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File Listing: Ironhand Graphics Upgrade Pack
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2012, 11:03:19 am
First Created: Jul 02, 2010, 02:57:14 pm
File version: 0.68
For DF version: 0.34.07
Downloads: 9,197 (27,820) Size: 1.43 MB
Views: 19,727 (53,751) Type: ZIP
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Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
For Dwarf Fortress 0.34.07!

This is just the update package, without the game.
If you want the complete package, go here instead.

Awesome new dig-designations!


Previous changes:

10.30.11 0.60 Finished all dwarfs and goblins! And humans! And a bunch of animals.
4.1.11 0.0PS: April fools!
3.28.11 0.57: First draft of new walls! Special thanks to Phoebus here! Floors in progress.
3.....11 0.5X: 0.52 through 0.55 were all just repackages and minor bugfixes. And also pandas.
2.18.11 0.51: tons of new domestics animal sprites, plus rhinos and giraffes and the mighty roc!
2.16.11 0.50: better non-TTF support. Just waiting for TTF support to get better... Gah, bees!
9.24.10 0.49: true-type fonts! depth-sensitive water! cool new tiles replacing old text chars.
8.13.10 0.48: smoother, less defined backgrounds, new (very temporary) font, new water!
8.04.10 0.47: new trees! Mandrills, wolves, camels, goats, gazelles... bushels and sheaves!
7.28.10 0.46: designated stone is much more distinguishable. Color tweaking. A few new tiles.
7.23.10 0.45: more new WormSlayer stuff. Fresh new mineral raws. New critter backgrounds.
7.13.10 0.43: first attempt at next-z-level art. Engraved floors, new mugs, gems, and doors.
7.02.10 0.42: so much awesome new stuff! Lots of font stuff. WormSlayer's awesome tiles.
6.25.10 0.41: newish font. Awesome new walls and transitions. Fixed some fish. New chairs.
6.22.10 0.40: added tile magic backgrounds to everything, including dwarves, critters, etc.
6.18.10 0.32: added new loose stone tile; old tile now used for loose ore. Brighter color set.
6.15.10 0.31: added new fluids and ore. Updated goblins. Fixed missing animals/weird floors.
6.14.10 0.30: added my own goblins. Added textured backgrounds to most tiles (and trees).
6.09.10 0.23: added Sphr's goblins, humans, elves, kobolds. All tiles brightened and modified.
6.08.10 0.22: added shrub tiles for all plants, made zombies greener, added vulture graphics.
6.05.10 0.21: repaired tile designation raws to work the same way 0.10 worked. Looks better.
6.05.10 0.20: working graphics, dwarves, and domestics; filled in the rest with Bane's critters.
5.24.10 0.10: the first official release. Just a tileset and some raw changes. No real graphics.

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 Ironhand Graphics Upgrade Pack (v 0.68)  » posted by Foote on Jan 21, 2014, 08:51:53 pm
Would it be possible for a mac version of this, I am just getting started and this is by far my favourite tile set

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