their beauty", "cave lobsters for their beauty", "cardinals for their coloring"? How about "griffons for their lordship over both the beasts and the birds"? This mod adds a minimum of 5 new descriptive texts to each animal and creature (plants will have to wait).
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