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File Listing: Wanderer's Friend: Adv. mode crafting and tanning
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2012, 01:08:17 pm
First Created: Jul 12, 2010, 10:42:15 am
File version: 0.97b
For DF version: 0.34.03
Downloads: 2,213 (3,941) Size: 162.7 KB
Views: 5,848 (9,269) Type: ZIP
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ALERT: as of 4b, this mod is intended for DF 31.17 and later. It uses creature raws that may contain tokens that are not compatible with older versions.

Wanderer's Friend - an Adventure mode crafting mod.
This mod allows extensive crafting to be conducted in Adventure mode, using material produced by butchering your kills. It includes weapons, various tools, ammunition and craft items like crowns, earrings and figurines.

As of 0.97b, it also allows for (simplistic) potion creation! Expect a more complex system as soon as I can work out how the hell to cajole contained reagents into working.

It also incorporates a material mod that allows for production of scale/hide, fur, feather, chitin, wool and dried gut thread in both Fortress and Adventure mode. This component is optional due to bugs with the current version of Dwarf Fortress's Adventure mode.

Partial changelog (full changelog can be found in readme.txt)
0.97b - Updated horseshoe crab men to gel with .03.
- Added leather bag and mortar/pestle adventure mode reactions.
- Added essence and elixir brewing, adventure mode only for the moment. This is a very half-finished release, I thought you ladies and gents might enjoy a semi-usable sneak peek.
- Brewable potions:
- Mistform and panacea do not currently do anything!

0.96b - minor edits to creature raws due to bugfix release.
0.95b - This is basically just an update. A much bigger, more involved release will follow this one, after Toady lets out a few bug relases. I have a lot planned!
- Updated the creature raws.
- Changed wool/hair, feathers and gut to generalized reactions to save manually altering every creature that needs them.
Scale, fur and chitin must still be applied via variations.
This means all hair can be spun into thread.
- Added [CONNECTS] to FEATHER tissue template.
- Added crutch-carving reaction to Adventure mode reactions.
- Added four very unfinished magician variants - mentalists, geomancers, psykers and pyromancers.
Mentalists build towers and raise undead, but the others may be quite difficult to find in the world.
- Added SEMIMEGABEAST_HEART to Troll, Ogre, Unicorn, Giant, Cyclops, Ettin, Minotaur, Yeti, Sea Serpent.
- Added MEGABEAST_HEART to Dragon, Hydra, Sea Monster.
These variations aren't used for anything currently, but will be in the next release.
- Eating the heart of a dragon will now give you fire breath! (it won't make you fireproof, though)
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This is a blast! I'm a crafter at heart, so this is absolutely amazing to me. It's just too bad that food thread comes in mass quantities and no type >_>

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